Maximum Ride:Griffin

My name is Griffin!

I was raised in a crate for my entire life. Brought up in a facility that experimented on children, I being one of them, have been injected with needles, cut open and basically put through hell! Thanks to these I have 'special features', I am a hybrid of Lion, Human and Raven! I have the wings of a Raven, claws and teeth of a lion and some added features.

My mission, hunt and kill Maximum Ride

But I have other things in mind!


12. Chapter12:Friend or Foe

Griffin disappeared threw the endless cloud of ash, it seem to envelope him. Fang and I flew back to where Alex was to confront her. The giant figure was still locked in battle with Alex, suddenly Alex noticed that Griffin was gone and blasted through the walls of the Ash Cloud. When Alex became enveloped in ash the giant figure turned to us. Then threw it's giant sword straight us. We bolted upward with Total a small bit behind. Because of his smaller wings he has a little difficulty keeping up, although he still keeps up all the same. The sword just barely missed Total's tail and the giant thing lunged toward us. He could jump the height of a small building! "Evasive manoeuvres!" I shouted. We flew around all sides of the giant thing trying to confuse it, it works a lot better with the rest of TheFlock. Remembering what had just happened I was filled with rage and two-footed the giant figure right in the head. I literally bounced off and went flying and became enveloped in Ash.

When the ash cleared I was blinded by the sun's rays. I felt like I hadn't seen sunlight in a year even though it was probably only about five hours. I flailed my wings about trying to grab some air. I steadied myself as Total's tiny Scottie figure smacked me in the face as he emerged from the ash cloud. I figured that this Ash wasn't gonna move anytime soon considering it hadn't dispersed yet. I decided on naming it 'The Endless Ash'. "Where are those two!" I shouted as Fang emerged from the Endless Ash. "I don't know but we're out and I don't want to stay around this thing any longer than I need to" Total cut in just as Fang opened his mouth to speak. "I agree with the dog!" Fang shrugged. "Wha- Who you callin' dog?!" Total barked. "Let's go ladies!" I shouted back at them as I flew toward the cliff-face.

We scoured the skies searching for any signs of Griffin and Alex. So we could then remove them from existence! "There!" Fang pointed towards the base of the cliff as I spotted Griffin and Alex's giant black wings, that was the most obvious spot about them because of their sheer size. "Let's go!" I shouted. We raced towards them at full speed. I reached out to grab Griffin's tail but he sped past me not even seeming to notice. "Damnit!" I howled as Griffin delved into the Endless Ash. "Don't worry Max," Fang said putting his hands on my shoulders, "He'll come out. Then we'll kill him!" He said with a hint of distaste in his voice.

We hovered outside the Endless Ash for about fifteen minutes, "D'you think they got trapped like us?" Total asked out of pure boredom. "No. They seemed to be able to zip in and out at any time." I said "I think they have something to do with it." You could practically hear the hate in my voice, understandable though, they killed my family. "Max!" Fang shouted, sounding really alarmed. I spun around and was hit in the face by a familiar looking figure. "M-Geeks?" I managed to say before I went spiralling towards the water. I looked back and tried spreading my wings but I was going to fast. Fang and Total were flying down and break-neck speeds trying to grab hold of me before I hit the water. I smacked the water hard and was sent about five metres under. Immediately I was ganged up on by thirty or so M-Geeks. I was becoming terrified until I could remember that I can breathe under water, Duh Max!

I kicked and punched the M-Geeks off me, aiming for their weak points, head and ankles. Fang had joined me in the machine slaughter. I grabbed one of the working M-Geeks and used one of Gazzy's self-destruct tricks and threw the not into the centre of the crowd. "Wooh!" I boomed. Kind of drowned out by the water. I looked over at Fang who was pointing downward. "Ah crap!" A giant fleet of M-Geeks were thundering toward us, way to much to handle. Just as I thought we were goners, the water started rumbling, Sea-tremor? Nope, my life isn't that simple! A giant, mountain sized monster of the sea swam elegantly demolishing anything in it's path, which happened to be M-Geeks! Good 'ol Gor!

