Harry Potter- Ginny and Harry

What happened in between the ending of the books and the epiloge? Are the DA still around? What happens next? Read to find out! (Im sorry is i say wizard cops. It means aurors. It is from AVPSY.)


7. First Day of Summer

My yawn and stretch. Yesterday was awesome. When we got to the Burrow, we unpacked our stuff and relaxed. We drank butterbeer and listened to Mrs. Weasley's favorite wizard singer. Luna and Neville met the rest of the Weasleys. I walk down to the kitchen. There, Luna and Ginny are talking. I listen from the other side of the wall. They are talking about me. "I love Harry, and I will miss him at Hogwarts." says Ginny. "I hope Neville likes me back. I'm going to talk to him later." Luna whispers. "I really hope Harry I stay together. I love him so much. When he dumped me, I thought about suicide. But I knew that he would come back to me. Hogwarts was bad that year. The Carrows were another reason I wanted to die. I was so depressed. Then, I remembered my mother. If I died, she would be so sad. I am her only daughter. It would break her heart that the life she gave me wasn't good enough. Luna, don't tell anyone about this. I'm not even going to tell Harry." Ginny says nervously. "I will never tell a soul." Luna whispers. "Why are you whispering?" Ginny asks. "I don't want anything I say to be overheard." Luna says louder this time. "Oh ok. I am hoping Harry is listening to this. I know he isn't but I want him to know without having to see his reaction. I don't want him to not care. He is smart, funny, and brave but he can be insensitive to other's feelings. But, I love him anyway. One day I hope we get married one day." That one day may be soon. "Wow, I want to love somebody like you get to." Luna says this time. I walk up to Neville, who is walking downstairs and say,"Luna likes you." I tell Neville. "Great! I like her back. Why did you tell me that?" he asks. "I was eavesdropping on Luna and Ginny. Luna is going to talk to you later." I say guiltily. "Thanks for the heads up!" Neville says happily. We walk into the kitchen and they stop talking. Ginny runs up to me and hugs me. I whisper in her ear,"Ginny I was eavesdropping on you. I heard everything you said concerning me. I didn't know I hurt you that bad." She looks up at me with her pretty eyes. She smiles. I can feel the desire between us. I lean over kiss her. I have a quick glance at Neville and Luna. They are staring at us. I don't care about them. Then, Ginny kisses me back. We kiss passionetly. Her kiss is deep and longing. We communicate without words. Not here either. We will have to wait until next summer. We break apart. We both laugh at Luna and Neville. They had slowly scooted away from each other. "Come on guys, its not that ackward!" Ginny says while laughing. Neville turns red and runs out of the room, but Luna just laughed too. "You two really love each other. I can read it in your expressions." Luna says while she walks out of the kitchen. "Well, we never said good morning!" I exclaim. We both say good morning and we relax in the living room as everyone gets up. "Today, the girls are going to talk about boys and do makeovers while the boys go shopping." Mrs. Weasley shouts over everyone. We all cheer and head off. I sit next to Ron in the car. "Hello, Ron. How are you and Hermione doing?" I ask. "Ok. She doesn't want to do anything fun. She just reads and won't hang out with me." Ron says. I know what he means by "hang out". "I'm sorry for you Ron. But, I have a important question to ask you. As Ginny's brother, I need your approval. Can I marry Ginny?" I ask nervously. "Hell yeah! I can obviously trust you with her. I am going to ask everyone else in the family first though." Ron says. "No problem. When are you going to ask them?" I ask him. "My dad gave us this muggle thing called a phone. I can send super quick messages with it. I am going to use it." Ron says proudly. "Can you do it now? I was hoping to buy the ring today?" I ask. "Sure!" he exclaims. Later, when we pass the jewelry store, Ron checks his phone. "Everyone is ok with it, Harry!" Ron says happily. Ron and I walk in. We agreed to meet everyone else at 4:00 in Seamus's Pub. The girls will be there too. Acually, everyone I know will be there. It is a huge summer party. The teachers and ghosts will be there too! I will propose in front of everyone on their stage. I am very nervous now. I walk over to the engagment rings. They all are pretty, but one stands out to me. It is silver with a diamond wand in thr middle. I buy it for 10 galleons. Finally the moment comes. After socializing for a few hours, Seamus calls me and Ginny on stage, where everyone can see us. Ginny turns toward me and I pull a ring box from my pocket. I go down on one knee. "Ginny, I love you and I want to spend everyday with you. You make me happy and I could never leave you. Will you marry me?" I ask nervously. Her face has a huge grin on it. "Yes!" she screams so loudly. She starts screaming and laughing at the same time. She runs up to me and kisses me. We kiss for a moment. Then, we turn to face the crowd. It is so loud with cheering and clapping. I grin and laugh. I have found the love of my life. Later, after everyone is done admiring Ginny's ring and everyone is done congradulating me, we head back to the Burrow. Things got ackward between Ron and Hermione. Since we were getting married, it put pressure on Ron to marry Hermione. But, Ron hadn't explained how he felt about them not spending time together. He would have to soon. As Ginny and I crawl into bed in her room, we smile at each other before falling asleep.

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