Maximum Ride:Griffin

My name is Griffin!

I was raised in a crate for my entire life. Brought up in a facility that experimented on children, I being one of them, have been injected with needles, cut open and basically put through hell! Thanks to these I have 'special features', I am a hybrid of Lion, Human and Raven! I have the wings of a Raven, claws and teeth of a lion and some added features.

My mission, hunt and kill Maximum Ride

But I have other things in mind!


6. Chapter6:TheFlock

I WAS SITTING in the room alone for about forty minutes, when I was satisfied none of them were watching me when I extended my claws and fangs, in an attempt to get rid of the chicken wire, it had proven relatively easy my claws took less than five seconds to cut through the thin thread-like wire, but then came the hard part, moving around the house undetectably, which as I had figured out was extremely difficult thanks to Iggy's insanely heightened senses, I crouched as low as I could moving slowly across the wooden floor making cautious steps to not make the wood creak, that would probably mean the end of me, I decided that going for the door was too risky, they'd hear it open and catch up to me in seconds, plus they said they couldn't allow me to leave so they probably did more to keep me here than wrap me in chicken wire, I decided that they'd be better allies than enemies, I simply snuck over to the couch, made myself comfortable and just fell asleep.

Max P.O.V

I woke up in Angel's room we all slept in that room in case our 'guest' decided to try something in case he got out of the wire, I smelt the scent of eggs and bacon, "Iggy? You making eggs?" I asked, shouting into the kitchen, Iggy rolled over beside me revealing himself from his cocoon of blankets, "Does it look like I'm making eggs?" He answered groggily. I made a quick head count, all were accounted for. I walked out of the room to see the intruder from the day previous flipping eggs around on one frying pan and trying to balance a plate on his large tail, "How did you get out of the wire?" I shouted offensively raising my fists, he simply raised his hands and extended giant claws that looked like they could tear steel like cheese on a bread-knife. "I found your sleeping arrangement quite uncomfortable, so I took the couch if you don't mind" He said in mock-politeness, "As a thanks for your hospitality" he started "Breakfast" he said smiling showing huge fangs, I could feel the other's nerves twitching at the thought of eating food made by someone we'd tied to a chair and plucked the feathers from. "D'you think we were born yesterday?" Fang asked calmly, "What'd you do poison them or what?" He didn't answer, he just picked up an egg, delicately sliced off a piece and ate it, proving that it wasn't poison, everyone else still reluctant to eat it, Angel sat down and started eating the food set out, then one after the other, Nudge, Gazzy, Iggy then Fang all sat and started eating. While the mysterious food-maker-house-invader-guy stood and smiled at my flock who were tearing his breakfast apart. Eventually I sat down and ate some of the food he'd made that wasn't already devoured, he'd obviously just found some bacon and eggs lying around and seen Iggy's instructions written about, for my sake if he ever didn't feel like cooking, for I was hopeless in the kitchen, Maximum Ride, saved the world a dozen times, can't make eggs.

"So, anyone for seconds?" I grinned waving my tail in the air below the table, gesturing for them to put their plates on it. "Sure!" Angel beamed, "I'll take some" Gazzy said reluctantly, he still didn't trust me, understandable, the only thing I did for them was give them hassle and make them food, but Angel seemed to trust me, 'they'll get used to you', "Sorry?" I said confused of whether I'd heard someone's voice or not? 'They're just not good at trusting people' the voice seemed to echo in my head, 'what is this voice?' I thought "So, what's your name?" Max asked, "Eh, I don't have a name." I explained, "What? Come on you gotta have a name dude?" Gazzy said, "I don't know I was never given a name" I told him "Well then now's the time to give yourself one" Iggy shouted from the other side of the table, "Oh, can I name him pleeeeaaaassseeee?" Nudge wailed, "Hey, I'm not a dog you can just claim and name you know?" I sneered, "No, but we could easily turn you into a stuffed animal and treat you like one!" Nudge threatened, although it didn't seem very threatening coming from the twelve year old, I glared at her for a moment until something outside the window directly behind her distracted me, I noticed small people off way into the distance, I had raptor vision thanks to all the experiments the White Coats had done on me, I felt like I had a zoom feature in my eyes, like a camera. Fang must have noticed me staring out the window because he rose out of his chair and rushed for the door, they'd fixed it up before they went to sleep last night so it was no longer two chunks of wood, but it wasn't at all stable and in could pretty much flick it and it wold fall over. "Max!" Fang called, worry in his voice. "What's wrong?" Max asked hurrying to the door, the flock had all risen and were making their way towards me, my heart stopped,

