Forgetting Myself

When Danny woke up to the bright shining lights, he couldn't remember where he was. All he knew was the numbers 8721 but what do they mean? and who are the men in hood in his nightmares.


1. Chapter One

"Number 8721." a thrilling voice shouts loudly, causing Danny to wake up from his nightmare.

The bright luminous lights welcome him, he repeatedly blinks his eyes, as he looks around at the grey walls facing him. 

"The patient is awake." a female voice exclaimed.

Suddenly, a male with greasy brown hair, looms over his face. His breath stank, and honestly Danny felt like he could use a breath mint. The doctor, waves his hand over Danny's eyes.

"Hello. My name is Mr. Pitchfork. I am a doctor here at Counters Hill. What is your name?" the doctor says slowly, like he thought that Danny didn't understand.

Danny was going to say his name, when a tingly feeling inside of him, told him not to trust these people. He tried to remember what he was doing here, but he couldn't remember anything. Why couldn't he remember anything?

"Why can't I remember anything?" Danny gasped anxiously, biting his lip.

"It's quite common for patients in car accidents." the doctor replied.

"Accident!" Danny exclaimed, feeling confused.

"You were in an accident, and yes before you ask you were alone. We do not have any identities to identify you." Mr. Pitchfork.

Danny closes his eyes, trying to remember anything. Anything about him. Number 8721. But what did that mean, he wondered. He remembers a nightmare he had, of men in black hood walking towards them, screaming at them. But, what could that mean? Danny wanted to ask anybody about him, but he felt like if he told anybody. They would lock him up away. Danny hated heights. That was something Danny could remember, but anything else. Blank. Like a piece of white slate, it was like his mind had been brainwashed. 

"Number 8721!" a voice inside of him shouted, making him gasp.

Suddenly sheets of blankness threaten to suffocate him, Danny gasps for air, feeling like his lungs were on fire.

"The patient is collapsing." the doctor says loudly.

Danny sees an injection being injected on his wrist. How funny, Danny thought. That the injection had number 8721 on it, Danny thought. Before his world turned black.

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