Harry Potter- Ginny and Harry

What happened in between the ending of the books and the epiloge? Are the DA still around? What happens next? Read to find out! (Im sorry is i say wizard cops. It means aurors. It is from AVPSY.)


9. Fear

I yawn and stretch. Today is the first day of work. I slept in Sirius's room last night. The house isn't as exciting alone. I need to renovate the house and make it more welcoming. But for now, I need to head to work. I think about Ron and Hermione. They are sharing a house. They bought a cottage in Godric's Hollow. The location will have me stopping by their house often. Stop getting distracted! I don't want to be late on my first day. I apparate to the Ministry of Magic. Ron and Hermione are standing near me. "There you are! We've been waiting for 2 minutes!" Ron says. "Ha ha. Come on we need to hurry!" I exclaim. They look at the clock and it says 8:55. We need to be there by 9:00. We turn and head to the elevator. It takes up to the Aurors office. As we head out we spot Mr. Weasley. "Hello! Headed to work?" Mr. Weasley asks. "Yes, we have 2 minutes to get there!" Hermione tells him. "I won't keep you talking!" exclaims Mr. Weasley. We rush to our offices just on time. My office is between Luna and Ron. Behind us are Cho and Hermione. "Hello, Luna!" I exclaim." "Its good to see you again!" she replys. Through out the day a few of are sent out at a time to catch Voldemort followers who won't give up. It turns out being an Auror sucks when there is no war going on. I sigh. "I'm so bored!" I whisper to Luna. Suddenly, a voice rings out through the whole Ministry. Attention, all Ministry of Magic workers. We have an emergency. The Voldemort followers are very powerful still. We need all Aurors to be ready to fight in the front of the building. Anyone else who wants to fight can too. The Voldemort followers are heading to our building. They still beleive he is alive. I repeat, they are very powerful. If you don't want to fight, hide somewhere safe. "Too soon." Luna says seriously.

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