Maximum Ride:Griffin

My name is Griffin!

I was raised in a crate for my entire life. Brought up in a facility that experimented on children, I being one of them, have been injected with needles, cut open and basically put through hell! Thanks to these I have 'special features', I am a hybrid of Lion, Human and Raven! I have the wings of a Raven, claws and teeth of a lion and some added features.

My mission, hunt and kill Maximum Ride

But I have other things in mind!


10. Chapter10:Flaws

WE FLEW, and we flew, and then we flew some more. We kept flying until we reached anything that wasn't ocean. We flew for about an hour until we saw a small village off in the distance, I was guessing we were somewhere off the coast of Trinidad maybe? I didn't know much, but I knew where the states were. Dunno why, just knew.

We landed a couple hundred metres away from the village just so our 'features' wouldn't scare the locals. "Alex?" I asked, "Yeah?" "Have you ever actually spoken to a human without wanting to rip their head off?" I asked. "Yes, because Griffin, unlike you I am not a blood-hungry beast!" She answered. "Harsh" I giggled. We reached the village in ten minutes. We were met by a small, yet stocky man, he had a beard and was bald. "Ahhhh friends!" He shouted in a Western European sounding accent, "Welcome to our humble village, I am Kevin!" He said Kevin a but like Kyevine. "Why thank you Kevin." Alex said. "But I am sorry there's no one allowed in the village, there have been rumours of terrorists, the mountain in the distance of a couple miles blew up, we heard it on the radio!" He said. As he spoke my vision became blurry and reddened, not good!

"Come on man, were fifteen!" Alex said. "No I cannot allow anyone enter. By this time I was staring intently at the man, my vision had gone pure red and I was holding back the urge to gut him. The man noticed me staring at him like I hadn't eaten in forever and he looked like a tasty snack, my exact thoughts. "Eh, your friend" he said pointing a shaking finger at me, "Griffin! Don't!" Too late, I lunged at him and pinned him to the wall, extended my fangs ready to feast down on a well needed snack. "Griffin!" Alex shouted wrapping her tail around my neck just as I was about to chow down. She sprang to the air and snapped out her velvety wings, that to me just looked like chicken. She dragged me along, attempting to snap me out of the bloodlust with blunt force trauma. My bloodlust happened a lot, it made me faster, stronger and allowed me an unlimited supply of flame. Not gonna lie, I love bloodlust! But I couldn't control myself and regularly killed everything in sight that was human. Strangely I never went after TheFlock or Alex. "Griffin snap out of your shit already will ya?" Alex said pummelling me against the ground again and again. She seemed to be enjoying it the first couple of times, now she just looked bored of it. The man I'd pinned to the wall stared at us in awe and horror. "You ready to play nice yet?" Alex asked me, her voice sounded distant, probably because of the amount of times she'd picked me up with her tail and threw me to the ground and picked me up mid-air again and repeated, she whipped me up into her arms and she caught me by my arms handling me like a scare-crow. "Griffin?" She asked, staring intently into my eyes. She dropped me to the ground where I lay, disorientated and with a huge pain in my head. "We've got to find a better way to deal with that" I complained getting off the ground clumsily. "Yeah, don't do it!" She said, hands on her hips. A siren went off about twenty metres away, it was an air-raid siren, most likely the stocky Western European. "Let's go!" I said snapping out my wings and flying away, Alex close behind.

We flew for another half hour or so, we decided west was best, after a fifteen minute long debate. "What do you think happened to TheFlock?" I asked worrying about if they'd been captured. "I saw Angel when you went under, back at the cliff-side." She said solemnly. "Where!? Where was she?" I asked, "she dove in trying to save you. She didn't come back out" she said looking straight ahead. "Well, we have to go back!" I stated. "Like, they could still be there!" I explained, angling my left wings down so I could change direction. "Even if they are alive," Alex started. "Those things are still swarming that place, there's no way they would still be there!" She said hovering in place refusing to move. "Well we don't know where else they could be, so there is a hell of a place to start!" I said, "I don't care if I have to fight my way through a thousand of those things to get to them! We're getting TheFlock back!" I shouted. Heroic I know. Alex just hovered in place silent, her four beautiful black wings batting away the air around her. I glided toward her and put my hand on. Her shoulder reassuringly. "Come on Alex. I need you." I admitted. "Ok." She gave in. Then we flew side by side back to the cliff we'd barely escaped from, our wings brushing against each other, our tails around each other's.