"Gor?" "That must mean Angel's here!" I said suddenly hyped that I still had Angel. "Uh, Max!" Fang bubbled, "The Krelp!" I swirled around to the right and saw nothing then I looked left to see thousands of double-decker bus sized Krelp coming right for us! "Shit! Up! Up! I bubbled as loud as I could! We swam up using our wings, arms and legs. I looked back to see some almost Gor-sized Krelp and panicked. I built up all the power I had and leaped out of the water. Fang copied me and we were out if the water and back hovering over the water with Total, who didn't have gills, because he's a dog, come on. "What happened what did I miss?" Total barked. "Krelp! You should be glad you missed it!" I explained as we ascended back toward the Endless Ash. "Oh and one more thing!" Total began sounding a little nervous. "What?" I scowled at him. "Alex came back out then Angel was there, then they flew back into the Ash. I didn't see Griffin though." Total explained. "And you just let them go?! With Angel?!" I practically blew up. "Hello? I'm a tiny dog who's only power is being incredible annoying and flight!" He admitted. Fang had said nothing but he'd been staring into the Ash as if he could see something. "Fang?" I asked, "Down." He said softly. I looked into the Endless Ash and saw something shining, like it was still Ash but it was glowing "Now!" He shouted dropping 50 feet. I followed as I watched a stream of flames scorch the sky! When the flames cleared I saw Griffin, Alex and Angel flying out away from the cliff-face.

"Griffin!!" I heard a shout come from behind me, I spun around to see Max, Fang and Total flying towards me. "Max!" Angel cried. "Where have you guys be-" before I could finish my sentence Max punched me in the face full-force and I went barrelling toward the ocean below. "What the fuck?" I asked truly shocked. I looked up and saw Fang grab Alex's arm and fling her in my direction. Alex came cartwheeling toward me, I flew straight for her and caught her, cradling her in my arms. Angel looked astonished, like she'd never seen anything like this. "Alright" I said looking down at Alex. "You want a fight? Let's go!" I said grabbing Alex's tail with mine, I then let go of her and flung her towards Max and Fang.

I flew after her at full-speed, no flame? Too bad. I thought to myself. I went to hit Fang with my tail, since Alex and Max were already in fight mode against each other. I did a mid-air flip and lashed my tail out aiming for his head, he caught my tail with two hands above his head. He threw my tail back and two-footed my spine and sent flying back about five metres. I spun back just in time to catch Fang's punch and return one right to his stomach. He brought his knee up to my chest, I flicked it away with my knee and we started locking punches, each punch hitting each other. He was lightning fast and I was just as quick, we were evenly matched, except for one thing. I unleashed my claws and he back up a couple of metres before taking out a small, yet sharp, metal pole. He lashed out with the pole, I held my claws in front of it and watched as his small sharp pole, turned into small sharp pieces. I smiled, then retracted my claws and grabbed him by the scruff and wrapped my tail around his wings so he couldn't fly. I tucked in my wings and we plummeted down to earth. He was punching me in the back trying to make me lose my grip but I continued plummeting, our battle was taking place miles offshore so all I could settle for was a deep-sea-dive. I felt the immense cold of the sea hit me like a bus. We plunged twenty metres when I unfurled my wings and untangled my tail from his wings. I used my wings, tail and legs to propel me through the water. I held my breath for a minute before I remembered I could breath under-water. I started punching the air out of Fang hoping he'd start drowning faster. Then I realised, damn I am stupid, he had gills too. Like, how could they have a sea-monster ally without being able to breath underwater? I thought to myself. "Speak of the devil and he shall appear." I mumbled that was slightly drowned out by the bubbles as I stared in awe, at the mountain-sized creature that looked like it could shatter shatter skyscrapers by breathing!

"Ho-ly Fuck!" I said slowly, releasing Fang and float backward slowly. Fang looked equally as scared, we were both paralysed to the spot. "Where's Angel when you need her?" I heard him mumbled over the bubbles. Gor, it's name was Gor, I'd heard one of Max's stories about Gor, he was Angel's sea-monster friend who'd helped them free Max's mom from a submarine of M-Geeks. I never expected to see it, never mind see it merely a couple hundred metres from me! 'You two done yet?' Angel's soft voice fluttered through my head. "You heard Angel too? Right?" I bubbled at Fang he nodded yes without looking at me. Yes, you heard me. Now's probably a good time to tell you I can read minds and communicate through people's minds! She thought at me, sounding pleased with herself. I knew you couldn't be that good at poker! I thought back. Now's not the time to get upset over debts! She thought. Gor is going to bring you back up now! She thought at me. Suddenly Gor got a lot closer! He and hundreds of other huge deformed fish-like creatures swam toward Fang and I. They had cuts and scabs all over them, according to Angel they called themselves Krelp, which just made me a lot more afraid of Angel, considering she could read every thought I had like it was a published book. Oh wait! It is!

