Love is real

Braedan Marie Landon was an ordinary 17 year old. But all of that changed when she met Grayson Rowell. He was anything but ordinary. Grayson was diagnosed with Stage 4 Brain Cancer. But that didn't stop Braedan from loving him.


3. Braedan is your name

"Alright girls good practice but Malia you seemed unfocused, whatever it is you need to get it together."

Malia seemed mad.

"Don't forget that tonight we scrimmage the faculty during halftime at the football game. Oh and Ashton I suggest tht this time you not forget your soccer all. You're gonna need it for real tonight.

Angela was the head on Regina George of Hazelwood Highschool and defiantly didn't have a sincere side.

Tonight was the first football game of the season and since we're the class of 2014 we get to scrimmage the faculty tonight during halftime. I wonder if that guy was gonna be there.

My phone buzzed. I looked at it.

*New message from-Unknown*

Hey, it this that girl from earlier?


That girl?

*New message from-unknown*

The beautiful mysterious girl who showed me where the locker room was.


Oh well yeah but "this girl" has a name mr unknown

*New message from-Mr unknown*

How do I find out your name if you won't tell me?😉


Guess we'll never know huh?

I shut my phone off and smiled. I had a tingling feeling in the pit of my gut. Like the that I really wanted him to text back but it be with the reply of my name. But boys like that don't exist in the world. Only in the movies.


I could tell that he was #53 just by the way he walked. And also when he shouted "down set hike" before each play.

"Alright girls we have 4 mins until halftime so go dribble in a line."

The halftime bell went off and the football team ran by to the locker room.

"Braedan Marie Landon"

I reply with a confused look on my face

"That's your name isn't it?"

"Oh, you figured it out. How?"

"It took 4 hours and 32 of your friends, 100 tweets, and 52 Facebook posts to figure out your first name and don't even get me started on your last name."

I smiled and bit my lip.

"Rowell locker room now!!!"

"Meet me at Red robin after the game. The whole team is going and I want you to come and accompany me."

I nodded and he smirked and ran off.

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