She don't like the lights

Hi my name is Ariana, I'm working on Starbucks and is 20 years old. I live in Los Angeles in a beautiful kinda big house and my best friend is Clara Jensen she'd move from Denmark to the USA so my life is just as I want it to be.


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Justin's P.O.V

Ariana learns foreword like she's about to kiss me, I can't move away I think maybe in some way I this kiss. I waits for her soft lips to press against mine, but it doesn't happened instead I feel her arms around my neck as she hugs me and there ain't going many seconds when I hear her whispering in my ear "I'm sorry.." it sounds with her lovely low voice. I look at her as she goes taking her bag and jacket and walks out of my house, nice Justin why can't I just shut u... wait what did i do??


Ariana's P.O.V

when I walk out of Justin's house and closes the door there all the paparazzi's comes running over to me, you see this is why I never wanna kiss Justin cause when I kiss guys there goes like PUF I fall in love with that guy and I can't just fall out. One of the paparazzi's almost hit me with a mic thing "what happened in there?" he asks "nothing just leave me alone!" I say as I gets out of the circle they made around me "are the one Justin just tweeted about?" this question actually made me interested, I turn around and so do the paparazzi's to see it is Justin himself "w-what?" I stutter as I look confused, the paps takes their phone probably going on twitter "Have you ever felt like you can't stop thinking about a person, its how i feel right now even know I have only known this person for some days now." one of them reads. I look at Justin but then I just runs away not knowing where cause if I run home Clara will just keep asking what happened, don't get me wrong I love her she my best friend its just I don't even know but one thing I do know is that me and Justin are not supposed to be friends cause I know if he kisses me I fall in love with him. 

I run into the park thats only some feet away from Justin's house, maybe that was a bad place but I don't care, I just wanted to get away "mom I know what you're thinking 'you can't run away from someone who loves you or in this cace likes you' and you're right but he is famous and I'm just an ordinary girl.." I say crying in frustration how can he have a crush on me? why can't I just learn to not let those people in "mom I really wished you were here.." I say crying into my hands "is this sit free?" an known voice says, I nod knowing its Justin who else "Ariana look at me?" he says with a soft voice and I looks up as Justin whips my tears away with his thumb "In these past days I've been slowly falling for you, but I didn't knew it before you were about to kiss me but didn't and then left.." He starts as he looks me in the eyes "and now I see I can't just forget about you, you're not like any girl I've ever met.. you're special" he finish, I smile at him "I don't think I'm falling for you Justin.." I start now he looks at me with hurt eyes "I don't fall cause everything that falls always breaks" I say quietly but loud enough so Justin can hear it "I can prove that I will never make you cry" he says standing up, I look confused at him and giving him a 'what are you doing* glare "boys and girls can I please get you attention!" Justin shouts so everyone around the park can hear him. Everyone walks over to us, I hide my face with my hands   but move them away again when Justin starts to talk "I'd fell in love with this girl some days ago but she thinks I'm gonna break her heart, so now I'mma prove to her, I would never do anything to hurt her!"  Justin shouts he walks to me and makes me stand up, he place his one hand on my wrist and the other on my cheek as he kisses me, first I get a bit of shock but then I closes my eyes and wrap my arms around his neck "aww!" people around us that I totally forgot was there says. I look Justin in the eyes as does he "do you believe me now?" he whispers I start to smile "yes" I says before I kiss him short twice, we just stand there with our foreheads against each other looking in each others eyes smiling, its perfect.


(2 years later)

Ariana's P.O.V

This year has been moving so fast I thought as I'm laying on the couch with my head on my boyfriend Niall's chest, yes from 1D. Now I guess you're wondering what happened with Justin and heres the Little story he was always using all of his time on his career and his fans, its fine but I just got enough always being alone like a dog you just come home to says Hi and then going to bed. But Niall he is always thinking about before everyone else, lets just say he treats me as a princess though I still hasn't said I loved him but he always tells me he loves me and I always just kisses him without saying anything when he tells me it, I don't know why I can't say those three words I do love him I just can't say it. 

I looks at Niall, who's playing a video game "I can't believe we'd almost been together in a half year" I say as I sit up and kisses his neck. he looks at me as I feel his arm around me and soon I also feel his soft lips, I feel his lovely kiss he lifts up my shirt but I end the kiss and take my shirt down "whats wrong?" Niall asks I think for a moment, I don't even know why I did what did and I does it every time he tries to do anything like that. I shrug my shoulders as I move out to the garage and jumps into the car, Niall opens my door "uh where are you going?" Niall asks as he raises his eyebrows, I takes a deeb breath "I just have do something" I say almost cries in frustration there can only be one reason why I haven't done it with Niall and why I can't get myself to do it.. I still loves Justin, even though I wished I didn't. Niall kisses me, no still not as good as Justin's, Ok I have to stop comparing Niall to Justin. Niall closes the door and I drives to Justin's house, its still the same address. I get out of the car and walks up to Justin's house, I knocks at the door I can clearly hear someone shout and one of the voices belongs to Justin and the other is a girls. I fast move away from the door when the door got slammed up and a girl walk out with long angry steps. and Justin stands in the door, he looks sad but when sees me he quickly puts on a fake smile "Ariana? what are you doing here?" He asks rubbing his neck "hi Justin good to see you to" I say sarcastically "oh yeah good to see you" Justin says "who was that girl?" I ask maybe he would think its weird that I'm not over him yet "I broke up with her and she got made because of it" Justin says, I nod and walk in as Justin asks me to. I go over to the stairs and learns up at them "why? she looked nice" I say trying to convoke Justin that I mean it "yeah sure" Justin says sarcastically as he walks closer to me, I just stands there looking at Justin who come closer to me and suddenly he is standing right in front of me. I look Justin in the eyes as he learns forward as he kisses me, I kiss back and he lift me up and carries me upstairs and lays me in his bed, he takes of his shirt, lays down at me and continues to kiss me, he rips my red top over my head and his lips are back on my lips, his right hand is placed on my chest, while the left slowly slides down my side and dow to my hips......

(Next morning)

I wake up, feeling Niall arm around my stomach, I turn around to kiss him. What the fuck its Justin and the memory from what we did yesterday comes back to my mind, SHIT this is bad this is really bad. I get out from Justin's grab around my stomach and gets up, *what am I gonna tell Niall* I thought as I putting on my cloth again. I jump down stairs with one foot trying to get on my shoe but falls on the ground "ouch!" I whisper as I fast gets up again. I runs out of Justin's house and into my car and drives.


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