She don't like the lights

Hi my name is Ariana, I'm working on Starbucks and is 20 years old. I live in Los Angeles in a beautiful kinda big house and my best friend is Clara Jensen she'd move from Denmark to the USA so my life is just as I want it to be.


3. new

Ariana's P.O.V


I know what you're thinking 'say no to hang out with Justin Bieber why!' I gotta tell you because I don't need all the attention it will give, I can just imagine it. There will be pictures of us on every magazine in town and the lyrics will probably be something like "Justin Bieber and mysterious girl did he got a new girlfriend" I DONT NEED all that I would hate it.

I get downstairs in my lovely kitchen, finds a frypan and starts making omelet.

My phone lights up, I takes it in my hands and sees its a text from Justin.

To Ariana from Justin

Hi just so you know if you changes your mind you can find me at this address :-) *there is an pic of the address*

I'm starring at it. I decides to text back.

To Justin from Ariana

Hi thanks you'll never know if I someday will stand outside your door ;-)

I try not to sound as an snob, when I'd read it I sends it. I finish my omelet, finds a plate to have it on and sit down at my eating table as I start to eat, maybe I should go to Justin's place you know just to see how he is. Living.


(a week later)

I have to admit Justin is a cool guy, and we'd actually been hanging out everyday last week.

I take my phone and calls Justin.


JB"hey whats up?"

Me"do you wanna hang today?"


Me"Ok I'm coming, see you"

JB"see you looking forward to see your beautiful face again"

Me"ok bye"


I hang up.

I go out in my entrée to find my leather jacket and tales it on. After 15 min of walking I come to Justin's house its pretty big and white house "wow" I say quietly, I can't help but think its just getting bigger for everyday I'm here "heey what are you doing at Justin Bieber's house again, are you his girlfriend?" Someone shouts after me as I knock at his door oh no come open please now, and like he read my mind he opens the door. "Hey come in" Justin says as he goes a back so I can go in "thank you" I say smiling as I walk further into the living room and sit in his white couch "so is this different from your house?" Justin asks as he sit down beside me "the house is but I only live 15 min away from here so" I say nicely Justin nods as I talk so I can see that he actually is listening "cool, where's your parents at?" Justin asks that's when I get sad and is about to cry but holds it in, I bit my lip "uh my mom is dead and my dad.. My dad left me when I was 16 years old" I say really holding in my tears in. My mom died in an accident.


(Flash back 7 years ago)

I start to sing along with The Jonas brothers as their song 'SOS' comes on the radio "yeah Ari sing my little singing machine" mom says and is sing as loud as I can. I hear my mom's voice singing along with me and she starts to dance in the car "arrgh I love you remember to..." I hear mom say to me right before I black out. And I wake up on the hospital...,,

(End of flash back)


Justin looks me into my eyes and lays his hand on mine "I'm sorry I didn't knew sorry" he says I fakes a smile and shrugs my shoulders "it's ok you couldn't know.." I say trying not to show how close I am to break down in tears "why didn't you wanted to hang out at first just because I'm famous?" Justin asks I pull my hand back as I look at him "I just don't want people taking pictures at me when I hang out with my friends" I say as he nod understanding "you know if I wasn't famous I would probably feel the same way but I'm use to it the can't leave alone" He says, I smile. I really didn't expect that from coming out of his mouth I mean he seems like he love everything about how his life is, I learn forward and is going to kiss him but hugs him instead cause I don't know.. I don't want to kiss him OK never will.


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