random stories!!!

this movella is a movella where I put down random stories when im bored. so yeah enjoy.

P.s.~ and keep in mind that there will be some stories that have nothing to do with creepypasta.


2. hoodiexreader you belong with me

Your on the phone with your girl friend she is upset she is going on about something that you said. She doesn't get your humor that I do.


I was next to hoodie and maskey's room and I could hear hoodie stuttering his fight with his girl on the phone . I could tell by the sound of his voice he was annoyed. Man, I wish he would just break up with that two timer... Yeah she is a two timer slut. She is dating Jeff at the moment too. I think I'll have to go and kill her. No he would know... They both would. Hoodie hung up and he did mores code on the wall in between us. Slender had us learn it just in case of emergency. He said, ' tired of drama' I got out of bed and said, 'I agree' h- 'you going to the dance?' That dance was something slender puts on every other year. I never go cause I normally don't have anyone so yeah. Me- 'no. No one to go with. Always runs when I tell them job.' H- 'oh. Hope you would be there.' He said. I thought about saying 'i love you'. But I held my self from it when I heard him get in bed. I went to my desk and I surfed the web.

I'm in the room it a typical Tuesday night she is listening to te kind of music she doesn't like and she'll never know your story like I do. She wears short skirts I wear t-shirts she is cheer caption and I'm on the bleachers dreaming about the day when you wake up to find what your looking for has been hear the whole time. If you could see that I'm the one who understands you been here all along so why can't you see you belong with me. You belong with me.

 i can't belive Master slender is making me go. ugh! Like come on, okay this is how it went. ----FLASHBACK----

"HEY! Rea!" yelled maskey from upstairs. "YEA MASK!!!" I yell exausted due to me up late last night playing Minecraft with my friend Herobrine. "THE BOSS WANTS TO SPEAK TO YA!!!!" Maskey said. "FINE!" i replied. I walked out of my room locking it when i close the door. I hate it when the boys pull pranks,it annoys the heck out of me. I got up the Sleder's office knocking, "Hiya Boss!" i say in my Harley Quinn like voice. "hello Reaven, please shut the door I need to speak to you." Slederman said seriously. I do as i'm told and take a seat listening intently. "yes, sir?" i ask. "Reaven, for years you have been avoiding the welcoming parties for the new members,why?" slender asked so blut. I look down thinking, "I-I guess there not really my cup of tea Boss." I lied. I know the reason why but I hope no one else does. "Reaven. You know my skills. Now it is easier for this than the lies, now spill." He demanded. "ugh, fine. I just don't belong here Boss. All I have is jeans and t-shirts, plus the only other girl my age is a two timing... oh nevermind you get what I mean. I just don't want to hurt anyone, YOU know what I can do so." i explain to him, looking kind of worried of being kicked out of the only home I know of. "Rea," said Slender caring, " Just be there for once please, to support the newbies. remember you were one once. So Reaven, please, even if you just be a wallflower in jeans and a t-shirt. Just please go. I have a good feeling that something good will happen to you if you do." After telling me this he dismisses me. I get up and close the door. what just happened. ----FLASHBACK ENDS--- -The Next Day--- 

"Hey Rea! Do you wanna go and get a bite with me a hoods?" asked mask, poping in whiles I was reading. "Okay, Got nothin' better." I replied throwing on some galaxy rip-off converse and heading out with the brothers. at the dinner Mask had to go to the little boys room which left me and Hood alone. IT WAS AKWARD!! When we gto done eating, me and Hood waited outside. walking around the parking lot.

Walking in the streets with you and your worn-out jeans I can't help thinking this is how it ought to be. laughing on the park bench thinking to my self, 'hey isn't this easy.' You've got a smile that can light up this whole town I haven't seen it in a while so she brought you down. You say your fine I know better than that, hey what you doing with a girl like that. 

"Reaven?" Hoodie asked.  He didn't do his cut stutter, weird . " Yeah Hoodie?" I ask worried. "Why don't you go to the dance?" Okay, stop the truck, did he just asked me why I'm not going? Ok this is weird . "um, I don't know, i guess its the new girl. remember before I would go and at least be present . but ever since I felt this uneasy feeling." I half-explained. He only nods. Then he nudges, I nudge back, etc. etc. Hood smiles for the first time in a long time. wow I forgot how bright his smile was.

She wears high heels I wear sneakers she's cheer captain and I'mm on the bleachers! Dreaming bout the day when you wake up to find that what you're looking for has been here the whole time. If you could see that I'm the one who understands you been her all along so why can't you see, you belong with me. 


ugh, ok no biggy you just be you. "ok," i say to nothing in particular, " I have a party in thirty minutes but what do I wear?" I heard a knock to see Mask in his normal clothes. "hey, need help?" he ask. "yea, Boss is making me go to the party and I don't know what to wear." I answered embarrassed. "Well, may I have a look?" he ask seriously, taking off his signature mask. "Sure, If you can find anything good. I only have t-shirts an pants." i said sitting on my bed. "hm, lets take a look."he ponders on my wardrobe. he reaches in and pulls out a dark purple, almost black, lase dress. I blink and pinch myself if I'm dreaming. I'm not. "Mask...Where did that come from..?" I ask looking bewildered. "Master and Me knew you didn't have one for the party so we sorta bought you won as an early Birthday Present i guess." mask explianed. I got up and hugged him, "thanks Mask, and slender I know you can hear me." i let go grabing the dress and pushing Mask out of the room. "Thanks for the help Mask, but now I got to get ready. so OUT!!" I jabber as i shut my door. I quickly get dressed and go to the party entering shyly, migrating the walls and just watch the members enter. 

Standing by and waiting at your back door all this time how could not know baby, you belongwith me. Oh, I remember you driving to my house in the middle of the night I'm the one who makes you laugh, when you know your bout to cry. I know your favorite songs and you tell me bout your dreams, I think I know where you belong I think I know its with me. 

I see Hood walk in, without his gal, wait what?!? He roams over to me. "you look nice Rea." He says, sounds like he is blushing. " Thanks, you do to Hood. Say wheres your girl?" I reply. Hood looks sad at the mention of her. "Slender banished her due to her not doing her job." He explains. "ah." I reply. we talk about other things for a while till a slow song comes on. "Um Rea?" Hoodie asks breaking me from my talking about the next updates in sever weapons. "yea Hood?" I ask confused. "May I have this dance?" he asks shyly. I giggle a little and nod. we dance and Hood blurts out, "I-i Love you Rea." he looks just as shocked at him self as I am of him. I feel my cheeks get real red. "I love you too Hood, I have been wanting to tell you but didn't want to ruin our friendship and i was worried you wou-" That's all I said before Hood lifts his mask and kisses me. He kissed me... I internally giggle. i kiss back enjoying it. we finished and We just danced after that. after the Party was done we went to our rooms. I pushed my bed next to the wall that had Hood and Mask's room on the other side. before retiring i tap 'good night hood. love ya.' as I slowly drifted I heard Hood tap, 'Good night Rea, you belong with me.' I smile having happy dreams.

You Belong to me, Have you everthought just maybe you belong with me

You belong with me...<3






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