In love with the know-it-all.

Hermione and Draco are very much in love. Of course they had some ups and downs, but who doesn't? And what happens when Hermione bumps in to Ronald Weasley after some time?


4. The wedding.

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Chapter 4:

"You honestly look like a mess, dude." Draco grinned jokingly. "Thank you. You look like a piece of shit yourself," Blaise laughed. "Thank you. That might have been the best compliment I've ever heard from your mouth, mate! Well, as much as it hurts me to say it, you're not gonna marry me. Come on, out you go, it starts in 5 minutes. Blaise nodded, smiling. They walked in, taking their seats as Draco's eyes scanned all the faces. His eyes met Hermione's and they smiled at each other, before the ceremony suddenly started. Everyone stood up, looking to the end of the church, where the doors opened, revealing Pansy, a happy and beautiful wife-to-be. Blaise started crying from happiness at the sight of Pansy. She sure was beautiful. Draco imagined Hermione in her wedding dress, walking down the aisle towards himself, instead of Blaise, and he smiled at the thought. He quickly shook it off, as he sat down again, Pansy now standing beside Blaise, they were hand in hand.

After the ceremony, Pansy and Blaise ran down the aisle, and Draco walked to Hermione, who was waiting for him. When everyone was gone from the church, Draco and Hermione sat at the front bench, sitting there only for a moment. Draco took her hand, smiling. "I imagined you going down the aisle towards me, at our wedding-day," Draco admitted. Hermione blushed, nodding. They stood up and walked outside to the other guests hand in hand. They walked towards the newlyweds and Draco dropped his arm around Blaise's neck "Congrats mate! You're now someone's husband, how does it feel? You're so grown-up, all of a sudden!" Draco laughed, looking at Hermione, who was now in a conversation with Pansy. "I'm not all that grown-up, just more mature than you, bastard!" Blaise laughed and poked Draco's side.


“I want a wedding as beautiful as that someday,” Hermione said with a dreamy voice, as she just looked up at the night sky above them.
“You know, I can give you that if that is what you really want,” Draco smiled brightly, just looking at Hermione. Draco felt like the luckiest guy in the world when he was with Hermione. She was one of the most beautiful, smart and big-hearted person he had ever met. Why had he never really noticed before just how amazing she was?
“Will you move in with me? I mean, get our own place. A bit smaller than the manor, and a bit bigger than your place. You know… If you want, it was just an idea…” Draco stammered, getting a bit nervous. He smiled as Hermione finally looked at him, smiling. “That would be amazing.”


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