She don't like the lights

Hi my name is Ariana, I'm working on Starbucks and is 20 years old. I live in Los Angeles in a beautiful kinda big house and my best friend is Clara Jensen she'd move from Denmark to the USA so my life is just as I want it to be.


6. NEW

Ariana's P.O.V

It's friday and its today Justin and me are going to the EMA together. Justin have been here all the time since Niall left and I feel safe with him around s maybe I'm gonna be his girlfriend again, no one knows.

I go into my room and finds my new dress, I brought some days ago with Pattie, it was kind of a 'only girls' day and it was nice just as 2 years ago and Pattie told that she'd miss me, I also miss her just talking to her about how weird and lovable Justin is. 

(at 19:35)

Oh gosh I run upstairs getting into my dress, its and black dress with one white strop and with some pearls on the chest and down to the stomach. I turn on my curler and puts on some powder and some red lipstick.

When I'd curled my hair, go downstairs to get on my black favorite stilettos on and wait for the clock to turn eight.

I sit on the stair when it knocks I get up and opens the door, its Justin "Hey you look beautiful" Justin says kissing my hand like I'm a princess "hey you look handsome" I say hugging him I lock my door and Justin walks me to his car and opens the door, I get in as does Justin (Justin in the driver seat), Justin starts the car and drives. "why did you said yes if Niall just broke up with you?" Justin asks, I can feel that he is mad at himself for breaking it between me and Niall. start to smile "I have to get over it.. and I never told him I loved him anyway so" I say kissing Justin on the cheek as he parks the car "come on we gotta get into the van" Justin says as he gets out, walking to my side to open the door "thanks" I say as we walk to a black van that is parked only some steps away from where Justin parked his car, Justin helps me into the car and I sit down beside him and Kenny drives.


(At the EMA)


Kenny gets out and opens the door for us and everyone starts to scream, Justin runs to his fans taking pics with them and giving autographs, and there is a sign where on theres wrote "WE <3 YOU JUSTIN" Justin takes my hand and walks me with him as I find out I didn't walked with I just stared at m´him. we walk till we reach an reporter "heey Justin!" they says as me and Justin walks to them "hey man!" Justin says I just look at him not knowing who he is "is that your date? She's beautiful" the reporter asks Justin looks at me probably not knowing what to say "yes I am, I mean me and Niall found out it just shouldn't be us, so me and Justin tries again" I say smiling and Justin smiles his lovely smile that can get every girl to fall in love in a sec.

We walk inside and luckily we doesn't meet Niall, it'd be so awkward. We find out places and Pattie is already there I sit next to her and Justin sits next to me on the last seat, cause he is probably going up on the stage to get some awards "hey kids" Pattie says as she hugs me and Justin "hey Pattie" I say but Justin isn't answering he just looks nervously on the stage "are you nervous Justin?" I ask "me *PFF*! No" He says laying weight on the *PFF* sound, I hugs him sideways "Justin they will love it" Pattie says as she looks secretive at me when she says 'they' but I just act like I didn't saw anything cause he's just going on stage performing and then going back here.

Justin kisses me then going up on the stage, to start the show, he walks up to the grand piano and starts playing the melody to One love (just pretend its not released yet) 




Justin is walking up on the stage to get his third award in successive, Pattie and me are clapping every time they say his name. we sit down to hear Justin's speech, when I see Selena and Taylor is sitting in front of us, Taylor is just looking at me like 'you stole my BFF's BF watch out' and Selena just smiles at me, I of douse smiles back even when it is kinda awkward "he's talking about you" Pattie whispers I again looks at Justin "and I also wanna thank a special girl.. she is here but I just want to say that she means a lot to me and she'd always support me in everything I do so thank you Ariana Anderson and of course my beliebers cause without them I wouldn't be here, I love you guys THANK YOU!" Justin voice sounds in the speakers the fills the whole hall or whatever its called. Pattie gets up hugging Justin as does I "thanks Jus.." I whisper in his ear as we hug, we sit down and watches the rest of the award show.



Justin goes to my side and opens the door for me, and we goes hand in hand inside my house. I just love Justin, cause he is just so lovable and sweet and he treats me like just me. I kisses him "do you want some juice?" I ask he nods as he places his hands on my hips, our lips tushes "I gotta get your juice" I say even thought I just wanted to just stay kissing Justin "ok.." he says making a fake sad face, I walk into the kitchen grabbing the juice in the fridge and walks into the living room where Justin is, Just as I expected. I places the glasses with juice on my little black/grey coffee table and bumps down next to Justin "thanks babe" Justin says kissing my hair, I start to smile as I feel his lips on my hair "do you remember the time we were at Pencils of promise?" I say I feel Justin nod "I think about maybe getting a job there" I say as I get up to look Justin in the eyes "why?" Justin says confused "its just.. they asked me if i wanted a job there" I say quietly I  would've done it but now that me and Justin is together or whatever we are again, I don't know if I want to leave him. Justin looks like he is thinking with a bit of sadness "where?" Justin asks "Guatemala.. what do you think I should do" I ask Justin takes my hand as he looks me in the eyes "I.. I don't know, are you moving there then?" Justin asks I nod quietly "I love you Jus.." I say as I lays my head on his chest, and the tears begin to trickle down my cheeks "I love you to.. Just do it if you feel like doing it, Ricardo would probably be happy to have you there" he says as he laughs a bit. Ricardo is a little boy who was there when me and Justin was there to, and he always came over to me and then I played with him, he is was cute. I nod as I laugh, Justin can always make me smile, even when it have been two years since last time "you're the best Justi-" I say suddenly feeling Justin's lips on mine, I of course kisses back. 

I look at Justin, wondering if I should say yes to the job. What if I can't stop thinking about Justin, witch I don't think I can as the things is now "do you really think I should say yes?" I ask looking down "yeah if you want to.." Justin says quietly, argh why can't boys just say what they mean? Anyway I have to find out, preferably now.


I wake up in the couch, thinking about last night maybe I should take the job on Pencils of promise, before I fall for Justin again. the worst is... I think I already am falling for him.

I shake it of off my mind (I shake it off I-I I shake it off) and lays my head down on Justin's chest, just looking at the dark nothing "are you ok?" Justin asks "I'm fine..." I say thoughtful how am I gonna tell Justin I'm moving to Guatemala, Justin takes two fingers under my chin and makes me look at him "sure?" he asks I get up and walks over to the door opening to the kitchen I look at Justin as he walks to me "you're not" he says, I want to protest but who am I kidding everyone cans se I'm not ok "no.. I just think I'm falling for you again..." I say looking in his carmel brown eyes that can get every girl in a trance "why is that so bad?" Justin asks I look down and walks away from Justin who had wrapped his arms around me "because I'm moving to Guatemala.." I say trying not to look into his eyes, knowing that if I does I'll kiss him and it'll get much more complicated than it already is "w-what?" Justin stutter "I'm sorry, I just-" I say as Justin interrupts me "so you just want me to forget everything about you?" Justin asks and I see a sparkle of frustration in his eyes, he walks out in the entrée "Justin wait! please?" I say as I walk after him, He turns around "You forget all about me and then I'll forget all about you OK" Justin shout as he walks out of my door, thats it I lost him forever and I'll never get a chance to talk to him again.


Justin's P.O.V

I can't even believe I thought she would stay, I mean its a big chance for her to help the kids but I guess I just hate the thought that I can't be with her, and that some other guy can.

I'm still in love with her, but I need to forget about her.



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