Maximum Ride:Griffin

My name is Griffin!

I was raised in a crate for my entire life. Brought up in a facility that experimented on children, I being one of them, have been injected with needles, cut open and basically put through hell! Thanks to these I have 'special features', I am a hybrid of Lion, Human and Raven! I have the wings of a Raven, claws and teeth of a lion and some added features.

My mission, hunt and kill Maximum Ride

But I have other things in mind!


11. Chapter11:Lost


Max's P.O.V

"Report!" I shouted throwing a block of debris off my thigh. "I'm good" called Iggy who was sitting on the wall that had been blown to pieces. "Here!" Fang mumbled from beneath a small boulder that was pressed against the wall. "Fang! Are you ok?!" I asked frantically trying to move the boulder of debris. "Yeah, I'm just stuck." He said trying to shrug off being flattened by a boulder. "Ig, help" I shouted over to him. We both grabbed the bottom of the boulder and tried moving it, "Fang try pushing!" "Sure! Wish I'd thought of that!" He snapped. We threw the rock to one side and Fang got up from behind it shaking off the dust and crap plastered to his clothes. "Max! I can't find Angel!" Gazzy screamed at me from behind. "What?! Angel?!" I shouted her name over and over, she didn't call back. "We've gotta go find her!" Nudge stated appearing from behind the outside wall. "Up and away guys!" I ordered, we snapped out our wings and flew out through the huge whole in the side of the house. We flew for about a half hour but couldn't reach the end of this never ending cloud prison. "What the hell is this?" Fang shouted angrily. "There's no fucking end!" He said, you could feel the rage coming out of his words! "Max?" Gazzy said, sounding extremely sad. "Yeah Gazzy?" I said soothingly. "Will we find Angel?" He said stifling sobs. "Yeah, of course!" I said, although sounding unconvincing even to myself.

"Max", "We've been flying for an hour now there's nothing here, just ash!" Nudge complained. "Achoo!" Total sneezed. "Sorry Ash doesn't go well with the nose!" Total announced. "Maybe we should make our way back to the house." I suggested. "Seems like the only thing we can do!" Iggy said. We flew back in a tight formation so that we were ready for anything that might come at us from the dense fog-like ash. "Eh, Max?" Gazzy said in a shaky voice. "What's up Gazzy?" I asked. "The house! It's been there beside is the whole time!" He said, I looked to my right and saw the destroyed house right there. I directed the flock to fly further through the cloud. We flew for five minutes, I looked back to my right again. It was still there, like it was following us.

"Guys in the house!" I ordered, they looked reluctant. "Now!" I ordered again, they all scrambled toward the house. We came to a smooth landing outside the house and climbed through the blown-up wall. "Maaaax?" I small voice called from the other room. "Angel?!" I sprinted through the door frame that was missing a door. I saw a small glimmer of light coming from Griffin and Fang's room. I opened it to be met by a pair of giant 20ft White wings etched onto a large lion like figure, "Max!" I heard Fang shout as he pulled me back from the room and threw me away from the door. Just as he threw me, the door became engulfed in flames. "FANG!!!" I screamed as I watched the place he was standing burn to ashes. I looked back to see the rest of TheFlock staring in horror. "No!" I screamed, rage filling my heart. The Lion thing burst through the door as the flames died down. I lunged at it grabbing a chunk of wood and smashed it over the beasts head. It reared back and threw it's huge paws at my head, I ducked hitting it's legs trying to knock it over. Gazzy jumped onto him and started using his, 'incapacitation technique', it just made the abomination angrier. Nudge and Iggy were throwing things that Nudge attracted using her, magnetic impulse.

*For those who haven't read Maximum Ride TheFlock have abilities like, Nudge can attract metal, Max can fly at light speed, Fang can camouflage with his surroundings, Gazzy has super farts that incapacitate others Iggy can feel colours and Angel can read minds, breathe under water, put thoughts in other people's minds and can also change her appearance.

So, there we were, fighting for our lives once again, normally we'd be faced with a part human part animal foe, like an Eraser, this time we were faced by a whole animal hybrid. And it wasn't going down. I picked up a metal beam off the floor, it most likely fell off the roof when the house exploded. I kept hitting and hitting, but it wouldn't go down. The beast had tried to slash us with it's giant claws but we'd been all over it and it couldn't seem to hit us, then he took a slash at me I pulled the in front of my face and the lion cut it into two pieces, as if slicing butter. I stepped back away from the lion and started towards the wall. I snapped out my wings and the others followed we hovered on the outside of the house. The lion flashed it's giant white wings and began hovering toward us. "AGGGHHHH" a shout came from inside the house as the lion was speared through the neck by half the metal pole I'd been using to defend myself. "I am not dying today!" Fang announced. "Fang!" Nudge, Gazzy, Iggy and Total flew over and pinned him to the wall, hugging him tightly. As soon as they filed off him I gave him a fierce hug as to say 'welcome back.'

I spun around as I heard the sound of a door opening, Gazzy, Iggy and Nudge leaped into the air and hovered in a triangle like formation, Gazzy on the right, Nudge on the left and Iggy in the middle. "Griffin?" I asked, I watched Griffin emerge from the door frame into my former room. His eyes were blank, this usually red eyes had no pigment in them. He had his claws drawn, they were bloodstained. He looked up at Iggy, Gazzy and Nudge, he looked terrified. All of a sudden he lunged at Iggy and let loose a stream of immense flames that disintegrated Iggy. "No!!" I screamed as I watched Iggy's ashes swirl around in a circle of burning embers. Griffin started hovering, beating his four wings, two at a time. He towered over us and we were glued to the spot, literally I was unable to move. Nudge was crying and Griffin looked at her as if she was scaring him. Griffin lunged towards her and sank all his claws into her chest. He flew backward and incinerated what was left of her as she joined Iggy as a swirling cloud of Ash. I sank down to my knees choking back the sobs, my family was dying, and I couldn't do anything to stop it. Gazzy took a lunge at Griffin, but immediately collapsed to the ground like a rock as something landed on him, Alex! I watched as Alex snapped out her claws and slashed off Gazzy's little head. I lost it, I couldn't go on. My Flock was dying, my family. I'd just lost my babies.

As I watched Gazzy die I regained my ability to move, Griffin fell to the ground clutching his head, what was wrong with him? Why did he kill my Flock? I was going to kill him! I picked up the steel bar and Fang picked up the other half. My only remainder of TheFlock was me Total and Fang. Just as I went to strike Griffin through the heart with the sharp pole an a huge figure charged through us. Knocking Fang and I back twenty feet. The giant figure pulled out a giant sword began attacking Alex. Griffin recovered and was shaking off his wings and lunged into flight, his claws drawn. He pulled in his wings and landed on the giant man's shoulders Fang and I grabbed his arms and flew him up away from the battle. We flew straight forward and then we let go. I swung him around by his tail and threw him towards the ground, knowing he'd be unable to recover, or survive.

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