Maximum Ride:Griffin

My name is Griffin!

I was raised in a crate for my entire life. Brought up in a facility that experimented on children, I being one of them, have been injected with needles, cut open and basically put through hell! Thanks to these I have 'special features', I am a hybrid of Lion, Human and Raven! I have the wings of a Raven, claws and teeth of a lion and some added features.

My mission, hunt and kill Maximum Ride

But I have other things in mind!


7. Chapter7:New&Improved

I WOKE UP OVER Fang's shoulder as he threw me out of our burning room, "Wha-" I said groggily just as an explosion lit up the house, our room was enveloped in flames and the radiator had caused a chain-reaction. "Were under attack!" Fang shouted as the entire Flock burst from their rooms, "Status?" Max asked running past us. "Just flames right now, we've got to go!" Fang said. I got up from the wooden floor and strode towards the door following The Flock.

As we came through the door we were met by fire, Coats and Freaks, "Maximum Ride!" Boomed a voice from behind the bellowing smoke. A girl around my age stepped out from the smoke, she had brown hair with black stripes going through, probably because of the smoke, she had red eyes, just like me. She had velvety wings that were up to 20ft long, she also had the tail. Immediately the entire Flock turned to me, then back to her. She was the same breed of animal freak as me, "Ah, and my lesser failure! Two birds, one stone. This'll be fun." She beamed with a maleficent grin on her face. "Who are you?" I asked, paralysed. "Your predecessor" she said. "Right" I said dumbly, "'Cause I definitely know what that means!" I said sarcastically, she rolled her eyes as if she was talking to a two year old. It was then I realised that The Flock had made a walk-way type formation, three members on one side the other three on the other, four counting Total and me in the middle, like they were expecting me to walk through them into a steel MMA cage. After a few seconds of tense silence, one of the White Coats decided that he'd have to start something off or no one would, he charged at Nudge with his tactical baton, Nudge sprang up about seven feet and landed on his head knocking him cold, my 'superior' then burst into the air beating all four wings at the same time, Max and I pursued her at a faster pace and caught up to her in half a minute, she preformed an air stop by turning vertical and flapping her wings once as hard as she could, sending Max and I rocketing past, I felt a tug on my tail as I was flung backward towards a pair of giant, ravenous claws. I stuck my claws just in time to entangle both of our equally deadly claws I each other, I swung my tail around and smacked her wings to stop her flapping, while I tucked mine into my back, I wrapped my tail around her two left wings in a slightly awkward, but affective position, we were then sent into a free-fall while she tried to get loose by kicking me and hitting me with her tail, I kept hold of her just as we'd reached sight of ground, I snapped out my wings, untangled our claws from each other, and delivered a mighty two footed kick to her stomach, in an attempt to wind her long enough so she couldn't recover in time.

I watched her plummet to the ground like a rock in water, Max hovered next to me, "We should get down there and help the rest of the Flock" she said, "Yeah, let's go!" I said tucking my wings in again for another free-fall. I hit a White Coat, as a planned landing, crushing his leg with the G-force of my free-fall, I picked him up by his scruff and threw him at another White Coat that was about to smack Angel with a baton from behind, there was a sickening crunch from behind me, I looked back to see Fang, he was holding a White Coat by his cattle prod, his prod had been an inch away from my head, Fang intervened just in time and caught the cattle prod and snapped the White Coat's arm back the wrong way. "Thanks" I said snapping out my claws. "Don't mention it" Fang said with in a calm voice. I leaped forward into a miniature flight about ten metres from the ground and sunk my claws deep into the back of a White Coat who felt like bringing a pistol to the party, I tumbled over him and took out one of my claws and pinned him onto the wall, his blood ran down my arm, seeing it gave me a rush, a bloodlust, and I wanted more.

