Maximum Ride:Griffin

My name is Griffin!

I was raised in a crate for my entire life. Brought up in a facility that experimented on children, I being one of them, have been injected with needles, cut open and basically put through hell! Thanks to these I have 'special features', I am a hybrid of Lion, Human and Raven! I have the wings of a Raven, claws and teeth of a lion and some added features.

My mission, hunt and kill Maximum Ride

But I have other things in mind!


13. Chapter13: Schemes

California, Death Valley, The School, Ari P.o.v

"Batchelor!" One of the White Coats shouted from across one end of the long corridor that stretched into most parts of The School's buildings and rooms, except for one, 'The Promise-land' as I like to call it. It was a building separate from the rest of The School, where they store the experiments they wish to train so they can be the next guard powers, such as Erasers. The only ones allowed to leave they're cages, other than enhancing processes. Jeb, my father, ran across the hall toward the scientist holding a stack of papers and a odd looking key. "They're waking" the White Coat called Darren, or as he was known D, whispered, he had a broken arm and only stuck around to observe experiments, since he can't conduct them. Jeb looked around for a second and entered the room behind D. I walked up to the room's wall and squinted, amped Eraser ability X-Ray vision! I saw two familiar shapes, I squinted more until my eyes looked almost closed so I could make out the faces, there were five people in the room, well, five if you include the talking dog. I recognised Fang and Max straight away, their hands were cuffed to a table, the little dog had a collar tied around the leg of the table. Jeb and D were the other two, I snarled with disgust as Jeb started to speak, he may be my father but he's done some downright bad shit. "Maximum, Fang." Jeb started. "We know of Iggy, Gazzy and Nudge's deaths and Griffin's betrayal!" D finished for him, with a face free from any emotion. I remember witnessing Griffin killing the Phoenix illusions in the Abominable Ash Cloud, or as Max calls it the Endless Ash. "We want to give them a second chance." Jeb said solemnly, "What like Mr. Abomination Ari got a second chance, and a third chance?" Max snapped. Max was right, I had been resurrected twice already, the last time I died, I expected to stay dead, they buried me and all. Just to dig me back up and make me a stronger Eraser that will die another excruciating death, again. This was not what Jeb was doing. "Yes." Jeb started "We wish to Resurrect them" he said slowly. "On one condition." He said standing from his chair. He threw a bundle of papers in front of Fang and Max. "You do as instructed." He finished sitting back down.

Here's a little backstory, my name is Ari, my father is Jeb Batchelor, mastermind behind all the shenanigans giving Griffin a bad name, Max is my half-sister and daughter of Jeb and Valencia Martinez, I'm 8 years old but have the appearance of a 29 year old model thanks to my Eraser enhancements. I also have green hair, I've died twice already, and been resurrected twice, and this being my third time alive I'd rather not died again, it's not fun.

After three minutes of nothing being said I decided to move on, I strolled along the corridor looking threw the walls of each room to find what I was looking for. "And bingo was his name'o" I sang to myself chirpily as I peered through the sound-proof (to humans) wall to see the three bird-kids in isolation chambers, horrible boxes that keep you in stasis so that the only thing you can do is think, generally a punishment for Erasers who didn't do as instructed. I blinked four times in rapid succession to disable my x-Ray vision and brought out my claws, I watched as my stubby fingernails sprouted into sharp claws that glimmered from the white corridor's reflective surfaces. I inserted my right index finger into the door's keyhole and wiggled it around until I heard a small, almost indecipherable click that I could barely hear. I took my finger out of the keyhole and changed my claws back into fingernails and grabbed the door handle.

Inside the room was heated to about thirty degrees because the isolation chambers are extremely cold and have to have a warm atmosphere around them to prevent it's occupants from freezing to death. I pulled out a small scrap of paper and slipped it beneath Iggy's chamber sticking out so it was just noticeable. My wristwatch made a small ping sound, "Time to blow this joint!" I said merrily to myself. I passed through the door, closing and locking it behind me, walked through the corridor and out into the wide open courtyard, with sniper towers and AA guns surrounding it. The School was amped to all hell after the Griffins escaped. I stretched my wings and pushed down with my wings and flew off into the horizon, the guns were made so that they don't fire on Erasers only on unmarked flying objects, Bird-kids and Griffins for example. "Buh-bye!" I smirked back to the School, "Forever!"

