She don't like the lights

Hi my name is Ariana, I'm working on Starbucks and is 20 years old. I live in Los Angeles in a beautiful kinda big house and my best friend is Clara Jensen she'd move from Denmark to the USA so my life is just as I want it to be.


9. new

Ariana's P.O.V

Pattie and I decided that we'd make some breakfast for the guys. Justin is for sure gonna need that cause I finally got him to just spend a little time with Greg. I walk to the omelet that Pattie  sat over for about 5 minutes ago "how do you think it will be today, with Justin and Greg?" Pattie asks I smile at her as I put the omelet on the table "I think it'll be great for them you know just to get to know each other" I say as I put fire to some candlelight's on the table "I hope you're right" Pattie says putting some squash into the four glasses on the table "common we gotta wake them up, I take the hardest you take Greg" I say giggling a bit Justin really is hard to get up, but I know a trick to get him up fast.

I walk into Justin and mines bedroom, aww there he is sleeping so peacefully.. well we can't have him sleep all day "Justy you have to get up!" I whisper into his ear but with no responds "well if thats how it have to be then..." I say as I walk out on the bathroom taking one of the cups, fills water in it and walks back to Justin who is still sleeping "Justin get up 1 2 3 NOW!" I shout but with still no responds. I walk over to him with the cup over his head and turns around to cup so it has the bottom up. The water falls down on Justin's head as a waterfall. lets just say he gets FAST up and as he looks up at me I just waves insecure about what he will do now "hey Justin sleepped well?" I ask giggling "Ari you're so done" Justin says taking the cup out of my hand and lifts me up on his shoulder and runs out and downstairs "Justin where are we going?!" I shout as I hear Patties voice "Justin put her down" she says and Justin turns around and puts me down. I takes his hand and walks him into the kitchen "come on" I say. 


Pattie and I are cleaning up after the breakfast and Justin and Greg are in the garage cause Greg wanted to see Justin's cars "HOW FUCKING DARE YOU!" Justin's voice suddenly spats Pattie and I just looks at each other. Justin walks with long angry steps passed us and upstairs " should i go up to see what happened?" I  ask but Pattie stops me "no just let him cool off" she says, I nod and we finish washing the dishes.

I walk upstairs cause Justin is still there and he hadn't been down saying sorry to Greg or told why he is mad. I see Justin with his guitar playing a sad melody, he looks up and when he sees me he puts his guitar down and gives me a sign for me to sit down beside him. so I sit down and hugs him "Justin what happened out there?" I ask Justin rubs his neck "Greg told me he wanted to purpose to my mom.. and thats why I got mad" He says as he gets up "Justin wait! PLEA-" I say "no he's not gonna marry my mother! Bye Ariana, Kenny will drive me to the airport" Justin says I takes a knife from the night table and I feel it hit into my stomach it hurts just as much as Justin leaving me. Pain goes through my stomach, and I fall down on my knees. Justin fast gets over to me and holds me standing "whats happening?" Pattie ask when she sees me and Justin on the floor, she fast gets over to me "Mom please call an ambulance" Justin says I think he cries but I'm not sure, all I concentrates about is not to scream of pain "where does it hurt?" Pattie asks "m-m-my s-s-stomach" I stutter of pain. Justin keeps saying the same word over and over again, I just can't hear what it is. I blinks and suddenly its not Justin who looks at me while talking but a guy I've never seen before "you're in the ambulance now, can you hear me?" he says I just can't answer because of the pain I'd cause myself.

(At the hospital)

People won't stop talking to me, people I have no idea who is. The best that could happen now is if Justin came but I guess Kenny already did get him and Justin is now on a flight "wait I'm her boyfriend, and I want to be with her  the whole time" what is that, who is it. I can hear a lot of people auguring, thats when I recognizes the voice its Justin. He didn't left me "Justin?..." I say not caring about how it hurts where I stuck myself with the knife. Soon enough I see Justin's face over mine "I love you, you're gonna be ok just keep alive! I know you can do this you're strong" Justin says but I don't know why. What are they going to do to me? and why does this making me feel like I should just ignore the pain and run for my life?

(4 hours later)

I hear Justin's voice and then I feel some warm hands grabbing mine. I open up my eyes and sees Justin's smile "I will never leave you baby" he says ohh that boy! he can always make me smile even at the worst times.

"Just promise me thar you never do something like that ever again!?" Justin says with a worried voice, I nod as I sit up but it hurts to much so I give up.

"I promise.." I say and smiles.

Everything is good as long as I'm with Justin. I never want a life without him, never.

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