Harry Potter- Ginny and Harry

What happened in between the ending of the books and the epiloge? Are the DA still around? What happens next? Read to find out! (Im sorry is i say wizard cops. It means aurors. It is from AVPSY.)


1. After the War


I have only one thing on my mind. Ginny. Where is she? Is she alright? I think about Ginny until I see Ron. He looks depressed, hollow and sad. His face is as white as a ghost. I ask, "Ron, where's Ginny?" He whispers, "Outside the Great Hall, with Luna." "Thanks, mate. Ron, are you ok?" I ask, very gently not wanting to push the subject too hard. "Its Hermione, I can't find her ANYWHERE!" exclaimed Ron. "Ron, calm down. She is in the Gryffindor common room." "Wow. I was stupid enough not to check there." say Ron flatly. He hurries off leaving me behind. I jog over to the Great Hall. There I look for the bright red hair in the crowd. Finally, I spot her. Luna and Ginny are deep in conversation. I rush over to them. I must see Ginny. I've missed her and worried about her the whole battle. When I reach them I go behind Ginny, and motion to Luna to keep quiet. I put my hands over her eyes and say, "Guess who it is."

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