Love is real

Braedan Marie Landon was an ordinary 17 year old. But all of that changed when she met Grayson Rowell. He was anything but ordinary. Grayson was diagnosed with Stage 4 Brain Cancer. But that didn't stop Braedan from loving him.


2. Excuse me miss...


"How was the movie that you saw last night?"

"Ugh, it was stupid and predictable.."

"Braedan you think every love story is predictable. Just wait until you fall in'll be magical."

"What you mean like you and Jaycob's story? It's pathetic Malia and it's lame."

"Why don't you love love?"

"I didnt say I didn't love it, I just don't believe in it"

"Well if that's what you want...."

The bell rings

"See you later malia."

"Okay by Brae"

As I was walking to my car I see our high school football team run by. But there was someone who I've never seen before in the back of the line. He was bigger, taller, and different.

"Excuse me miss. But can you tell me where the locker room is?"

His eyes were dark grey and green, his hair was messy and dirty brown with a streak of blonde highlight, and his voice was deep but cracky.

"Um past the junior lot and down the alley to the left."

He smiled and left.

I didn't think he was cute nor did I had any part in me that was attracted to him. But I felt some type of way about him.

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