Maximum Ride:Griffin

My name is Griffin!

I was raised in a crate for my entire life. Brought up in a facility that experimented on children, I being one of them, have been injected with needles, cut open and basically put through hell! Thanks to these I have 'special features', I am a hybrid of Lion, Human and Raven! I have the wings of a Raven, claws and teeth of a lion and some added features.

My mission, hunt and kill Maximum Ride

But I have other things in mind!


5. Chapter5:Salvation

SO, MY PREDICAMENT thus far, I was in the home, or former home as it seemed, of the man I despise so much, but I didn't seem to be the first one here, after discovering this I leaped out of the room and sprinted towards the doorway, just as I was about to grab the handle I heard voices, not White Coats, nor even adults, they were kids, they sounded as if they matched the description of their rooms, three girls and three guys, but the place looked abandoned, they must have set it up like that so that intruders wouldn't be interested in the house, quickly and quietly I jumped behind a chair that was right up against a wall hoping they wouldn't discover me.

"Hey, guys could we please just agree on pizza? Like it's easy to make no stress?" Pleaded a small eight or nine year old boy, "No Gazzy you can't keep having pizza, you always end up just throwing it back at our faces and yelling 'FOOD FIGHT'!" Exclaimed the older sounding girl. "Awwww pleeeeeaaaasssseeeee" he begged. "For the last time, No!" She said literally putting her foot down. "What will we eat then?" The youngest girl asked. "I dunno, Iggy wanna make up some magic on the frying pan?" The older girl asked. "Sure leave the blind guy to do everything" Iggy said sounding obviously annoyed. "Looks like I'll be staying here for awhile" I said under my breath. Just then there was absolute silence. I felt the need to hold my breath, so I did so. Three seconds later the chair moved and I was faced by six winged kids and a little dog with small black wings, and let me tell ya they looked pretty pissed off to find me in their house.

So, there I sat, in a corner with six winged children staring into my very soul, I got up to stand with my hands up in surrender, bad move, as soon as I stood up the older of the boys, the one that wasn't blind, struck a kick my way, I put my hands up and caught it easily and threw him to the floor, I had my wings, tail, claws and teeth all retracted so I just looked like a normal teenager so I thought I could use that to my advantage, then each one tried to force me into a scrum by trying to pile on me, I rolled out of the way just in time to receive a vicious kick to the face from the blind guy, Iggy was it? How the hell could he know where to kick? It knocked me back quite a bit I ran for the door but was immediately cut off by the older guy, again the not blind one, as if he had just appeared out of thin air, I shoulder charged him, he looked stunned by the force of the push, I smashed through the door unfolding my wings and extending my fangs, claws and tail and blasted into the air at a good two hundred miles per hour start off.

Now, because of my four wings, I had a speed and power advantage of the other winged kids, so I had no fear of being caught up when I was blasting through the sky at three hundred and forty miles per hour, that was until looked back to see one of the teenagers rocketing towards me at unimaginable speeds, next thing that happens I feel my tail being pulled back and I am suddenly cartwheeling through the air with the earth coming at me way too fast.

I tried stretching out my wings and tail trying to grab some air and regain balance but I was spinning too fast and I'd be a mud pancake by the time I regained balance, just as I was maybe fifty kilometres from ground level I felt a tug on each of my wings and suddenly I wasn't spinning anymore, I looked up to see the two youngest of their group holding my smaller wings and the older two holding the much larger ones, while the eleven or twelve year old looking girl and Iggy held both my little tail-wings. "Oh, what are we gonna do with him? Oh,are we gonna bring him back strap him to a chair and question him? Maybe a little bit of smacking him around first huh? Come on what do ya say fang you up for some anger-management?" Said the twelve year old faster than I could even process what she was saying. "He did kick your ass back at the house Fang" Iggy added. "He did not kick my ass, he pushed me and I fell!" The older guy holding my 20ft wing, snapped back. "Eh? Helloooo off topic here what are we doing with him?"

We'd flown a good ten minutes back to the house, while listening to Gazzy, Iggy, Fang and Nudge argue, Ok so during their argument they mentioned their names a lot, so I got Fang was the older guy he was taller than the rest, he had long hair that covered his face when the wind blew through it, he had 15ft wings that were pitch black, the older girl was the leader Max she had brown hair with sun-streaks her wings were brown with White secondary feathers not unlike an eagle, the blind guy, Iggy had no colour in his eyes but he acted like he was always able to see, his senses were heightened enough that he didn't need sight to see, his wings were white like the rest of them aside from Max and Fang, except he had little patches of brown and grey where they had most liked been tinted by the sun, Angel the youngest of the group had pure white wings, emphasis on the name Angel! Gazzy or The Gasman, as I've learned to call him had similar wing colour to Iggy except for some mildly orange strips along the centre of his wings. The super chatty girl that didn't seem to breath when she spoke was Nudge, she was African, or half African at least, her wings were brownish like a hawk's. When we got within twenty metres of the house they dropped me onto the ground from about 10ft in the air, I flailed my wings about trying to catch some air but a soon as my wings caught something and I was just beginning to flap when I felt a two foot kick slamming into my centre vertebrae and sent me barreling to the ground, I hit the ground hard and bounced about 2 feet into the air, and flopped onto the ground. I got picked up and thrown over Fang's shoulder, I thrashed my tail about trying to hit Fang, all it ended with was getting the Gasman to jump on my tail and preventing me from moving it.

Max stepped through the door with Angel, Iggy, The Gasman and Nudge trailing behind, Fang stepped through the door that I'd shattered in half with a shoulder charge earlier, I smiled to myself proud of my destructive force. They planted me to the sofa and tied me up with chicken wire they'd found in the field opposite them before they'd landed, they tied my hands to my wings and my tail to my feet so that I was unable to move any of my 'special features', they sat me up so I could I be 'interrogated'. "Ok, 'buddy' I want to know why you were in our house or I'm gonna start pulling feathers?" Max Threatened and trust me pulling feathers hurt, A lot! "Ok, no need to be rash" I said cockily, a bit too cockily. Just then Angel went behind the chair where my wings and hands were tied, "AGH FUCK" I screamed, "That is bloody painful" I complained, "Yeah cry me a river" Iggy quoted, "Ok, so what do you want to know then? Go ahead shoot, I'm in the cooperative mood" I said half-jokingly, she looked at me and put her hands on her hips, then said "It's not everyday you find a mutant bird lion behind your chair when you and your family have gone for a fly! So tell me are you friend or foe?" "Well" I began "that question is a question that I myself do not know 'Max'" practically spat the name Max "All I know is one minute I am sitting in a chair on the other side of my captors and next thing I know I'm waking up in a place of serene grace and salvation!" I said in a overly-sarcastic voice. "Don't bullshit me man" boomed Iggy, "Yo, chill bro, I told you my story." Max grabbed a knife from the kitchen and started walking slowly towards me running the knife along the counter top "Wowowowowow, hey, be reasonable here I didn't know anybody lived here, look you just untie me you'll never see me again, ok?" I practically begged, "Look, you seem like a nice person and I don't like to kill but I can't just send you on your merry way to report back to your associates, sorry friend your not leaving!" And with that she put the knife back on the table and walked out of the room while the rest filed out behind her. Leaving me alone in the room strapped to a chair, yeah it's good to be free! Sarcasm by the way.

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