one magical night

Sarah is a normal girl who loves netflix and Starbucks. When she's meets Ashton Irwin, will they realize they are meant to be.

Ashton and the rest of 5sos are not famous is this book.


1. Last day of school

I woke up to my annoying alarm at 6:30 am and rolled out of bed, literally. Oh by the way I'm Sarah Powell. I'm 18 and have strawberry blonde hair and freckles. I go to school at homewood high school, but today is my last day of school and I can't even explain how ready I am for summer. I get dressed wearing my mint southern shirt company shirt with cut offs and chacos. I put my contacts in and put some natural eyeshadow on and my mascara. I grab my back pack and a granola bar and head to school.

As I'm parking I see my best friend Kate. I get out of the car and scream her name. "KATE" everyone looks at me but I really don't care because it's my last day in this hell hole. She turns around and smiles.We walk into school together going to our lockers and grabbing our books and binders for the day. I walk to my first period class and just hope that this day will go by fast.

I'm finally done with math and I walk to chemistry to see all the "populars" talking. "OMG she is such a slut I can't believe she even said that to you" said Chloe one of the main ones. ALL of them act like they are better than everyone else when really they are probably the most hated people in the grade. I go sit down next to my friend Riley. "hey are you ready for summer?" I said

"yesss school is sooo boring" Riley said will lots of exaggeration.

I'm about to reply with the bell rings. Coach Phillips walks in and tells the class to quite down.

"alright class it's the last day of school so I'm letting y'all have a free day, but I'm going to call you up by name to turn in your textbooks."

most of the rest of the day went by quickly and I finally got to go home and have a quality date with Netflix. "Time for a good 4 hours of the fosters" I said to myself

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