After a little while travelling south we reached the lingering ash cloud that still had not disappeared, creepy. It appeared to have become denser, even with my raptor vision I couldn't see farther than two feet in front of me. Alex's grip on my tail tightened as we got farther in. We stopped flying so that we didn't make as much noise, in case there was something lurking in the cloud. Our tails still wrapped around each other, I felt fear creeping around me from all sides, I tried not to show it. Thankfully I could feel my scorching throat which made me feel a lot safer. "Welllllcoome baaaaack!" The raspy voice from before boomed around in my head. I feel to the ground and clutched my head in pain. "You shouldn't have returned!" It said. "You're not getting out this time!" I said getting louder. "You shall be devoured!" It said in a truly sinister voice, if Satan could speak that's what he'd sound like! I looked up to see Alex with her hands on my shoulders worry in her eyes. She seemed terrified. I felt my eyes burning and my vision began to redden, here we go again.

Alex's P.O.V

"Griffin! Come in Griffin!" I said soothingly, "Snap out of it!" I shouted. He was in the ground moaning in pain, clutching his head, he looked up at me, then I saw it, in his eyes there was something else there. A reflection! A face of a different person. Something was inside his head, fighting for control. Then, the Griffin I knew vanished, his eyes went pure red, his pupils became slim and long, like a shark who has the scent for blood! I stepped back to give him some breathing room, the bloodlust had set in. I never feared his bloodlust, he never attacked me or TheFlock, now was different. Griffin snapped out his wings and claws, he lunged for me, I dodged out of the way just in time, only to receive a small scrape on the side of my arm. "Griffin! What the hell?" I screamed at him. "Grrrriffffiin's not heeeerrreee anymorrrrreee" he said it in a sick twisted voice, I extended my claws ready to defend unwilling to fight, because how could you fight the only person you loved?

Griffin lunged at me once again his claws aiming straight at my chest, I smacked his claws away with mine and batted him away with my tail. He went flying back a couple feet, he then looked at his tail and moved it around a bit, as if just realising he had it. "Griffin, what's wrong with you?" I shouted hopeful I could get through to him. "Grrrriiiifffinn is NO MORE!!!" He shouted as he lunged once again, I dodged out of the way, he was horizontal in mid-air so I elbowed him in between his wings. He cried out as he clutched his back in pain. He got up and walked backward, into the ever so dense ash cloud. I ran after him but he disappeared from sight, he was gone!

I burst out from the ash cloud looking for, what was left of, Griffin. I circled the cloud several times hoping he'd show up, no such luck. "Alex!" Shrieked an excited little voice from behind me. "Angel!" I said looking behind, it was Angel, she was soaked from trying to save Griffin hours ago, why wasn't she dry yet, was she down their all that time? I asked myself. "I was attacked by some M-Geeks Griffin escaped from!" She explained as if reading my mind. "But, I called Gor and I was fine!" She smiled chirpily. "Gor?" I asked in confusion, "he's my sea-monster friend!" She explained. "Oh!" I said, shocked. "Alex?" She asked with a soft, worried voice. "Yeah?" "Where's Griffin?" She asked slowly. I looked down at the giant cloud of ash that seemed to go on forever. "No!" She whined. Angel then went speeding towards the cloud. "Angel come back!" I shouted speeding after her.

We burst through the Ash layer and Angel disappeared from my view, "Angel?!" I shouted looking the dense cloud of ash. 'To your right' Angel's voice swirled softly around in my head. I looked right and saw a little white glimmer from Angel's wings. I followed her through the smoke, that's when we found him. 'DOWN!' Angel's voice blasted urgently through my head. I immediately dropped to the ground, as a huge stream of fire plumed over my head. When the flames stopped Angel sprang up and ran towards Griffin, "Angel! Don't!" I screamed. Griffin's huge black and slightly silver wings towered over Angel, he looked like a demon sent from hell come to devour souls, flames poured from his mouth lighting embers beneath his feet. Angel stood in front of him with her palm pointed at him. I ran over to try and throw Angel out of the way, when Griffin stopped in his tracks! He looked mesmerised by Angel, he stared at her hand like it was some almighty power! Then he dropped.

'Griffin, you're ok now.' A soft voice bobbled around my head. I woke up in the mass ash cloud, Angel and Alex stood in front of me. Alex had a gash across her arm and looked full of fear and her eyes were red, well redder than usual, like she'd just been crying, it could've been the ash though! We'll never know. "Griffin?" Alex asked, her voice shaky. "No, Bill-fuckin'-Clinton." I joked, my voice sounded weak. Alex picked me up and hugged me tight, crushing my lungs. She held me there for a five minutes as she sobbed a little. I closed my eyes and hugged back. What the hell had just happened? I thought to myself. When Alex let go her tail was wrapped around mine, tight, really tight,like she never wanted to let go, tight. "Angel!" I said once Alex let me go from the hug. "Where's Max and the others?" I asked frantically. "They're here-" "That's awesome! Where are they?" I butted in impatiently. "-But, they're not!" She finished. "What?" Alex said. "I can feel them, they're here but, they, aren't." Angel explained, her voice stifling sadness.

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