She don't like the lights

Hi my name is Ariana, I'm working on Starbucks and is 20 years old. I live in Los Angeles in a beautiful kinda big house and my best friend is Clara Jensen she'd move from Denmark to the USA so my life is just as I want it to be.


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Ariana's P.O.V

Justin and me are laying in the couch in Justin's  living uroom. I sit on Justin's lap as I play with his hair as he plays some video game "do you wanna learn how to play?" Justin asks as he pause the game "uh? ok if you can learn me I'm quit a looser at those things" I say as I takes the controller he reaches me "I know I can baby" he says and kisses my nose.


"YES I won Justin! I won over you!" I say with the same reaction Justin haves when he wins a game over Ryan or Chaz. witch means I jump around in the couch an shouts "I WOOON" I jump down from the couch and runs around the room like I've seen Justin do. I feel some hands around my waist as the ground disappears under my feet, Justin. I try to wriggle myself out of his grab but he lays me down on the couch "Justin you are a bad looser" I say giggling.


Justin smiles at me "and you are a bad winner.." he says as he kisses me then gets up to open the door. I get up myself as I hear Justin's laugh so I go out to check who it is, Pattie. I walk over to them "hi Pattie" I say as I see the man behind her who I've never met, maybe its Justin's dad? No it can't be he told me his parents weren't together. Justin wraps his arm around my waist "Ariana you haven't Justin's stepfather so we thought we'd stop by" Pattie says smiling, I smiles back "great nice to finally meet you I'm Ariana" I say as I shake his hand "nice to meet you to I'm Greg" he says with a very deeb voice. I look at Justin and I can tell he doesn't like Greg that much "well if that was all we were actually kinda busy" Justin says ok maybe Justin does not like Greg at all "actually Justin we would hear if we could live here for just a couple days because our house is getting repaired and then we can also spent more time together as a family" Patties says "ok you can live here BUT he will never be my family, NEVER" Justin says and then he leaves, ok no doubt Justin hates Greg. I just stand there smiling "do you have some stuff I can help you get inside?" I ask nicely to break the awkward silence "no its fine you two can just go in I'll take it" Greg says as he kisses Pattie on the cheek. Pattie and I are going into the living room "why did Justin get so mad about you and Greg staying here? I mean I know he will do anything for you.. but I don't think he is too crazy about having Greg as his stepdad" I say Pattie looks serious at me "no he doesn't like Greg, even that Greg have done everything for Justin to just think he is ok but without luck.. I actually coincided to break up with Greg cause if Justin my own son doesn't like my new guy its not worth it" Pattie explains I put my hands on her shoulders "Pattie don't break up with Greg, Justin will just have to accept that you found love again after his dad" I say and hug her. Pattie and I have always been close, she's like a mom/friend to me. Pattie nods I get up and walks into Justin and mine's bedroom "Justin are you ok?" I ask as I sit down beside him on the floor, with his head between his knees "no why does that IDIOT HAVE TO FUCKING LIVE IN MY DAMN HOUSE!" Justin shouts as he fast get up and walks to the door and throws his hand against it. I get really shocked I didn't knew Justin could be like that "Jus its ok, think about its Just a couple days" I say as I walks over to him and hugs him from behind. I falls on the ground as Justin pushes me "ouch.." I say as I takes my hand to my head, where I just got thrown down with my head onto the ground. Justin fast gets down to me "I'm so sorry baby.. I didn't mean to" he says as a tear falls down from his eye "its not ok but I forgive you cause I know you will never do it again cause you're not that type.." I say and gets up.

We walk into the living room where Pattie and Greg sits on the couch, kissing. Ok serious thats just grows. I mean they are old or older you know what I mean. People on their age shouldn't be kissing like that NO.

Justin walks over to them and rudely sits down between them as he turns on the T.V "so Justin I thought maybe you wanted to go out fishing or doing something together?" Greg asks wow he really wants a bond between him and Justin "No I have to do everything else than that" Justin says rudely without even looking at him. I sit down next to Greg "baby you don't have to sit there all alone come over here" Justin says as he makes room for me to sit next to Pattie and himself "uh no Justin its fine, will you please help me with something in the kitchen?" I say as I gets up, takes Justin wrist and pulls him with me into the kitchen "what is it?" Justin asks and I can tell I doesn't know why I actually pulled him out here "why did you say that?" I say crossing my arms over my chest "what?" Justin says as he sits on the kitchen table "he was trying to be nice to you and all you do is being rude and mad at him all the time!" I whisper loudly "well if he wants me to like him he have to wait in MANY years!" Justin says as he get down and walks with angry steps to the entree "Justin where are you going?" I say grabbing his arm to make him stop walking "some place where there is NO Greg to crash my family and get my girl against me!" Justin spat at me and with that he smacks the door and leaves. 

Pattie comes running out to see me with my tears running down my checks. She runs to me and hugs me "what happened? where is Justin?" she asks looking at me with caring eyes "he said that he went some place with no Greg... to crash his family and get me against him.." I say as I start to cry even more. Pattie looks at the door into the living room and I realize Greg has head it all "Ariana and Pattie I'm going to find Justin and get him back here" Greg says as he get outside to, Pattie and I just looks at each other confused.


Justin's P.O.V

I smack the door and walks. I don't know where to but that doesn't matter, I just have to get away from Greg. I just hate him with every little piece of my heart, dunno why I just can't take him. 

And as you think of the sun it shines.... I turn around to see a *really scary Greg* (feel the sarcasm) "Justin you know what? Its fine that you don't like me, but I thought you were nice to you girlfriend guess what she is doing right now!" Greg shouts, OK he is not my dad! My dad is in Canada and Greg is just an idiot who accidentally is dating my mom, and that does NOT makes him my dad so he can't tell me what to do! wait did he just mention Ariana "what is it with Ariana?!" I say trying not to show Greg how worried I am "well you made her cry when you shouted at her and left" Greg says going back to MY house. I don't even want to go inside because of him, how can Ariana just defend him and how can my mom be with such an idiot? Its all just fucked up.

*At 20:00*

I sit outside my house on my cars top. When I hear Ariana's innocent voice call my name. I turn my head in the direction her voice comes from "Justin why aren't you coming in? its cold out here" she says as she tries to get up to me. I jump down and holds her hands "cause I just couldn't when I was as I was in that moment" I say, she looks at me understanding "why do you hate Greg so much?" Ariana asks confused, well I understand her confusing and now you may understand why I didn't wanted her to meet Greg at first. cause she wouldn't understand "I don't know I guess I just don't like him dating my mom.. gosh i hate that word!" I say as I puts my hand onto my head. Ariana laughs and pulls me with her inside "wait isn't my mom really mad at me?" I ask raising my eyebrows "yeah she was but she'd shake that off by yelling at you before you even came back" Ariana says laughing, I just roll my eyes at her and walks inside.

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