"White Coats"

"Shit, they found me, I only got out a day ago, I am not going back" I shouted, I then snapped out my wings and tail and extended my claws and pierced the ground with them and leaped as high as I could using my hands and feet, then began flapping my wings two at a time, so that there was always two wings flapping at any given time to guarantee a faster and stronger lift, my tail-wings were used for better control, I was flying at two hundred and forty miles per hour, because I was hoping the flock were following and I didn't want to fly too fast in case they lost me, that was until I heard the all too familiar sound of a chopper, in the compound where I was raised, Jeb always came in by chopper so I knew what their propellers slicing through the air sounded like, I looked back to see the flock bursting through the clouds I had just ascended through, "And do where do you think your going?" Max asked slyly, "I think, I am flying as far away from evil-scientists that made these" I shouted gesturing towards my wings and tail, "Why run when you can beat the worthless sons of bitched to a pulp?" Max explained, "I don't know, maybe the chance of capture, torture, extreme pain!" I said, dragging my finger across my neck, Max was about to say something, but she got cut off by a rising chopper that was about two inches from slicing my wings off, "Hey! Watch where your flyin'" I shouted at the White Coat pilot before digging my huge claws into the side door and flinging it off into the air, "I apologise for the intrusion, but I think there's something wrong with your door!" I joked mimicking what a news reporter would sound like, grabbing two passengers with my hands and the third with my tail I jumped from the side of the chopper and went into a free fall. I fell for thousands of feet until the ground was about a skyscraper away from me, I then snapped out my wings to slow me down but kept free falling with my wings by my side until I was about twenty feet from the ground when I snapped out my wings glided downward and slammed the three White Coats to the ground, the shrieked in pain, I then picked them up and flung them to the ground and couple metres away, I allowed them to stand, they looked at me, fear in their eyes, they looked like they were looking at a monster, a demon, a freak. After a brief staring contest the began to scurry away in no particular direction, I felt a heat coming from behind me, I lashed out with my tail and turned around to see 'D' my White Coat Guard, the one that sat outside and called me names, this was gonna be fun.

I smiled to myself, "D, how's it been? Come to take me back?" I joked, extending my claws and fangs letting him see them, "You don't scare me shit-brick, I'll take you down and have you locked in that cage in no time." He cackled. He lashed out with an extendable baton, I effortlessly slashed it in half with my left claw, he rushed at me attempting to punch me, I quickly unextended my claws and caught his punch, then kept his hand, slowly crushing it, I could hear his bones snapping like twigs as he cried in pain, by this time The Flock had formed a crowd around us, "Do I scare you now?" I smiled menacingly, "Fuck. You. All. You are. Is an experiment, Hydra." He spat, "My name is not Hydra, nor experiment and DEFINETLY not shit-brick!" I snapped "My name is Griffin!" Satisfied with my oratory, I kicked him in the back and his arm made a skin crawling crunch.

"Nice one, Griffin!" Gazzy applauded, "There may be room for a stone-cold cereal killer in you yet!" He joked, at least I hope he joked. We were back at the house, which I still think looked a lot like a castle, The Flock had warmed up to me quite a bit after my run-in with my former Guard 'D', sure Fang even gave me some acknowledgement every once in a while, I had a strange feeling about Angel like she was watching me, like even when she was in the other room, or outside, I felt like she was still there her eyes seeping into my soul and it kind of freaked me out!

