She don't like the lights

Hi my name is Ariana, I'm working on Starbucks and is 20 years old. I live in Los Angeles in a beautiful kinda big house and my best friend is Clara Jensen she'd move from Denmark to the USA so my life is just as I want it to be.


5. new

 Justin's P.O.V

I wake up by a voice from downstairs, I look by my side but Ariana isn't was probably her yes I'm use to wake up like this, I've been use to it in 2 years now since Ariana left me. I've been partying a lot and having one night stands every night and the girls always goes home before I wake up but this time it was different I did it this time because I was frustrated and because I wanted her, she could just have stopped me if she didn't water to and I know her good enough to know that she would if she didn't wanted it to happened. 

I get up, walking into the shower to yeah get a shower (what else) 

When I'm done showering and is having clothe on I go down stairs to get some break fast but when I stand in front of the open fridge  I just don't feel like eating, so I walks out to my car and drives to the studio.



I stand in the recording box, singing All I ever need is in you a new song I wrote some hours ago 


All I ever need yeah its you 

yeah you you youuu

And I'll never forget about you

Or what we had, what we did

You saw the best in me, yeah

You was the best in meee!


Cause.. You are all I ever need yeah it youuu!

uhhh oh oh

All I ever need, is you...


its about love as you can see  and think you can guess who its about and if not then try guessing again. Scooter walks into me in the recording box "hey you just wrote that?" he asks I nod "yes" I say "great! who is it about?" he asks I just look at him like 'I have no idea what you mean' "don't give that look you know you aren't over Ariana since she left, and hug up with Niall" Scooter says how do he knows, its only me who know that "uh well I gotta go" I say I have tell her I still think of her and that I was an idiot "you're not going to her house are you?" Scooter says raisin his eyebrows at me with a strict smile on his face, I look down "yes I am, don't worry I'mma take these" I say as takes an invitation for the EMA and disappears out of the door. I runs out to my car and drives in the direction of Ariana and sad to say Niall's house.


Ariana's P.O.V 

I open the door and goes in as Niall almost runs to me, he seems worried "are you ok babe why didn't you come back last night?" he asks I bite my lip knowing that I have to tell him the truth, I can't lie to him. I look down "yeah I'm kinda of ok.." I say not looking up again cause I know I'll break down if I look into his eyes "what do you mean?" Niall asks I look behind him to see the boys Harry, Louis, Zyan and Liam "boys can I please get to talk with Niall alone?" I say looking with hurt eyes at them one at one "of course" Harry answers for them all as the other nods "thanks" I say disappointed that I could ever cheat on Niall,  I don't know why I did it I just could stop it. I sit down as does Niall, he takes my hand "Niall... I'd do something I won't expect you to ever forgive me for.." I say almost crying but holds it in "I-I-I cheated..." I say quietly disappointed in myself, Niall takes away his hand gets up as he starts to walk to the wall and back to the couch "WITH WHO!???" He asks frustrated "I'm sorry Niall! I would never have done it.. I swear" I say looking him in the eyes, his eyes in full with hurt and frustration "I ASKED WITH FUCKING WHO!" he asks again an I almost gets scared of him if it wasn't because I know what I did was wrong, very wrong. I walks up to him but he walk away from me, I takes deeb breath knowing will get even angrier than he already is "Justin..." I say and tears comes down my cheek one at one "WHAT!?" Niall shouts again "I can't do this anymore..." Niall says and I start to cry even more.

Niall walks around in our bedroom packing a bag with his clothe "Niall I'm so sorry, I wanted to stop it but I couldn't..." I say. Niall throws a shirt on the bed as he walks to me, grabs my head and kisses me passionately "was that better than Justin's kisses?" Niall asks when he'd ended the kiss... he walks back closing his back "yeah I thought so... Bye Ariana remember you are an amazing girl, I hope you will figure out werether it shall be you and Justin or not..." he says as he kiss my cheek and walks out of the room. I numb down on the bed and hugs Niall's shirt, why did I have to go to Justin's? I crash everything.



I get up, lays Niall's shirt under my pillow and walks downstairs and opens the door and there is he the one who did so Niall broke up with me, Justin. I slams the door right in his face but he stops it by having his foot inside of the door "WHAT!" I shout mad "whats wrong?" Justin asks I give the death glare "hmm.. whats wrong Is that you came into my life! making me leave you and now I FUCKING CAN'T GET OVER YOU! thats whats wrong!" I spat in his head, I'd expect him to at least shout back but all he does is hugging me and whispering in my ear "its ok.. I have the same problem.." I wraps my arms around Justin's neck as I hugs him back "uh I just came to give this to you if you wanna come?" Justin says as he gives and invitation to the EMA award show "I don't know Justin, I know Niall will be there and I said no to go with him so if I come anyway, No." I say Justin nods and walks down to his car again "Justin? I'll love to come with you" I say with a smile on my face, I know Niall just broke up with me but Justin really made me forget about it. Justin turns around "ok, I'll come get you at 20:00" Justin says as he walks to the other side of the car, gets in and drives. 

All day I can't stop smiling, I'm not even thinking of Niall that much that I would've done, if Justin didn't came along.





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