Maximum Ride:Griffin

My name is Griffin!

I was raised in a crate for my entire life. Brought up in a facility that experimented on children, I being one of them, have been injected with needles, cut open and basically put through hell! Thanks to these I have 'special features', I am a hybrid of Lion, Human and Raven! I have the wings of a Raven, claws and teeth of a lion and some added features.

My mission, hunt and kill Maximum Ride

But I have other things in mind!


9. Chapter9:The Old and the New

I ASCENDED up into the thick ash, the ash cloud would normally have started clearing, or at least started ascending towards the sky, as I'd learned due to Iggy and Gazzy's 'constructions', the ash tried crawling down into my lungs but was incinerated travelling through my oesophagus, fire breath burns anything not a gas going through my throat, note* Fire breath is not on command it's like a sneeze or cough, random, it announces it's presence by scorching my throat, keeping it in is agony. I flew through the ash searching for TheFlock or any signs of life, I I saw the silhouette of a slim figure, 5'8, "Max!!" I shouted flying full force toward her, as I got closer, my hope was crushed, along with my shoulder when I rammed into a half cut-down tree.

"Damnit!" I screamed in frustration almost letting my flames go. Then it hit me, ash is a kind of thick smoke, I could bat it away using my wings, I plunged my claws into the ground and started beating my wings as hard as I could, the ash began subsiding around me, I looked around and made out the shape of the house, I retracted my claws and burst towards it. I air-stopped with all four wings at once right outside the house, "No!" I said under my breath.

I stared at house in awe and disparity, it was burned to a cinder, the roof had been blown to pieces, one side if the house was just turned to debris crushing Max and Alex's room. I circled the house, looking for TheFlock I couldn't see any of them, maybe they'd escaped? I descended into house. "Max? Angel? Iggy? Fang?" I shouted throwing mass amounts of debris around the house out of my way. "Guys!?" I busted down each door of the house, there was no one there. "There's no one here, no one to protect you, no one to save you" a voice came from behind, the voice itself made my skin crawl, it sounded, demented, like the stereotypical voice of a person in an insane asylum. I spun around to see three bird kids, or three bird-like-kids. They had giant red wings that looked like they were on fire, they had no colour in their eyes, it was just blank. "What have you done?" I screamed. They hovered in place staring, as if admiring, or studying, most likely studying.

I lunged at the middle one and let loose, he was enveloped by 700 degrees of pure rage filled flame, I went straight through him leaving him as a swirling pile of flaming ash that seemed to bind with the ash around, but the ash was distinguishable by the flames plastered onto the swirling ash. The other two smiled at me, with huge menacing smiles, creepy as all hell.

I stood in battle stance, waiting to see if they'd do anything, they just hovered in place, smiling at me, I extended my claws and flew at the girl and jabbed my hand and foot claws into her chest crushing her rib cage, she just started laughing, like hysterically. I began to get frightened, were they playing with me? I retracted my claws and hovered back away from the two, she was still laughing, then just suddenly burst, literally, she exploded into a swirling cloud of ash. "Griffin!" I heard Alex's voice come from above the house as I watched her dive onto the last bird kid and decapitate him, she got up and hugged me squeezing the breath from my lungs. "Yeah I'm good, you don't have to worry about me" I said, looking out over the seemingly endless ash cloud. A swirling noise caught my attention I spun around extended my claws and pushed Alex behind me with my tail, the swirling noise had been the ash rapidly spinning in a circle, I whipped my wings out and tried blowing it away, it wouldn't budge, Alex joined in but it wouldn't move, then the ash tornado made a shape, a person, kind of.

"Griiiiiffiiiin" a raspy voice boomed around inside my head. I shrieked in pain falling to the ground, my head felt like someone was repetitively slamming a bus into it, the voice played over and over again a million times all at once, as if trying to separate me from my brain. 'There gone' one of the voices said 'You have no one' another voice, all of them screaming similar things. I looked up through the pain, I saw Alex with her wings drawn shouting at some figure I couldn't make it out, it looked, human, didn't have wings, nothing. Then my eyes jammed shut as another blast of voices went thundering throughout my brain. All of a sudden the voices stopped and I looked up still disorientated from the voices, but I was fine in about ten seconds. I sprang to my feet and sprinted towards Alex, who was locked in combat with the Mind-jacking-mixed-martial-arts-sword-wielding-kid that was proving formidable against Alex. I ripped out my claws and leaped towards the kid with the sword, then I felt tugs on my arms as two fiery winged bird kids caught my arms and flew me out of the ash cloud, off the edge of the cliff. They let go and one grabbed my tail and swung me for a couple seconds, then let me go and I went straight for the ocean below.

I braced, expecting a blast of cold and pain, I smacked onto the water skimming a couple times, before sinking about ten metres. I surfaced to the top of the water, bobbing up and down. Then I started sinking, and I couldn't stop. I looked down to see a little robot with little filters and fans to keep itself mobile beneath the waves, I recognised it from one of Max's stories. M-Geeks. I flashed my feet claws and stabbed the M-Geek through the head with a five dagger-like claws and immediately started swimming to the ocean surface. When I surfaced again I saw Alex speeding towards me, at first I didn't understand why, then, I looked down!

I saw a whole armada, an army, a legion, of M-Geeks there was hundreds, thousands all coming for me. Alex reached out her hand as she sped towards me, but she was too late. An M-Geek grabbed my tail and pulled me under, just as my hand reached Alex's, one after another, the thousands of M-Geeks piled on me, forcing me to sink. I ripped out my claws and started shredding them to pieces but there were to many, I was overwhelmed. Eventually I stopped struggling, I was running out of breath, now us mutant freaks have much bigger lungs than humans, so we can survive quite a bit longer, but we do die without air. We hit the ocean floor which wasn't at crush depth but it was still very deep and I could feel my chest closing and my lungs couldn't live any longer without air. I was finished.

My vision began to fail and I felt myself begin to lose consciousness, just when all hope seemed lost, "Why aren't you dead yet?" Roared an M-Geek in it's techno-sounding frustration, it punched me in the stomach, whacking the rest of oxygen out of me, instinctively I took a breath and immediately regretted it. I began choking on the water and the M-Geeks started looking satisfied, then I stopped choking when I realised, I wasn't choking, I'd inhaled the water and it came out through the sides of my neck, I could breath under water. "Oh! This, is gonna be good" I smirked. Note* speaking under water is not easy to understand, but is vaguely possible.

Alex's P.O.V

"NO!!!!" I screamed at the abyss-like water, "Griffin!!!" I dived into the water, but I didn't get far, I got to about ten metres before rushing back for air. I hovered in place, choking back sobs. He's been under for five minutes, he's dead already, I thought to myself. "No he's not!!" I heard Angel shouting from behind me as she dive-bombed down to the ocean depths, as she appeared and disappeared in two seconds.

I decided to 'Play-dead' to allow myself some breathing room. "Target is deceased" one M-Geek said tapping my knee. "Hah that's what you think!" I announced extending everything I had, I spun around and decapitated about ten M-Geeks that surrounded me, I then burst up through the water using my wings and arms. I burst through the water, in a huge dramatic cyclone of water and flames as I let loose my flames that I'd been keeping in since I was dumped into the water. I spun around in a circle just to add some more 'pizazz' to my cyclone. Alex looked at me in awe and disbelief, she had a little hint of relief though! I could see her eyes were reddened, I took her by the hand and we flew off away from the cliff side as fast as our wings were able to carry us.

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