Walking In The Forest

Walking through the forest on halloween night isn't all that nice.


3. Back Off!!

"Back off!" yelled Jasmine.

"Hey, I was just looking at your friend here." Said the boy putting his hands up in protest.

"We're going, said Jasmine in frustration, Lily? Jasmine dragged Lily by the arm and pulled her out of the house. What do you think you're doing Lily?"

As they stepped out of the house a sleek black car pulled out of the driveway and started to follow them. But Lily and Jasmine didn't realise this.


Half an Hour Later

"We have no lollies and people keep looking at me funny!" exclaimed Lily.

"Well they keep looking at you funny because of your Costume!" yelled Jasmine "I'm going home."

"But you can't leave me here alone."

"Well I'm am!" and Jasmine stalked off.

Lily stood there in silence, wondering what to do. She saw something in the shadows. A tall figure coming towards her...

"Aaaaaahhhhhh!" screamed Lily.

Jasmine turned around in time to see Lily running towards her and got out of Lily's way. A figure emerged from the shadows and started running towards Lily and Jasmine. Both girls started yelling and running. The street was a dead end and the only place to go was the forest. Jasmine checked behind her shoulder and saw the black figure getting close to them. Both girls reached the clearing at the same time and paused, thinking the same thing, should we actually go in? They stepped in. All of a sudden a hand touched Lily's shoulder and grabbed for her butt. She screamed and ran even faster with Jasmine close behind her and the black figure in close pursuit. Lily grabbed for Jasmine's hand and pulled her along. The two girls ran into a small clearing in the forest and found they couldn't see the black figure anymore until Lily felt a cold hand on her back and a voice say,

"Don't move..."

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