random stories!!!

this movella is a movella where I put down random stories when im bored. so yeah enjoy.

P.s.~ and keep in mind that there will be some stories that have nothing to do with creepypasta.


3. the super teenage girl

There was a girl once. Her name... was Irene. Yeah I know not very cool name but deal with it. So this story is on her point of veiw. Have fun!


I was at church doing the yearly 5th quarter. I wasn't very social when it came to things like this without my friends. I was watching the boys doing the balance jousting inflatable and i was also listening to music. A boy walked up to me. I was confused due to not many people wanted to pay at least acknowledgement to me. He said, " I challenge you to a joust." It was with a stupid smirk. And I said, " you wouldn't want that." I knew what I was and what I can do. My parents say to hide it. And I do. But I thought about it and I said, "fine." And I got up putting my phone and earbuds down. I pull off my hoodie and it shows my area 11 t-shirt. The boy laughed a little bit on the inside. I could sense it. I got up on the platform. And everyone was shocked to see me up there. I ignored the best I could and I picked up the stick thingy and I focused on getting him off of his small circler platform. The referee said go move he got up and ready then I lost control. My eyes turned a hint of gold and my strength increased. I pushed him off and I did this a couple times then I jumped off my wobbly circler platform and I spun kicks him off and everyone was shocked and they started yelling. "YOUR A LOSER!!" "Freak!" "Weirdo!" And many other names. I was my bully in the crowd and I walked over there and I punched him in the gut and it just walked off. I walked out and I disappeared into the night.

Some people say I got hunted by wolves. Others say I killed my self. Or that I'm home schooled. But they don't know... I'm now the hidden face. The vigilante. The one who doesn't get a facial recognition. The one who stops crim. I am known now as...


I hunt down every criminal in Chicago. No one knows my face and no one will. My parents don't know it's me. No one does... But I am also famous on the Internet. On there I'm not known as element I'm known as... The dove who flew.

And this is how I became a super teenage girl. Bye!

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