Blood Of Olympus-My Dream Ending

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  • Published: 17 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 17 Oct 2014
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What I would have wanted one last chapter to have been in Blood of Olympus.


1. Celebrations

Percy notices Clarisse and her friends sitting down talking, the hose next to them. “Oh they’re asking for it,” he says to a confused looking Jason. He feels the familiar tug in his gut, one he’s grown to love over the years, and the hose pipe moves slightly. Jason catches on to Percy’s plan.

“She will kill you,” Jason laughs slightly.

Percy smirks, “its for old times sake.” He makes the hose pipe burst out water suddenly causing Clarisse and her friends to jump up and scream, or at least as close to a scream as Clarisse can get. Jason and Percy burst out laughing, Percy with a playful glint in his eyes, he had missed messing with her.

“Jackson!” She shouts, stomping over to the two boys.

“What can I help you with?” Percy asks, playing dumb, he knows it annoys her more, that’s why its much more entertaining. She pulls out her sword, her friends follow her example, but Jason and Percy are quicker. “Do you want to fight?”

“This answer it-“ she swings for Percy, he goes to block but just before the blades clash Percy and Jason are transported.

“I hope you weren’t going to try and fight me Jackson.” A familiar deep voice says to the side of him.

“No need, I’ve already beaten you Ares.” Percy smirks putting riptide back into his pocket. A hand slips into his, he turns and gives her a quick kiss on the cheek, “morning.” She smiles at him. “We were just about to have a fight with Clarisse and her friends, so if you’d like to say why you brought us here-“

“We’re waiting for more people,” Hades smiles. Percy looks around him, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Nico, “you’re bringing all of the seven here aren’t you?”

“Do you ever stop talking?” Dionysus asks with an eye roll.

“No,” Jason, Piper and Annabeth say in unison all with a small laugh.

“Thanks guys,” he says sarcastically. He finally takes a better look around the room, and what he can see of the corridors outside. “Wow, you’re doing a great job here Annabeth.”

“Thanks, I mean it still has a lot of work but-“ four more people appear in the room.

“Hey guys!” Frank says, everyone says a brief hello before Zeus cuts them off.

“We’re still missing-,” another figure appears beside Annabeth.

“GROVER!” Percy shouts, he drops Annabeths hand and hugs the satyr.

“PERCY!” He smiles and hugs back.

Zeus coughs, Percy lets go of his best friend and stands between him and Annabeth, automatically interlocking their hands again. “Where is Leo Valdez!”

The heroes all look at the floor, Reyna decides to step forward and talk. “Leo Valdez in no longer with us my Lord.”

“Yes he is,” Hades says looking confused.

“Uh father what do you mean? I felt him die…” Nico steps forward, beside Reyna.

“You didn’t feel him come back?” The God shrugs, “I always forget you demigods don’t have our full powers.”

“You’re-you’re saying Leo is alive?” Piper checks, holding a tight grip on Jasons hand, a tear slowly rolling down her cheek.

“Of course he’s still alive, he should be here any second-“ two figures appear, “now!” Hephaestus says proudly.

“LEO!” Everyone shouts and tackles him into a group hug. As everyone lets go Piper stands there, staring him dead in the eye.

“Oh this is not going to be good…” Jason whispers into Percy’s ear. They all take a few steps backwards, including Calypso.

“Thank Gods she hasn’t seen me yet,” he whispers to himself but Annabeth hears.

“That’s Calypso?” Percy nods, “oh.”

“What in the HADES do you think you are playing at! We thought you were dead! Yet all this time you’ve been off with this girl, not even bothering to let us know that you’re ALIVE!” Piper shouts at him. Even Percy felt terrified and he wasn’t the one in trouble. Leo gulps.

“Excuse me but ‘this girl’ has a name-“

“It’s Calypso.” All heads snap towards Percy, Calypso walks towards him. “Okay before you try to kill me or something, I asked the Gods to let you go. But they didn’t. I should have made sure they did, I’m sorry Calypso.” She stands there just looking towards him, a smile slowly forms on her face and she nods.

“I suppose it all worked out for the better now anyway. I got Leo,” she looks towards the still terrified looking boy and smiles.

“And I got Annabeth,” Percy squeezes her hand gently.

“You had me then too,” Annabeth smiles look into her boyfriends eyes.

Percy nods. “I didn’t know you liked be back then,” a loving smile plays on his lips.

“Yeah well I didn’t want to make it obvious,” she shrugs, laughing slightly.

“I’m a guy, when it comes to girls nothing is obvious.”

“That will never change son,” Poseidon gives a fatherly smile, his son grins back. Poseidon may not have been there for most of his sons life, but as far as a father who’s an Olympian God and son who is a demigod relationship goes, they have a pretty good one.

“Yeah well I never have and never will make things easy for you seaweed brain.” She kisses him on the cheek, she blushes a deep shade of red, she hates public display of affection, well at least in front of their parents.

“I expect nothing less wise girl,” he laughs.

“Actually I think you’ll find I’m the one who doesn’t make things easy for you two. Though I prefer to think of it as me making it non-boring.” Aphrodite says painting her nails a sparkly purple to match her dress.

