Blood of Olympus dream ending

My dream ending to the whole series from Leo Valdez's point of view.


1. Leo

The engine room had soothed him for scarier times than this but he felt he would never be able to get rid of these nerves. It was a perfect room for Leo, son of Hephaestus. And in this engine room Hephaestus himself had visited him, literally only minutes before all the gods showed up to do some giant butt kicking. Leo hadn't told anyone what his dad had told him, but he was pretty sure they knew, seen as they were heading for Ogygia. 

"Son," he had greeted him, "Percy Jacksons request will soon be achieved." A hi would've been nice, Leo thought looking back. "What do you mean?" Leo responded confused, what did Percy's requests have anything to do with him? Unless it was some blue kind of junk food, which he could definitely get involved in right now. "Calypsos freedom, my son." Hephaestus was actually beaming down at Leo as he realised what this meant. "Wait, I can do it, the machine will work now?" "Her true hero will rescue her from that island. You know, bringing you to Percy was the way of giving him that request, but really it's you and Calypso who will gain most from it. I've always been fond of that her, Leo. And I've always been particularly fond of you out of all my children. I want to wish you my good luck." For the first time in his life, Leo was actually speechless. "Oh, and Leo?" He nodded in response, not fully connected with what was happening. Laughing the God said, "We might want to start flying. The Giants aren't going to fight themselves."    Leo thought he should feel awesome but he felt like it was too good to be true. He was going to get Calypso, just after they had defeated Gaia? Things didn't work out this well for him normally. It felt perfect, it couldn't be true but, how could he feel scared and alone when he was never the seventh wheel? Nemesis had been wrong. They were a team, and seven worked out perfectly. But Leo was alone for this... Well, not really. The crew did insist on coming along. Anyway, Calypso was alone waiting for him. Not Percy, not any other hero, but Leo Valdez. Bad boy supreme. That's when the excitement took over. He could do this, they could do this, their last adventure.  He looked out of the large windows to see blue sea, not long to go, and she's there. He actually did it.  "Hey Leo?" Hazel smiled at him as she entered the engine room. "Would you come with me for a minute?" He sighed and made some kind of sarcastic comment he forgot quickly. This better not take long. Calypso was waiting.  Hazel led him down to the mess room, and the whole crew sat smiling. "Leo we did this together and getting Calypso is our final adventure, we want to wish you good luck." Lots of luck going around recently, Leo thought. But Hazel spoke for the whole group, and everyone's smiles (mostly Leo's) grew regardless. "And um, Leo, I'm glad we spoke before but I didn't get to finish. I really meant it, I am sorry for how I treated calypso, and I'm glad she's got fireboy to save the day." Percy said after standing, while everyone else shook their heads, "fireboy, really?" Leo replied. If only Percy knew what Hephaestus had told him. That Leo was actually a way of meeting Percy's demands. Perhaps some conversations should stay between father and son.  Percy had shrugged, "what other names do you have?" "Bad boy supreme." Leo replied quickly, and they all laughed, having been told the story and it being everyone's favourite. When the seven had defeated Gaia, they took the Argo away from the others (even Nico, Hedge and Reyna) to just tell each other everything (including going to get Calypso), and enjoy their peaceful company together. It was a very, very refreshing change. Like the lemonade after a long day of work in the sun. Or a long few months of trying to defeat Gaia. Whatever. "Leo, where are you and Calypso going to go now?" Piper voiced, she would never want to lose her best friend. "Wherever she wants beauty queen," Leo said, while looking out of the window, "but don't worry, Leo is always just an iris message away." That's when piper stood up and hugged him, and she started crying. Others did too. They had been through so much, and now they had peace, freedom, but they could never let each other go. They were family. Festus decided about half way through this that it was time to arrive. And Leo jumped, "Sorry guys, but where there's a damsel in distress there's a Leo." He ran out and told festus to land as soon as he could. The others watched, but they didn't want to intrude on this for him. They just sat curiously, happily, waiting for his return.  His return however, took at least twenty minutes. "Impressed eh?" He asked calypso as he showed her around the Argo 2. "If I was there it could've been better." She replied with a wink. Leo had ran from the doors the minute they opened to go find calypso. She had obviously seen the huge warship and had ran to meet him. "You.. Came.." She said, completely out of breath. "Of course I did, you miss me?" Calypso answered that by kissing him, and taking his breath away in return.  At the end of their tour, the crew met Calypso, most of them for the first time. She greeted Percy with a friendly greeting despite all. She was happy now, she had her true hero who had returned to her. Then after a night of reunion, they were heading home to camp half blood, and had finished their last quest.  "Thank you, Leo." Calypso told him when the others were busy. Tears ran down her face. "Why are you crying, you're free?" Leo was so confused, tears was not what he wanted Calypso to do when she became free. "I'm still immortal," she said. Leo's heart stopped. "Oh," was the lamest and only thing he could say at this point. "My blood is still ichor," she told him "what does this mean for our future?" Leo didn't want anything to ruin this for him, so his only reply was "We enjoy our time as long as it lasts."  "Well you never know how long that could be," Annabeth replied, as she had been listening to most of the conversation, really. Athena kids just haaad to soak up all the information they could, Leo thought angrily. But then she took a scroll from the others, and handed it to Leo, it read  'Demigods of the Argo 2, We would like to request your attendance to a hearing. This will be one for your actions and successes in defeating the Giants and Gaia, therefore saving us and Olympus. As soon as you are ready, please direct your ship to visit us, and prepare adequately. We will speed your travel as much as we can without causing damage.  The Gods of Olympus' "Last time I was at one of those I got a pretttyy big offer." Percy said with a sly grin. "What do you say wise girl, think we can be all be gods?"  Leo's jaw dropped, could this be what was happening?  "For us Romans too?" Hazel asked as her and Frank were both thinking it.  "It better be because, Hazel, we are heading for Olympus." And then Leo ran out of the room, Calypso following him shortly after, ready to go make this his last day as a mortal.
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