Maximum Ride:Griffin

My name is Griffin!

I was raised in a crate for my entire life. Brought up in a facility that experimented on children, I being one of them, have been injected with needles, cut open and basically put through hell! Thanks to these I have 'special features', I am a hybrid of Lion, Human and Raven! I have the wings of a Raven, claws and teeth of a lion and some added features.

My mission, hunt and kill Maximum Ride

But I have other things in mind!


8. Chapter8:New beginnings


Alex and I had been staying in The Flock's home with them for a month now and we'd gotten ourselves into a routine, wake up, sit down for breakfast, go out and have a training session in the art of 'Max Kwon Do', then the rest of the day is free-time, until dinner. The White Coats hadn't dared attack us again, probably due to my 'release the beast' scenario a month back. Although we'd kept a sharp eye out, we'd all taken time to fly around and patrol our cliff side home each day to make sure we weren't being spied on. Even though they'd excepted us into their home The Flock hadn't excepted us as one of their own, we were just accompaniment or backup. They had 'Flock meetings' that excluded us, we just flew around and played pluck-the- feather-from-the-other-mutant's-wing-while-in-mid-flight-game, basically painful chasing, in the sky.

"Flock meeting!!!" Angel screamed at the very top of her lungs, even though everyone was in the same room. Iggy and The Gasman (Gazzy) quickly pushed, whatever weird contraption they were making underneath the couch and sprang to their feet and ran into Max's room, Nudge trailed behind with Total trotting enthusiastically in front. "You guys should probably go." Total warned, "Yeah got it." I said standing up from the sofa. Alex was lying asleep on the floor, I kicked her gently, but not too gently. She squealed and whipped her tail at my legs tripping me up, she then rolled over and sat on my stomach, she had my arms pinned with her left leg and left arm, she held my tail with her right hand. She placed her head right in front of mine, her brown hair with little red tints covering both of our faces, both our red eyes met. "Don't wake me up" she said just above the tone of a whisper, she stood up and walked out the door. I strolled along after her like a little lost puppy.

We snapped out our wings simultaneously, a trick we'd taught ourselves at Flock Meeting 4, we sprang to the air and worked our wings powerfully. "Race?" Alex suggested, "Sure why not, just don't complain when I crush you" I grinned. "Fat chance" she countered. We flew through the air at three hundred and thirty miles an hour working our wings hard but not as hard as we could. "What way are you using your wings?" She laughed, "D'you even know how to fly?" She boasted beside me, I was flying two pairs of wings at a time, Alex was flying using all four wings at the same time. "Hey I am a pro." I said speeding up another thirty miles an hour. I looked back to see her face filled with frustration, she looked cute. Ok, forget I said that, or thought that. I flew symmetrically along the side of the cliff and extended my claws, I stopped flapping and went vertical and spread my wings to slow myself down, I stuck my claws into cliff face, then began climbing. I perched myself onto a rock jutting out of the cliff face, Alex landed next to me her shoulder touching mine. She landed clumsily and almost fell but I grabbed her hand and pulled her back up. I held her hand for a bit longer than I should have, she looked at me with a weirded-out expression. "Eh, you ok Griff'?" She said, I snapped out of my little day dream and let go of her hand, "Yeah, sorry I was just eh, yeah. I have no idea what I was doing." I said naively. She giggled a little bit and sat down on the edge of the rock. I sat next to her. "So, what D'you reckon they're talking about this time?" She asked after a quarter of a minute of silence. "Well, I would say that Fang is sitting silently in the corner giving ' morale support'" I said moving my two fingers up and down, she laughed, "Then Iggy and Gazzy would be accused of the explosion of fire outside last night and then they'd blame it on me." I said blowing a little steam, literally. "Then Max would be talking about, 'Max stuff'" I said because I couldn't really guess what Max would be talking about, leader-y type stuff, but how could you really lead when you have no enemies to lead against, for the moment anyway.

"Nudge would then interrupt and start complaining about Total's fur all over her room" Alex interrupted giggling off to herself, "With Total and Angel objectifying about it being her own feathers" I joined in laughing. "Yeah" she said. We sat in silence for about a minute, I was scouring my mind for any kind of conversation, all I got was my mind telling me to blurt out, 'You have nice hair'. I felt her tail press against mine, while I was in the middle of my screaming at my own stupid thoughts in my own head. I pushed back with my tail, thinking she was trying to start a little tail fight. She smiled a little and we wrapped our tails around each other as they hung underneath the rock, we sat there in silence, kind of like awkward silence, except it's not, it was a nice feeling. I highly recommend it.

BOOM!!! A giant ball of fire lit up the sky as a giant explosion erupted through entire cliff just above our heads, the entire cliff shook and the rock-ledge Alex and I were sitting on crumbled beneath us, Alex's side of the ledge practically disappeared from underneath her, the entire thing just broke into millions of shards beneath her, she whacked her head off the side of the cliff and was knocked cold, I whipped out my wings and hovered in place working hard to keep both of us up, I had to worry about keeping myself up as well as keeping Alex, who was upside down hanging by her tail, that was wrapped around mine for dear life, I flapped my wings as strong as I could, I had ascended about three feet in thirty seconds. I looked up to see nothing but smoke and flames, then it hit me. "TheFlock!"

"Max!!! Fang!! Gazzy!! Angel!! Iggy!! Anyone??!!" I screamed as loud as I possibly could hoping one of them would hear me and zoom down the cliff and help us out, no such luck. I extended my claws and sunk them deep into the cliff face to give my wings a rest, and to see if I could scale the cliff faster than I could ascend it. I found a cave etched into the side of the cliff, Max's cave I lay Alex down in the cave, "In coming back" I said, hoping maybe she'd hear it and wake up, no such luck. I snapped out my wings and sprang out of the cave, claws extended, "Ready for anything" I said to myself feeling that burning sensation in my throat I loved so much.

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