Why do i have to chose x

Justin bieber and charlie lenehan want crystal so bad but ehy does she have to chose.behind all this she has a deep dark secret x


1. visting x

Crystals p.o.v

I was waiting for my two best friends to come to my houseand talk for a while because i hadnt seen them in what seemed like forever.I was just sitting watching t.v when i heard a knock at the door who could that be ???

It was justini smiled and hugged him then i pulled away.he said "whats wrong???" I replied with "oh nothing" i couldnt tell him my biggest secret,could i ??

We went into the main room my house was very small but his was really big,i heard another knock at the door it was charlie i said "hi !!!!" He said "hello!!" We walked into the main room and we all talked and laughed for hours then justin went home and you will never believe what happened after that.

Me and charlie were just sitting there talking and then he got closer to me and kissed me !!! He started undressing me but i couldnt help myself i nearly bit him and i had to stop i pushed him away and he said "whats wrong" and i said "we cant do this" he said "why" i replied "we just cant" and he said "okay then went home.

I woke up because a phone was ringing it was mine charlie was calling i answered


Crystal: what

Charlie : why did you say no last night

Crystal: i just didnt want to

Charlie: come on crystal you looked like u were enjoying and then all of a sudden sad

Crystal: i dont want to talk about it

And with that i ended the call. He tried calling and calling but i wouldnt answer.today was saturday, i got a text from charlie it said

Cystal i will see you on monday about this we need to talk xx

Oh no i couldnt do this. He was going to ask me lots of questons and what could i say "im sorry im a vampire and when u tried to undress me i couldnt help myself and nearly bit you sorry" no i couldnt say that aaahhh im screwed.

It was monday oh no charlie was going to talk to me today i just had to suck it up and take whatever was coming to me. I was in the locker room and he came over beside me and said "we need to talk" i followed him into our secret place its like a little tree house no one eles can see.

Charlie:whats wrong

Crystal: nothing

Charlie: yes there is tell me you know you can tell me anything

Crystal: i know but not this

Charlie:well i gues you will just tell me in your own time


When he jumped down he cut his leg and it was bleeding i couldnt look or i would lose control i said "are you okay" he said "yea just a little blood i replied "well got to go" and then i ran i forgot about my superspeed and he saw me and shouted "WAIT!!" I just kept running .

I was home yessss!!! Finnally i just lay on the bed on social media then i heard the doorbell i wonder who that could be ??!!

I went to the door it was charlie he asked could he come in and i said yes i brought him up to my bedroom and we sat on the bed.

Charlie:please tell me

Crystal: tell you what

Charlie: whats wrong

Crystal: no

Charlie: why

Crystal: i already told you

Charlie: pweeeaaseee

Crystal:im a vampire (whispers)


Crystal:im a vampire !!!

Charlie:for real ?!!

Crystal: yes

Charlie: i will love forever no matter what you are i love you x

Crystal: (giggles)

We started kissing sooner than we know it was i heavy make out session.he was undressing me i wanted to bite him so bad.

Crystal: charlie stop

Charlie: why

Crystal: im gonna bite you i cant help it

Charlie: i dont care i love iiyou

I couldnt help it i bit him oh no i bit him though he didnt mind which was good.

I woke up it was tuesday wow last night i had sex for the first time with CHARLIE !!wow my back hurt soo bad .charlie knocked on the door i rushed to open it.

Charlie:hey baby



He walked in and sat on my sofa and we talked

Charlie: so did you like last night

Crytsal: yea but my back is really sore

Charlie:aww baby im sorry

Crystal:no its fine

Charlie:no its not i hurt you

Crystal: yea but in a good way

And we just talked for a while and then he went home.

Later that day justin called i answered,


Crystal: hey

Justin:can i come see you later

Crystal:yea sure

Justin:okay see you tonight

Crystal:okay bye


Yay justin was comiing over i was so happy i hadnt saw him in ages. Right after that charlie called

Charlie:hey baby


Charlie:can i come over to see you tonight

Crystal:yea but it will have to be between 6-7 pm because justin is coming over between 5-6pm

I was so excited

I was getting ready putting on my tight black dress straightening my hair and putting on my black stelletos

Justin was here i was so excited , i opened the door and there he was just as gorgeous as always wait did i just say he was gorgeous never mind. We were talking and then he said something i will never forget

Justin:crystal i love you

Crystal: i love you too

Justin: but i have to go

Crystal : what! Why ?

Justin : im going on tour

Crystal: omg im going to miss u soo much

Justin: im gonna miss you too baby


We talked for about half an hour and then we said our goodbyes it was sooo sad i hated it but i just had to let go .

Charlie called straight after and said he wont be long so i waited and waited and waited and waited and finally i heard the door bell it was charlie

Charlie: hey baby


Charlie: whats wrong

Crystal: justins leaving

Charlie : awwhh i know baby its okay it will be okay

Crystal: but your still here so im okay

Charlie : accually we need to talk

Crystal: wait your not going too are you ?

Charlie:im sorry baby

( crystal starts crying )

Charlie : baby im sorry but we cant be together

Crystal: why ?

Charlie: because im going away

Crystal: so?

Charlie: i hate long distance relationships

Charlie:bye baby

Crystal: bye

Charlie : love you

Crystal: love you too boo

I thought they were here to stay but they were just visiting .

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