Fang and I sat on Gor as he rose to the surface taking most of the ocean with him! When we surfaced I took flight toward Alex who had a couple bruises on her arms and legs, but nothing serious. Alex and I hovered opposite Fang and Max with Total and Angel hovering between us, as if they were forming a little blockade to stop us all fighting again. "Ok, I'm gonna be the first to say." I began. "What the actual fuck!" I paused looking at Max and Fang. "Why did you attack us?" I shouted. "Why did you kill Nudge?!" Max screamed at me, her face filled with pain tears streaming down her face. I was shocked, "I what?" I asked, toning down my voice. "What about Nudge?!" She screamed again. "They're dead?" I asked slowly feeling like I'd just taken a bus to the face. "Don't you dare play dumb with me!" Fang shouted, that was the first time I had seen Fang show any emotion rather than pissed! "How could you?" Max asked weakly, she was looking straight at Alex. I looked at Angel who looked horrified. She must have looked into Max's mind, but what she saw is what I want to know. Angel looked back at me and I felt a weird tingling feeling in my head, like I could feel her poking around inside my head! Then suddenly an image played back through my mind, I saw when I had killed the two Phoenix-bird-kids, and when Alex had killed the last! I had incinerated the first, the second I stabbed and the third was decapitated by Alex. Suddenly, it all clicked! "No..." I realised then looked at my outstretched claws and saw the blood, Nudge's blood, the ash on my hoodie, Iggy. Alex looked at her claws, despair in her eyes.

Max flew straight at me but just as she was about to land a punch Angel fluttered down in between us and held out her hand, Max stopped in her tracks! "This was not there fault!" Angel said trying to calm Max down. "Oh so they 'accidentally' killed half of our family?" Max snapped. "I saw what they saw, they didn't see our Iggy or Gazzy or Nudge! They didn't know!" Angel said trying to convince Max. "They are murderers and traitors and now" she paused "So are you!". Angel looked shocked, and angry. She'd just been banished from TheFlock, or what's left of it at least. "Max" Angel said weakly. My ears pricked up as I heard a small fluttering sound that was almost indistinguishable, "Shit!" I announced pointing at Apache Strike Chopper.

I desperately begged for my fiery breath as I flew toward the Attack Chopper so that it couldn't shoot me without blowing itself up! I snapped out my claws and dug them into the side of the Chopper, where the slide able doors open, hoping I could pry them open and get to the pilot! I tore a hole in the door and made it big enough to fit through, when I got inside I found something I never thought I'd see again! "Erasers!"

There was about ten of them sitting in the seats inside the Chopper, five on one side five on another, an Eraser took some initiative a punched me in the face making me lose grip and fall a small height, I extended the claws in my feet and kept hanging on to the Chopper as it chased Max, Fang, Total, Angel and Alex. I flapped my wings, trying to get myself back upright. I heard the Eraser commander barking orders, get it? Barking? I jumbled through the hole and immediately brought out my claws, slashing the first Eraser across the jaw, removing half his jaw, gross. He howled in pain, howled? Anybody getting my wolf puns here? Another Eraser went and slashed me across the back, in winced and immediately spun around and brought my claws down on him, he stuck his claws up to protect himself and he managed to deflect my claws. I lashed my tail out at him and he smashed though the door I'd already partially destroyed. I leaped out after him, not to save him or anything, just hoping some would follow! I ascended just below the propellers and stuck my claws up! My claws tore right through the propellers and the Chopper began to spin out of control, so much for war machine, can't even stand a Griffin, well then again, not a lot of things can!

I watched as the Chopper descended, I had a small sense of pride by ruining the Eraser's dramatic return, that was until they started jumping out of the Chopper. They unfurled huge 17ft wings, and began flying fluently toward me. "Give me a break" I moaned. I felt my throat burning and immediately perked up! "That's what I am talking about!" I said enthusiastically. Alex rocketed down toward me with the rest of them a little behind, Max and Fang still looked like they wanted to kill us but right now we're killing the common threat! I tucked my wings in to my sides and descended rapidly toward the Erasers. I allowed some flames to trickle out of my mouth so I looked more menacing. Alex was flying beside me and the others behind. I looked at Alex and I saw her neck was glowing. I went head-first at an Eraser and chomped down on his arm with my fangs and ripped his arm from his body, he wailed in pain, descending toward the vast sea. I moved onto the next Eraser and kicked him in the face, he struck back with his claws, stabbing me in the stomach, I responded by kneeing him in his gut and stabbing him in the neck with both my claws as he gasped for breath. I looked over at Alex who was surrounded by four Erasers out of the eight who still lived. I flew toward her, ready to tear some more Erasers to bits! Just as I reached the outside of the Eraser circle, they all disappeared into little piles of flaming dust! "Nice one Alex!" I congratulated flying past her. Four down, four to go. I looked around searching for any lingering Erasers, I saw Fang and Max were taking their time with two, Angel and Total were beating the absolute shit out of another, where was the last? I thought to myself. Up! The demonic voice I'd heard in the Endless Ash boomed through my head. Ya know the one that tried to hijack my brain! I looked up and saw a particularly big Eraser, he looked stronger than the rest, he had bigger claws and his build was bigger than the others, his wings were also bigger about 2ft bigger, 19ft! Before I could react he landed a huge boot on my head and sent me barreling down to earth. I caught my balance and flew back up toward him, I let my flames go, then sat back and watched the fire show. I was pleased with myself, taking down their biggest guy so easily. My celebration was short-lived, the big-guy emerged from the flames unharmed, like not even a burn, or like, scorch marks, nothing! "It's going to take a lot more than a little campfire to kill me!" The big guy boasted. "Hm fire-retard. Name suits you!" I mocked, chuckling to myself. Alex hovered beside me. He eyed Alex as if she were a national treasure. I lunged at him, he caught my punch and threw me up, then grabbed my tail and swung me around, downfall of having a tail, people always do that! He threw me and sent me cartwheeling down about twenty feet, as I got my balance back he kicked me square in the stomach, he didn't let me fly away this time he grabbed my hoodie and kept punching me as he flew toward land that had just come into view. I struggled but couldn't loosen his grip, he kept punching until we were over land, he dropped me and landed a couple metres in front of me. I got to my feet and pulled back my wings and tail so they wouldn't get in the way.

