She don't like the lights

Hi my name is Ariana, I'm working on Starbucks and is 20 years old. I live in Los Angeles in a beautiful kinda big house and my best friend is Clara Jensen she'd move from Denmark to the USA so my life is just as I want it to be.


7. shall I leave?

Ariana's P.O.V

(a month later)

I look around to see if I'd pack it all down, I nod satisfied and go down stairs and out my car with the last boxes.

I look at my phone to see if Justin did maybe text me or he just don't care about me a sadness grows on my face as I see that he just doesn't care I lock my phone again and puts it down as I start the car and drives "goodbye house.. goodbye L.A" I say quietly  to myself.

I drive past Justin's house, maybe I should stop by and just say goodbye then he can't say I don't care I turn around the car and drives back to Justin's house and parks in front of it. I walk up to it and knocks on the door, Justin opens it only in his boxers "oh Ariana uh hi" He says rubbing his neck "hey Jus I just wanted to say-" I say but stops when I see Selena behind him only wearing a T-shirt of Justin's "u you know what forget it goodbye Justin" I say as Justin looks behind him "hi Ariana" Selena says innocently Justin whispers something to Selena and she hugs me then walks into another room "Ariana do you really mean you want to do this? what about you friends they are here and your family-" "Justin my family is dead! thanks for remanding me!" I shout at him "well what about me?? I can't forget what we had" I close my eyes he is right, why do I do this? "Justin I have to go the plain ticket is ordered.. sorry" I say as I walk back to my car and drives to the airport while I try to think positive but all I can think about is Justin and what Selena was doing with him. maybe its better like this.


Justin's P.O.V

I watch Ariana walk back to her car and drives, she drives out of my life.. Forever.

I can't let her go without even show her I'll fight for her I'm about to go out of the door when I remember that I'm only wearing my boxers, I run into my bedroom getting on some cloths and goes downstairs "Sel I'mma go now see ya another day!" I shout from the entrée and runs out to my car and drives to the airport "please god don't let her get away from me" I say quietly to myself.

I've been driving in 20 minutes when I come to the airport, I parks the car locks it and runs inside of the airport I look for Ariana but she's probably at the check in place, I run as fast as I can well I have to stop some time cause some fans want an autograph I see her as she goes out of the door where the plains is "Ari wait" I say when I reaches her half out of the door, she turns around facing me "Justin?" she says I take her hands in mine "I'm sorry for everything I've ever done It was never my intention to hurt you.. I love you" I say she looks around us where people have made a circle around us as they look at us "Justin people are looking" she says with a shy look on her face "perfect.." I say and places my lips on hers, the people around us aww's but then walks away from us "come on.. I'm calling Adam and tells him I'm staying here" Ariana says as she takes my hand and walks in the direction of the way out of the airport "Biebs? Hey what are you doing here?" And I can clearly recognize the voice. I turn around to see Miley one of my really good friends in a long time "hey Cyrus, how are ya" I say as I hug her "I'm good yo- hey Ariana" she says as she hugs Ariana "hey Miley" Ariana laughs as she hugs back "what are you two doing here?" Miley asks Ariana and I looks at each other and smiles "I should just prove something.." I say smiling that I now can stop thinking of what I would've if I didn't had Ariana.


(A year later)


I'm on tour with the crew, but Ariana wouldn't come along because she had her work. She has been to many auditions on movies and stuff and finally she got a film role, and started filming for about a month ago. She sounded so happy then she told me in the phone and I'm happy for her cause its her dream that just came true.

I bumps down from my couch by someone pushing me. Ryan. I look at him like *I'll get my revenge* he sees it, "yeah sure Biebs I'm so scared" he says as he makes a fake scared face "yeah you should be.." I mumble so he doesn't hear anything. Scooter comes in from the door in the hotel "Justin I'm sorry you can't go to McDonalds the place is surrounded by fans" he says. I walk to a table where someone left some paper and a pen, I take it and writes *GO TO MCDONALDS AND GET ME A CHEESEBURGER* I look at it then presses it against the window. All the fans screams, its just amazing to listen to. They ARE amazing. 

I jumps down from the window and turns around with the sign in my hands "Justin bro I don't think they are gonna do that" Alfredo says as he walks in and sees my sign "wanna bet?" I say knowing they probably will. fredo reaches out his hand "yes if I win, which I will.. you are gonna do something I say for a whole week.." he says "and WHEN I win you have to be my slave" I say with a satisfied smile, he nods in agreement.

We wait for something to happened, but it takes loong time "you see nothing hap-" Fredo says when her gets interrupted of really LOUD screaming girls, I open the window and like 20 burgers if not more gets thrown up to me "THANK YOU I'M STARVING UP HERE! LOVE YOU MY LOVELY BEAUTIFUL BELIEBERS AND HERE IS SOMETHING FOR YOU" I shout and I takes my guitar and starts to sing 'One less lonely girl' "let me inside your world theres gonna be one less lonely Belieber..." I finish they deserve so much, but this is all I can give them so I just try to give them as much of this kinda stuff I can. 


"Uhh girlfriend alert!" Fredo laughs "shut up Fredo" I say before I answer.



(J=Justin, A=Ariana)

J"Hey Beautiful"

A"haha Jus you can't see me" 

J"yeah I know but I still know that you are beautiful"

A"aww Jus you're so sweet, how is it?"

J"its fine, just got some cheeseburgers from my beliebers so a normal day"

A"haha wow cool, I miss you"

J"I miss you too, what have you been doing?"

A"uh been on the set the most of the time and s yesterday I were shopping with Pattie"

J"my mom? how nice, how was she"

A"she thought it was weird not to have you just some miles away"

J"I miss her too you know what?"

A" no?"

J"I love you" 

A"Jus I know that! I love you too"

J"Fredo don't eat all of MY burgers!"

A"Jus I think I should call another time, say Hi from me"

J"ok, I will see you in some weeks" 

A"yes I'll look forward to it see you, I love you"

J" I love you too Baby"

I hang up and takes the burger Fredo is about to eat out of his hand "its my burgers they actually brought them for me" I say trying to be serious but if you could see Fredo in the face right now, you would break down laughing. Scooter fakes a cough, and we pays attention to him "so Justin we have noticed you'd been a bit down those last days, so we thought we wanted to surprise you with.. well go for yourself and look right there" Scooter says as he points at the door. I think for a moment "uh okay?" I say as I walk to the door and opens it "hi Jus, did you miss me?" the most beautiful girl asks with the most lovable smile. Ariana. I smile the biggest I can and hugs her while spinning around "yeah how did you- Scooter uh wait.. what?!" I say confused Ariana and Scooter laughs while the others is just as confused as me "haha Ariana your boyfriend is confused" Fredo says laughing, bet he just figured out how they did it "Jus don't be confused lets just focus on this whole month together" Ariana says as I kisses her. I really missed her and her kisses and just looking into her beautiful hazel eyes and just everything about her.

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