I decided to take a look around my new living accommodations, considering I had no where else to go, and they couldn't let me leave either, just in case I went and revealed their location to the White Coats, not like they already knew that already or anything. "So, 'Griffin'" announced Max scaring the crap out of me as she appeared from behind me, she said 'Griffin' like it was something all high-and-mighty as a joke, "If your goin' to be stayin' with us you'll be staying in Fang's room" she said, I hadn't spoken to Fang very much, he didn't seem to appreciate the shove I gave him when we first met, "Don't worry, Fang doesn't speak much anyway!" Angel beamed reassuringly, as if she just peered into my mind and read the thought I'd just had, she then jumped through the open window unraveling her pure white wings and joined Iggy and Gazzy flying around above the house. "So, anyway, where's my room?" I asked Max, "This way," she said strolling towards the room at the very end of the hall, it was a pretty plain room, it had shelves with nothing on them, the only thing in the wardrobe was four pairs of dark jeans and some black t shirts, I looked around and found a mirror slanted against a locker, and that was the first time I'd seen myself in a long time, I was about 5,9ft in height I had Red eyes, black hair with tints of red, red? Weird right? I looked really skinny, but not like dying skinny more like haven't eaten in a day, kind of skinny, I unravelled my wings and tail and extended my claws and fangs to see what I looked like, then things were weird, when ever I extended my claws the red tints in my hair just enveloped all of my hair until it look like my head was on fire my fangs had tips of red aswel, not blood, just red! "Hm, cool!" I smiled to myself putting my 'features' away, I only had the clothes I was wearing I didn't own anything else, I'd been dropped into the field about a day ago, I don't know if I was just dropped off because they just didn't want to bother keeping me, or if they had sent me here for them, this thought replayed over and over again I looked down to my hands and imagined another fight scene between me and The Flock, the next time would be different considering now I actually knew what I was capable of.

I walked outside an decided I'd take a little fly to clear my head, I flew for about half an hour, until I found a small rock cave in the side of a cliff a good fifty kilometres from the house, I could still see the house thanks to my raptor vision. I sat there, looking at my claws, thinking, thinking about what I could do, I thought about a million reasons for why they sent me down into a field two feet from their home but that was the only logical situation, they could have made me a sleeper agent, they attack, say one word and I've got the taste for blood, or maybe they're tracking me something etched into my tail or wings or something.

"Hey" said a voice from behind startling me and making me jump, "Oh, hi" I greeted, realising that Max had seen me and flown into the cave, "What are you doing in my cave?" She asked, hands on her hips. "Oh! I, eh, I didn't know that anyone, owned it." I answered, practically shaking. "Hey sorry I didn't know I was THAT intimidating" she teased. "But seriously, what the hell you doin' only cave?" She said abruptly stopping laughing, "I just have a lot on my mind right now" I said, "First day of freedom huh?" She asked, "Yeah" I sighed, "Yeah, it's rough, but don't worry, your never going back there, not as long as I'm standing!" She said reassuringly. "Thanks Max" I smiled, "Ok dinners ready if you feel like eating, I'll try to save you some, don't count on it though!" She said, snapping out her wings and flew out of the cave, "Hey, wait up!!" I shouted, leaping out of the cave snapping out all four of my wings, but lost balanced and flapped around clumsily like an amateur, technically doing this type of thing for about four years so I considered myself a pro, When I regained balance to see Max laughing her head off in midair dropping five feet from laughing, "Yeah, yeah laugh it up" I said. "Sorry just you look like Total" she said, before laughing even harder. "Total?" I said puzzled, "Dog, wings, talks, kinda hard to miss she said, "Oh!" We both started flying back towards the house at three hundred and forty miles an hour so we were there in less than a minute.

By this time everyone had settled into their rooms and were doing their own things, Iggy and Gazzy were 'constructing' as they called it, Nudge and Angel were talking while Fang sat in the corner with Total beneath his feet trying to get him to go out to play, "Dinners been ready and waiting on the counter for like ten minutes for you, Angel insisted we wait" Iggy said. We all sat at the one sorta big table in the centre of the room, there was only enough space for six, so I took a stool and sat at the counter next to the table, "So, what's the story behind our firey-eyed, fanged, White Coat crushing, friend?" Gazzy asked as he sat staring at me, "Yeah, I'd like to know" Fang said, that was literally the first thing Fang had said to me, "Well, there's not much to tell really." I began, "Eh, I was taken from my family when I was seven and experimented on and treated like shit ever since, now I'm out and appear to have some 'bonuses'" I explained "And just yesterday I woke up in a field, with no clue how I got there or anything!" They looked like they were used to the story, liked they'd heard it a million times before, "Eh, how long have you all been out of there for?" I asked, "Long enough to save the world twice" Max said. I looked up from my food to see that she wasn't even joking, her face was as unfilled with emotion as Fang's.

After finishing dinner I strolled into my room, dumped myself onto the mattress that was laid out for me by Nudge, at Max's command, I stared at the wall for a couple minutes and thought, I thought about nothing in particular I just let my imagination run wild, one minute I was thinking about Max laughing at my amateur-ish move back at the cave, next I was thinking of the labs, and imagining all of The Flock all strapped to similar tables, receiving the similar amounts of pain. Despite the blend of horrible and nice thoughts I went out like a light in about ten minutes.

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