Blank Slate (A Movellas Fanfiction)

The year is 2147. The world has ended, governments have fallen, and somewhere deep inside the steel heart of industrialism, computer technicians have created a program that will rock the writing world.


1. Prologue

     A girl walked out of a room, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. From inside the room came a loud knocking, pounding out a heartbeat. The girl's footsteps kept time with the quickening, sickening sound, her sneakers squeaking on the lilac linoleum. The pulsing got louder, faster, until she was hurtling around corner after corner, down stair after stair. Just as she pushed her way through a set of double doors, the ground started to tremble, and she started running even faster, eager to reach her destination.

     Throwing her shoulder against the front door, the girl finally stumbled, her knees knocking on the pavement. She crawled forward a few steps, then collapsed on the front stairs. The ground quivered, stopped, then let off one final shudder even greater than the others. This final quake shattered windows along the block and sent dust flying from the now-empty building.

     "That'd better satisfy her," the girl mumbled, scampering into the decorative shrubbery as sirens whined, joining the fracas one after another. From out of her backpack came a string of muffled notes. She grappled with the zipper for a moment, then pulled out a squarish device and held it up to her ear.

     "Hello! You've reached Found and Lost. How may I help you?"

     "Yes, hello. I'd like to make an appointment." The voice, soothing and soft, was hard to hear over the conundrum.

     "Great! Unfortunately, I'm out at the moment. If you wouldn't mind calling our office, however, my coworker would be more than happy to arrange that for you. Would you like the number?"

     "No thank you, I'm familiar with it."

     "Great! We're happy to have your services. Goodbye!" She shoved the device back into her pack and peered out the bushes. An entire squadron of police cars seemed to have shown up to investigate the explosion, and she couldn't risk being caught here, not now.

     Shouldering her backpack, the girl crawled out of the bushes and quickly hurried off down the street, and soon she was nothing more than a face in a crowd, the way she had always wanted it to be.

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