Max P.o.v

So here I was, captured by the enemy once again, same guy who u thought was dead, twice. My father/enemy Jeb Batchelor, offering a deal of our friends, for our alliance. "Max, we don't want your help to conduct experiments." Jeb started, "We need your help to stop the Griffins, they're too powerful and they very well could be the most powerful beings we've ever created!" Jeb explained urgently. I pondered on the situation for a minute. I looked at Fang, he was sitting silently, no emotion in his eyes, giving nothing away, he glanced at me and turned back to Jeb. "Okay" I said reluctanty. "Follow me." The other White Coat said rising from his seat, he hadn't said anything and I didn't realise he was there until now. He opened the door and waited, I looked at him and shook my hands that were cuffed to the table. Jeb walked over and released me and did the same with Fang, I took Total out from under the table and we followed the White Coat out into the obscenely white corridor. He directed us to a door about four doors down the corridor and took out a small key. He put the key in the keyhole and twisted the handle, we entered a decently big room about the size of my room back home, there were three box-like objects in the centre of the room that I instantly recognised, "You have them in Isolation Chambers!?" I asked enraged. "Only to make sure they resurrected properly, we don't want flying zombies running around" the White Coat said coldly. He walked over to a control panel and pressed a few buttons and flipped a couple switches and the chamber doors flew open, I rushed over and grabbed Gazzy who was about to fall from the chamber, Fang did the same with Nudge and Iggy seemed to be already mobile, he'd jumped out of the chamber as soon as it had opened. "Max?" Iggy said a huge grin on his face. "Yeah Ig, over here" I said to Iggy while tending to Gazzy who was unconscious. "I can see that Max" he answered. "Then why'd you- wait, did you just say you could see?" I asked awestruck. "Yeah" Iggy smiled uncontrollably. "I can see god damnit!" He shouted in triumph. I sat there looking at Iggy, his eyes had changed, they were filled with colour, his usually light grey looking eyes had now become a shade of dark blue! "We'd modified Iggy's sight when we resurrected him." The White Coat explained, "Under who's permission?" I growled, "Mine." Jeb answered. "I did this so he'd have a better chance at not being killed by the Griffins!" He said attempting to use a fatherly tone, his fatherly status died along time ago. "Max?" Gazzy coughed, "Yeah Gazzy, your okay." I said reassuringly stroking his blond hair gently. "Fang how's Nudge?" I shouted over at him, "Asleep" he said being the man of few words. I wiped my brow in my sleeve glad to have my entire Flock whole again. Almost. "Where's Angel?" The Gasman asked searching the room. "She flew off with the Griffins" Fang said with his charming subtlety. "No" The Gasman gasped, "She wouldn't do that!", "She has betrayed us once already." Iggy noted staring at random objects around the room. "No, she's different now, maybe they abducted her." He assumed desperately, "Gazzy, I'm sorry, but she chose to go with them." I told him, I brought him in for a hug but he pushed me away and punched the wall, the wall had a small crack in it where The Gasman had punched it but in return he'd split the skin from his hand. "Hey, what's this?" Nudge announced holding up a scrap of paper. Jeb walked over and took it from her had, "Fuck!" He cursed "D!" He bellowed "Yes sir?" The White Coat answered "Send Erasers! Find Ari!" He shouted looking like he was about to have a stroke, they burst out the door leaving it wide open, Jeb dropped the paper, so out of curiosity I picked up the paper and burst out laughing at an amazing drawing of an Eraser giving the finger with big writing entitled 'Consider this my resignation ~Ari'


We flew a good five hours away in any random direction without a clue of where to go until- "Griffin" Angel asked meekly "Yeah? Whatsup?" I shouted over the rushing wind. "I'm hungry" she replied "Hm, I could go for some food now that you say it." I agreed, "How about you?" I asked Alex "Not like we have anything better to do." She shrugged. "Forest animals it is" I roared merrily, "Ewww no!" Angel shouted in disgust. "It was a joke Angel." Alex explained "Buzzkill" I muttered under my breath, she glided toward me and whacked me with her tail, "Ow, D'you have any idea how strong you're tail is?" I complained running my head. "Ok, whatever food" I said descending quickly, "There's an intersection below us. Should lead to a city." I noted, "Way to point out the obvious there!" Alex slagged, "Hey, nobody liked a critic." I barked breaking my voice, Alex and Angel burst out laughing and looked like they'd drop straight out if the sky. "Ha. Ha. Hilarious" I said sarcastically. "Plane!" Angel abruptly stopped laughing, Alex darted toward me, I spun around, not a plane "Crap."

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