“Yeah thanks for that,” Percy says sarcastically.

“If we could have a boring love story from now on that’d be perfect.” Annabeth smiles sweetly, but Percy knows that look in her eye. Aphrodite should probably listen to her, if she doesn’t no one will want to be around to find out what Annabeth will do.

“Awww young love!” Aphrodite smiles at the outcome of her hard work, she knew they’d make it. She did feel bad for Rachel Dare though, she’ll sort something out later. A roman demigod or a Greek demigod…so many options.

“Can we get back to why you are here, please!” Zeus all but shouts.

“Yeah go ahead dad,” Jason nods. Calling Zeus ‘dad’ was still strange for Jason, natural, but strange. He doesn’t think he’ll ever get used to it. Then again, he got used to having a God as a dad so anything is possible.

“So, your rewards-“

“We don’t want rewards,” Jason says stepping forward.

Leo snaps out of his trance and jumps in front of Jason, Pipers eyes still following him. “Woah now! Wait and hear what the man has to say.” Zeus coughs, “sorry what the God has to say.”

“Leo!” His friends say, he turns and gives them a charming smile, though they continue to stare at him.

“Okay, fine. We don’t deserve a reward for saving everyone in this room, and the world.”


“Okay, okay. Having Calypso is reward enough.” He grabs her hand, all of his friends smiling at them. He’s okay with her and Percy seeing each other, he knows that neither of them are interested in each other.

“You’re welcome for that.” Aphrodite comments, adding another layer of nail varnish. Calypso stares at her.

“Seriously?” She says, letting go of Leo’s hand and walking up to the Goddess. “We’re to thank you? You sent a guy you knew I would fall for, then take them away! And I should ‘thank you’ for sending me Leo!”

The Goddess of love places down her nail varnish and stares down at Calypso, “I think you’ll find you have me to thank for you still being here instead of being sent back to that silly little island of yours.” They stare each other down neither backing off.

Zeus sighs, drawing everyone’s attention back to him, apart from Aphrodite and Calypso. “Well while you two sort that out, the rest of you we owe you great thanks.”

“He’s right, my plan worked perfectly!”

“Hera.” Zeus says in a warning tone.

“Zeus. Percy Jackson, you have won two wars on our behalf. For that we are eternally grateful.”

“Thanks. But I did neither by myself. I would have died in the first war if it hadn’t been for Annabeth. I would have died before this war if it wasn’t for all of these guys, I owe them my life. They deserve just as much credit for all this.” They all smile at each other.

“Yes, well that’s why you are all getting a reward,” Hera says happily, a giant smile appears on her face.

“We don’t want one,” Nico adds in.

“Well, even if you don’t, we will still offer one.” Hades says, knowing full well what the outcome will be.

“Perseus Jackson. It is rare that we offer a demigod the chance to be immortal, it pained me to do it then, as it does now. Perseus Jackson, your reward is the offer of immortality. Do not make the mistake of turning it down again.” Zeus looks to Ares.

“He’s right kid, I may not like you, but you’re a good fighter, one we may need in centuries to come.” Ares states, annoyance clear in his voice, causing Apollo, Hermes and Poseidon to laugh. He stares at them all, and they shut up. The demigods, standing in the middle of the room, are trying not to laugh.

“Well thank you for the compliment, can’t see that happening again,” Percy smiles. “But I don’t see turning it down as a mistake. I want to have as close to a normal life as a demigod can have, that means no immortality. Why would I want to live forever if I didn’t have these guys with me?”

“Cough mainly Annabeth cough,” Frank says causing the other demigods to laugh, Poseidon to smile proudly and Athena looks at the pair in disgust.

“Oh come on Athena are you still hating on my son?” Poseidon says shaking his head.

“He isn’t smart enough for my daughter,” the Goddess of wisdom sits up straight in her throne. Percy shrugs.

“Really Athena? What else is it going to take to prove to you he is good enough?” Aphrodite demands, getting annoyed by the Goddess.

“Mum, he has helped win two wars, and fell into Tartarus with me. We don’t need your approval.”

“I just want him to love you!”

“You think I don’t?” Percy questions joining in, “Gods what is going to take for everyone to see that I love her? Look Athena, I get that you don’t like me, and I can live with that, but don’t for one second think that I don’t love your daughter, because I do.”

“We get it, young love, lovely work Aphrodite,” Zeus says, Aphrodite smiles at the couple. “Now continuing with the rewards. Perseus turn down immortality, obviously. So Hazel Levesque, your reward, you’re allowed to continue to live in this era.” Hazel smiles thankfully and hugs Frank and her brother, Nico. “Frank Zhang, your life is connected to a stick, we have agreed to keep it here on Olympus, where it will be safe,” Frank nods, though part of him would rather keep it to himself, at least he would know where it was. “Piper McLean and Jason Grace, at Camp half-blood after curfew, you will be allowed onto the roof of my cabin there, without any trouble.” A small smile plays across both their faces. “Leo Valdez, well, your reward is us not sending you to Tartarus for taking Calypso off of Ogygia.” Leo smiles, a small laugh escaping from Hephaestus mouth. “Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano, your ghosts will no longer surround you, you shall not be punished for committing patricide. Nico di Angelo Aphrodite has agreed to give you and whoever you choose to have an…eventful time together.” Nico blushes lightly, looks down trying to hide it, but nods. And finally Annabeth, well, we didn’t quite know what to do for you, so Athena promises not to send you on a secret mission that ends with you falling into Tartarus, or Aphrodite promising not to mess with you and Perseus’ life? Your choice, we don’t practically care.”

