random stories!!!

this movella is a movella where I put down random stories when im bored. so yeah enjoy.

P.s.~ and keep in mind that there will be some stories that have nothing to do with creepypasta.


1. creepypastas

    Year: 2025


  its finally hear!!! I'm 18 now!! I have been DIEING to get out of this house! Let me tell you what is going on. basically I am living with my parents and my mom is working all the time and my dad... I don't know where she is. 

  Anyways, I am moving out. I pack up all what I need my spare money and my cloths and all that good stuff. I put them all in my backpack and I was about to open my door when I heard some one in the house. my heart pounded, I was hoping to go un-noticed... "shoot." I went to my side drawer and I pulled out a handgun I found in my parents room. I checked to see if it was loaded, it was. I snuck downstairs and I looked around the corner to find a dude in a blue mask, black hoodie and black pants. his eyes, well sockets to be exact was empty. I said loud and clear, "HOW THE HECK ARE YOU?!?!?!" The man turned around and he laughed. it creeped me out a bit. He then said, "I am eyeless jack. your farther sent me." my heart pounded. My dad is alive? "Can you take me to him?" I asked putting my gun away. he nodded and said, "grab your stuff." he said commanding I pointed to my backpack and said, "I was just about to  leave this place." he nodded. I went over to him cautiously. he walked out the door and went to the edge of the woods behind my house. he looked at me and asked, "you a fast runner?" I nodded, "fastest in my school." I walked over to him and he muttered, "of course his blood." I heard him and I raised my eyebrow questionably and then took off running. I heard his laugh and I ran faster in a split second I hit a wall of a mansion full speed and I fell down I groaned then hot up rubbing my head. I looked at the eyeless jack guy and he just laughed. I didn't like that so I walked over to him and I did one of those ninja moves that I know by instinct. I kicked  him in the jaw. and he staggered he was not happy. he then grabbed me by the arm and kicked open the door. he let go of me and went up the stairs to my right. I stood there and it seemed familiar. I walked till I came to a door that looked like it was from someone who owned this place. I knocked I heard a voice say "come in." The voice seemed to sound familiar. I opened the door to find a faceless man in a black suit. I looked tall and I knew who he was from what video games I played. "s-s-slendeman..." I said scared. he looked worried and he said, "why are you scared? I've known you since you were born." I looked at him and asked less scared but not letting my guard down, "Are you my dad?"  he looked down and said, "no." but your farther is here. or he might be on one of his sprees." I looked at him strangly. "who is he?" again, he looked at me in shock. then he sighed. "the swipe hasn't fully  went away, but you will find out for sure when you see him. I nodded. he then spoke, " you can go to the living rom and wait for him there." I nodded. I got up and was about to leave when I heard him say, "your farther is a good man he didn't want you to leave." I nodded and left the room. I wlked around till I found what seemed like a living room. I saw a snall blond haired boy with a links costume on and I say a boy with a hood up with a frowning mask. I walked to a  corner and I sat down there pulling out my 3Ds and plugging in tomoDacHi Life. then after about 5 minuets of playing it I started to have glitches. then a message came up that said 'you met with a wonderful fate haven't you?' I looked up to see the limk boy staring at me. I then realized the others were staring at me too. I pulled out my gun and I helt it close to me then the link boy asked , "who are you human?" I answered in your 3Ds 'raven'. his eyes or black holes with a red dot in them got wide. he went over to the others and I was them all get jumpy. but a hooded frown guy came over to while they were talking. he said to me, " d-do y-you r-remember b-being h-here?" I said in an almost shaky whisper, "vaguely..." he nodded and said " I-im h-hoodie." I said shyly. Then I got a big headache. then flash backs of me and hoodie were showing up and it showed that he took care of me when my mom and dad was gone. the flashbacks ended and the pain stopped, I looked over at hoodie to see him worried. I smile at him. "I remember you takeing care of me when I was a baby..." I hugged him and he hugged me back. " I missed you rea..." he said into my neck. "i missed you too hood." you could tell that i was happy. we let go of each other to find the others staring at us. then i had yet another flashback. it showed me when I was 5 years old and that i was playing with everyone. the flashback ended and i looked at everyone once the pain stopped. I looked at everyone and i smiled. i put my gun away and i then stood up and said loudly, "hey guys!!" everyone burst in cheers. i helped hoodie up and then i went to sit down at the couch when a door slammed i jumped and pulled out my gun again. i looked a head to find a ravened haired man with cuts on both sides of cheeks and eyelids burned off. his face light up. my head hurt again and i put my gun down. this hurt worse then the others i felt like pukeing and then i black out. i then saw the man holding my and planting aa kiss on my forhead. then saying "i will always protect you raven. always. then another flaskback came and it showed him playing with me. i was a baby, he smiled at me and said" You are my sunshine raven. your my little girl and i wont let people take my daughter away from me."

  i woke up to find everyone looking down at me in worry, then my dad came up to me and i muttered, "dad...' he smiled and picked me up. i asked "what happened?" he said "you blackedout rea. what was that?" i shrugged and he carried me to what i guess is his rom and he sat me down on his bed and he said, " sleep angle. we can catch up in the morning."i nodded and the last thing i remember before i went to sleep i could hear him humming and that's when i fell asleep with a smile on my face for the first time in years.


  hey guys!! its me dove here and i want to say is that i might do a part 2 of this later i don't know. but hope you enjoyed this! if you want me to make a short story for you comment below!! BYYYYYYYYYEEEEEE!!!!!


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