I sprang into the air and dive-bombed into the middle of a group of four White Coats, they electrified their prods and came at me all at the same time, I lashed out at their legs with my tail, tripping up each one, I slammed one in the gut with my tail, while skewering two others with my claws I had my foot on the last, crushing the air for his lungs, I felt a burning sensation in the back of my throat, I dismissed it and continued. I brought my claws out of my two victims and began staring at the one slowly losing oxygen beneath my foot, I lifted my foot off him, pulled my claws back and grabbed him with my hands bringing him up to my face, I flashed my fangs and sunk them into his neck, the White Coat beneath my tail shrieked, as he watched the pigments flood out of his colleague. "What are you?" The guy beneath my tail asked paralysed by fear, I wrapped my tail around him and rose him up, constricting him so tight he could hardly breath, "I am a god" I boomed, the burning feeling in my throat rose into my mouth I it felt like it needed to be released, I opened my mouth and immense flames incinerated the White Coat, all that was left was a charred corpse.

I stood in the centre of my armada of bodies admiring each 'piece of art' I smiled to myself, giggled a couple times, to most people I'd have been seen as insane. Max and The Flock stared at me, they looked horrified, they'd seen some pretty messed up shit, but I don't think they'd ever seen someone enjoying killing, sure fighting was fun, enjoying messing around with your weaker foe, but messing with a dead foe was different, sickening. "Griffin?" Angel said, I could hear her voice, shrill and frightened. That was enough to end my bloodlust and bring me back to sanity, "What? Guys I, I don't know what came over me, I, I just got the bloodlust and I couldn't stop myself." I explained frantically, I looked around, horrified by my own act of devastation, I'd killed over a dozen White Coats. Even with the immense feeling of fear over my own power and the feeling of guilt, I felt proud.

The Flock still looked at me as if I had just bombed a bus full of school-children, "Guys" Gazzy said, pointing a finger at me. I looked at my hands and my tail, to see if I'd changed, I realised then he wasn't pointing at me. I spun around to see my 'superior' standing a few yards away. She looked horrified, just as the rest of them did. "You!" She screamed, she lunged at me at full speed and speared me with all the force she had, she pinned me to the wall of the house, "How could you do that? No remorse, no mercy, what kind of sick twisted demon are you?" She went on screaming in my face, "I get that they'd done horrible things, but they didn't deserve that!" She roared. I just stood there with her claws pinning my arms into the wall, in silence. She eventually retracted her claws, and slumped onto the ground. She's been put through the same things we had, she was probably brainwashed into attacking us. I walked over to her and knelt beside her trying to comfort her. Max and The Flock decided to walk up to us and help her to her feet and bring her into the house.

Max, Angel and Nudge brought the girl into the house and sat her onto the couch and tried to calm her down, Fang, Gazzy, Iggy and Total had been ordered to keep an eye on me in case I went berserk again. I started feeling the burning sensation in my mouth again, I became worrying that I'd set fire to the entire house if I started breathing fire again. "Eh, can I go outside for a sec'?" I asked, a little bit too panicky-like. "What's wrong?" Gazzy asked. "Nothing I just need some air." I said. "Go ahead!" Iggy said. I walked out the door, quickly, but trying not to be panicky. I opened the door and stepped outside, Fang, Gazzy, Total and Iggy followed, I could feel the flames seeping out of my mouth, begging to escape. I screamed and an endless stream of fire bellowed out from my mouth, there was a mix in sound between my screams and the sound of the air burning and crackling around me. The sky was lit up by the flames.

When I was finished, I spun around to see that The Flock and the girl, standing behind me staring at the sparkling embers in awe. "I'm really sorry about what I put you through." I said looking at the girl, "All of you", "We've been through worse" Max said, I smiled at her. "Em, my... My name is Alex" the girl said. Breaking the silence accompanied by the crackling embers. "Alex." I smiled, "Nice name", she smiled back, "Well I'm Griffin, they're The Flock, Max, Fang, Iggy, Gazzy, Angel, Nudge and their talking dog Total." I said. "Yeah, way to steal my introduction there 'Griff'." Max said. We filed back into the house, Alex stayed in the same room as Max. Then came an end to another day of freedom.

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