“But to the important part!” Hermes says, excited, “The party!” Straight away the room is set for a party, people from all across Olympus and even from both camps are dancing around.

Jason stands there waiting to dance with Piper, “I mean how COULD you! We thought you were DEAD! Do you realise how depressed we’ve all been!” Leo smiles and simply hugs her, tightly, as she silently cries into his chest. “I thought you were dead,” she says, this time less angry, more relived.

“Can’t get rid of me that easy,” Leo winks, casing Piper and Jason to laugh.

Across the room, Percy walks up to Hera, “hello Perseus.”

“Why didn’t you take Annabeth from my memory? You wiped everything else, so why not her? I mean I’m not complaining but I don’t understand why.”

Hera smiled, but before she can say a word, Aphrodite walks up behind her. “Because it’s a much better love story if you can’t remember anything apart from the love of your lifes name.”

“Wow, even down to my memory being wiped you still wanted an adventurous love story for us.” Percy half laughs.

“Indeed, one last adventure before I let you live happily ever after.” A smile spread across her face.

“You mean you’ll actually let us relax now?”

“Well I’ve spent a lot of time on you guys, I’m going to move on. But hey the adventure was fun right?”

“Well that’s one way to look at it…”

“You love her, it was fun getting there. And you know you two will make it through anything. I mean you basically have already.” She smiles, and leaves the two.

“Well, also part of the reason was so you’d look for her, that one little thing playing on your mind, the one thing you can remember, it’s natural for you to try and find her.”

“Well thank you? I think.” She gives him a smile and walks away.

“So Nico, Will thinks you’re better now?” Frank says as he and the siblings stand with drinks, “I mean he let you come here.”

Nico breathes in a sharp breath, “he didn’t have much of a choice. We were…talking, and then I was here, can’t imagine he’ll be happy.”

“Who won’t be happy?” Will Solace asks standing next to Nico.

“You. Nico left and might not be better,” Hazel says with a smile on her face.

“Hmm well it’s for a party, one day is okay.” They all laugh and start to dance. Apart from Nico who stands there and lets them dance next to him. Nico doesn’t dance.

Jason and Piper both listen to a slow song, his hands on her waist, hers around his neck. “You know, this could mean we get to relax for a bit,” Jason smiles.

“Don’t speak to soon, Percy’s first prophecy ended and before they knew it Rachel Dare is blurting out the next one.”

“Well, the power of the prophecies isn’t working right now so I think we’re safe.”

Piper smiles, “yeah why is that?”

He shrugs, “lets just hope we don’t have to fix it,” she laughs, and hugs him.

“Jason, Piper, I’d like you to meet Calypso. My girlfriend,” Leo smiles, as he holds his girlfriends hand.

“Great to meet you,” they both say.

Annabeth walks past the four, and Calypso grabs her arm lightly. “I’m sorry about the whole curse thing, I was upset that he would never truly love me. But I didn’t need him to love me, I have Leo.”

Annabeth smiles politely, “it’s okay, I survived.”

“We all did,” Grover says, as he, Tyson, Percy, Frank, Hazel and Reyna join the group. “Okay so maybe I wasn’t necessarily on this one, but we are still all here.”

“YAY We’re alive!” Tyson shouts, everyone laughs.

Percy taps him on the back, and swings an arm around Annabeths waist, and everyone smiles at each other. “Shall we dance?”

“Woo,” they all scream and laugh.

As everyone starts to dance around ridiculously, and having a laugh, Percy holds Annabeth. “Slow dance with me.” She places her arms around his neck and smiles. “So Aphrodite has said she’ll let us relax, she’s spent too much time on us apparently.”

“I could have told her that years ago,” Annabeth rolls her eyes, Percy laughs.

“Well it will be nice to relax, no prophecies, no Goddess trying to make our love story interesting. Just you and me, no responsibility, just messing around. Well and our friends too.”

“Sounds perfect,” she smiles as they continue to dance. She rests her head on his shoulder. “I love you,” she lifts her head away to look at his face, he’s smiling from ear to ear. “I love you Percy Jackson.”

“I love you Annabeth Chase.” They both lean in and kiss, briefly, and hold each other close and tight, not willing to let go.

“AW we love you too guys!” All their friends shout and join in on the hug. They all burst out laughing.

Zeus claps his hands, everyone’s attention turns to him, a glass appearing in their hands. “A toast,” the God raises his glass, “to the Heroes of Olympus!”

“Heroes of Olympus!” Everyone raises their glass to the team of demigods.

“TO US!” They shout and click glasses.

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