Maximum Ride:Griffin

My name is Griffin!

I was raised in a crate for my entire life. Brought up in a facility that experimented on children, I being one of them, have been injected with needles, cut open and basically put through hell! Thanks to these I have 'special features', I am a hybrid of Lion, Human and Raven! I have the wings of a Raven, claws and teeth of a lion and some added features.

My mission, hunt and kill Maximum Ride

But I have other things in mind!


4. Chapter4:Enhancements

I AWOKE in the unfamiliar surroundings of what seemed to be some sort of meadow, there were giant oak trees and flowers dotting the landscape, I was convinced I was dead or in a really cool dream, "What? Where is this?" I looked around and saw a castle, or a castle-like house, at the edge of a cliff, it was covered in a moss coat and looked like it had been lived in, but not for a couple of months, maybe years. I looked around again to check for anything sticking out of the ground like a camera or something, precautions I took because I was most likely missing and being hunted or being held somewhere they could keep an eye on me. After realising this was the real deal, no helicopters, no cameras, no White Coats. Things were finally starting to go my way!

I entered the huge house, or castle or whatever and saw plates of unfinished food tha looked rotten or gone off like they'd been left there for months on end. "Geez people who lived here last must have left in a hurry, I wonder why" I said half sarcastically looking at the claw markings, "no doubt made by Erasers" I said grimly "poor suckers." I looked at the couch and TV couch looked a little old, it's colour wearing away a small bit, the TV looked like it worked, I went over and turned it on, a kids show popped up "Bastards" I said realising the people who'd lived here were probably just like him except younger, all with the same expectations of freedom.

I went to sit down, I felt tired, really tired, "AH FUCK!" I practically screamed with the amount of pain I was feeling as soon as I sat on the couch I started feel immense pain just above my tailbone, it literally felt like someone was tearing the bone right out of me, about two seconds of pain later I felt the same sensation into fingers, then my toes, then my teeth, it was excruciating, when the pain stopped I was in a heap on the floor gasping for breath and relief from the awful experience, when I'd finally found the strength to get up off the floor I felt a strange feeling of control over a bone, like the kind of control you feel in your fingers or arms, but just above my tail bone, I looked back to see a giant tail, that looked like a fluffy version of a crocodile tail, it looked like it could shatter walls, it also had two smaller wing-looking things on the end that didn't flap, "No no nononono" I said saying no faster that I was thinking "Why does this keep happening?" I went to touch it when I realised that my hands, my hands weren't even hands anymore, they were giant claws, they had razor sharp nails, and you could practically see every muscle and tendon in my hand, same with my feet, then my teeth were giant fangs of pure steel crushing glory, after dealing with my immense feeling of fear to what else the White Coats had done to me I decided to continue exploring the house, while murmuring to myself about how much pain I would put Jeb and the other White Coats through if I ever saw them again!

In the house there was lots of rooms, about five in total one belonging to two boys around eight and fourteen or fifteen, another two girls around five and twelve, the other three rooms were single rooms one belonged to a fourteen year old girl, no doubt and the other a guy around the same age, the last room I walked into gave me the same horrible feel as the school it smelled of the same horrible stench as that office building is been in merely a day a go, I think, I could've been knocked out for a week for all I know! My heart practically stopped when I saw a lab coat hanging on the side of the bed entitled "Jeb Batchelor"

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