November >C.H.<

People say don't break step on a crack or you'll break your mothers' back. Sure, but that's not the case right now. It's just that I've broken so many promises and hearts; I'm not even sure if I should look back and fix them. Should I?


1. one


- November 7th-

"Hannah, wake up! It's your birthday!" Luke Hemmings from the band 5SOS yelled into my ear.

Today is November 7th, in any other case, it's my birthday. This year I'm turning 17 and I'm not planning to do anything.

Durning my childhood in Australia I became good friends with a band called 5SOS. I grew up in West Sydney with Luke, Calum, and Michael. Since I was the younger kid I our group they always referred me as their little sister, also I've gone on tour with them and met fantastic people.

Me and Luke have been going out ever since 2011. It's shocking how long that's been.

I groan trying to pull they blankets over my head. "We brought you cupcakes, Anna. It's your favourite," Luke informed.

"Nah, I rather just stay in bed all day watching 'Titanic' and 'The Notebook'. I recall they're really good movies, Luke," I sat up fixing the covers up to my shoulders. "Besides it's not like we can go see Big Ben and not get bombarded with girls,"

"Maybe we could," He smiled. "Sure not with the guys but just you and me; Alone..."

"Are you serious?" My eyes light up.

"Yeah," He smiled dazzling his lip ring.

"Thank you, Luke," I reach out to hug him. "I mean it,"

"I know you do, Anna," He held me in his arms and kiss my cheek lightly. "But my hands say something else," He tickled me.

I laughed. "Luke, stop!"

He stopped. "Alright I'll let you get dressed," He kissed me on the cheek one last time before leaving my room.

I get dressed into black ripped skinny jeans, a Green Day t-shirt, black combat boots and a blue scarf. I smile in the mirror every once in a while. I apply Chapstick and some mascara, spray on 'Our Moment' perfume and I'm gratefully ready to go.

"Took you long enough," Luke joked as I walked to him from my room.

"Oh Luke..." I laughed while rolling my eyes.

He opened the car door just like a gentleman he is as I got in. My eyes followed Luke as he went around the car to get in.

"What's up babe?! You're acting different..." He knitted his eyebrows.

"I think it's my allergies; I don't know." I shake my head. "Just please let's go..."

I didn't feel good. Dizziness took over as I remember that I hadn't eating nothing in the past 24 hours. I blacked out.


"I found weight loss pills in her cabinets and I've also noticed that her eyes looked droopy." I heard Calum's voice fill my mind.

I flutter my eyes open seeing the ceiling of my room, Calum on my right, and Luke on my left.

I never told Luke, Michael, or Ashton about my eating disorder just Calum. At the time I thought he was trust worthy but that was earlier in the year.

"Hey guys! What happened?" I asked like if didn't listen what Calum had said a few seconds ago.

"You blacked out just as I was going to back out of the drive way, babe," Luke tried to smile. "That's what happened. Is there something you wanted to tell me?"

In conclusion, that 'something' is my disorder. Why tell him now if can't do anything about it?

"No... I probably just didn't eat my vitamins yesterday, Luke. Don't worry about it..." I tried to smile like if it was an accident.

"Are you sure, Anna?" Calum pursed his lips as if in a thinking state.

I nodded my head. "My mum called while you were asleep." Luke informed. "She's just arriving at the airport to come and visit so I better go."

"Could I go?" I asked since I always loved to talk to Luke's mum.

"Not right now, Hannah. You're still probably ill. Next time, though,"He left.

I turned to look at Calum who was fiddling with his fingers. "Why did you lie?" He said sadly.

I sat up gently and rested my head on his shoulder. "I just don't think it's the right time... Yet.."

Calum fixed his posture making my head slip under his arm. He kissed me on my crown, "Little sister..." He chuckled a bit.

"So wait..." I began to smirk. "What's with you and Snapchat?"

"This again..." He shook his head. "Did you watch it?"

Suddenly a wave of laughter took over me and I amazingly felt recovered from my blackout. I jump out of bed laughing running out my room to his room.

Hey Guys! This may be short be this is just the beginning of this book. If you guys are wondering... Hannah's full name is Hannah Caroline Mitchell. She is 5"7, has light Brunette hair, and Dark Hazel eyes. Payce!!!!

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