He ran for me, claws drawn, eyes fierce as if looking into my very soul! I snapped out my claws and went for his chest, he whacked my claws away and kneed me in the face, before I could react he had started pummelling me, he was delivering lightning fast punches. I was hurting all over and he wasn't stopping, I couldn't move or fight back, he was too fast. Your loooosinnng! I can't watch this! The demonic voice floated around my head. My vision then began to redden and the pain became distant, either I was dying or, 'it' was taking over! All of a sudden, the pain stopped. I opened my eyes, my vision completely reddened and I saw the big guy had stopped punching, I had caught both his arms, mid-punch. "My turn!" A voice came out of my mouth, it wasn't mine, it was the thing in my head's! I lost all control! All I could do was spectate! I watched as my body began mercilessly beating the big guy, I struck two punches to the head, stood on one arm then kicked him in the jaw. I jumped and lashed my tail at his head and he went flying a couple metres. I let loose a giant eruption of flames, the biggest amount of flames I'd ever used! I had used about five minutes worth of flame, I couldn't do anything, all I could do was watch myself incinerate the Eraser!

Alex, Angel, Max, Fang and Total had arrived about two minutes into me making roast wolf, Alex came over and put her hand on my shoulder, that allowed me to regain control over myself. As the flames cleared I saw the Eraser kneeling down looking beaten and worn, but not dead! Damn that guy doesn't know when to quit the voice echoed irritably around my head. "No shit!" I answered. I looked back at Angel and the others, they had shocked looks on their faces, like even more shocked faces! "Ari?" Max asked slowly walking toward the Eraser. "Wait what, who is he? What the hell?" I asked confused to all hell. Ari, or whatever his name was, looked up and just growled at Max, he extended his claws and attempted to spring to his feet, but didn't get far! The fire-shower left him wiped of all energy! He couldn't even stand, never mind fight! Finish him now! Before he rises once again! The voice growled. "I'm not killing him, yet!" I snapped back. Alex glanced over at me, looking confused and weirded-out. He lay on the ground crumpled on the ground. Angel's head snapped around looking straight at me, or behind me!

"Now would be a good time to step back!" A stocky man at the front of an armada of Erasers boasted, "Why is it that everywhere I go I am always haunted by this one guy!" I cursed to myself. As I eyed Jeb Batchelor, the bane of my existence! Keep your friends close but your enemies closer! The voice explained, "Oh so now you're a guidance counsellor?" I shouted at the voice, which was in my head, so I was shouting at myself. Jeb scowled at me, with the same confused expression as Alex. "Ok" he said slowly, "You kids would be wise to hand yourselves over now!" Jeb threatened, as two huge Erasers, no doubt captains like Ari. "Oh you fuckin' wish!" I shouted leaping into the air spreading my wings, taking flight. Alex and Angel immediately followed and we were flying over the Eraser's heads, the Erasers spread their wings and pursued us, luckily my flame had been kind and I'd already built up quite a bit in the ten minutes that I'd spent not roasting Ari! I let my flames go as I was in mid-flight so that they scorched any Erasers following directly behind me! I heard a couple screams of pain, I looked back to see a dozen Erasers plummet toward the earth clutching their burnt faces! I flew beside Alex who had dealt with her pursuers by diving beneath the waves with Angel, kind of self-explanatory of how the Erasers became 'lost at sea', Krelp! Just for those who didn't cop on! I looked back toward the island we'd flown from, the Erasers had stopped trying to follow us, but I couldn't see Fang or Max! Had they escaped? Had the been captured? Or killed?

Find out Chapter13 ;)

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