In love with the know-it-all.

Hermione and Draco are very much in love. Of course they had some ups and downs, but who doesn't? And what happens when Hermione bumps in to Ronald Weasley after some time?


7. Ronald Weasley.

I really don't hope you guys will get mad at if I don't update, like.. All the time! I've just started school after a short vacation, where I was kinda bored, so that's why I updated all the time, but now it's just one big mess with school and homework and friends and stuff, so.. It won't be like.. All the time, but I'll try my best to do it as often as possible :)


Chapter 7:

Hermione was walking down Diagon Alley, looking at the stores. She liked doing it on her own, she could go in her own little world, and she didn’t want to be disturbed. Well, that wasn’t one of the lucky days. Because that day, she bumped in to the old flame, Ronald Weasley. He was one of the last people she had expected to see. They hadn’t really talked much since their break-up, though they promised to keep in touch and stay friends, just like they had been before they got together. It hadn’t really worked out, they always ended up either fighting or sitting in awkward silence.
“Hey Hermione…” Ron stammered, blushing slightly. Hermione smiled awkwardly, nodding. “Hey, Ron. How are you?”
“Fine… Fine, I’m fine, how about you? I hear you’re getting married to Malfoy.”
Hermione shouldn’t have been so surprised when Ron still referred to Draco as Malfoy, but it actually surprised her, just a tad.
“I’m fine as well. And yes, I am getting married to Draco.” She tried correcting him, but she knew Ron too well. Draco would always just be Malfoy for Ron. “What about you? I haven’t heard much about any girl in your life?”
“No, well… I haven’t really met ‘the one’ yet. I’ve dated a bit, but it’s not going so well.” He sighed, shaking his head a bit. “Well, would you like to get a drink and talk? It’s been a really long time since we last saw each other, there must be something to talk about.” Ron smiled bright with hope. Hermione nodded, “sure, that sounds nice. The Three Broomsticks, perhaps?”
“I actually kind of hoped you would suggest that.” Ronald smiled.


They both ordered something to drink and sat down at a little table in the corner of The Three Broomsticks.
“So… Are you still seeing Harry?” Hermione asked, catching Harry a little off guard. He nodded. “Sometimes, it’s not really the same anymore. Everything has changed. Except that he is still married to Ginny. Ginny is pregnant.” Ron informed her. He smiled slightly. “What about you?” he asked. Hermione shook her head. “Not really, no. He still writes me letters once in a while, but we haven’t seen each for a long time now.  He’s still a bit shocked by the fact that I forgave Draco and we started dating. Actually, he hasn’t written since the proposal.” Hermione furrowed her eyebrows as she stared out the window. She sighed. “Well, let’s not get sentimental.” She smiled, looking back at Ron.
“I’m glad I bumped in to you” Ron said with a smile on his lips. “I’ve missed you a lot. I haven’t heard from you a long time. I want to know everything that is going on with you. Well, at least the things that I haven’t been able to see in the newspapers.” He laughed lightly. She nodded with a big smile on her face.
“Well, as you know, I am getting married to Draco. We are also searching for a new place. The manor is simply too big for us and my apartment is too small. I’m still searching for a new job; Draco is working in the mini-…” Ron cut her off. “Yes, I know he work in the ministry. I see him all the time.” He nodded. “Actually, now we’re on it. I want to warn you about Malfoy. I know he has changed, I don’t know what you have done, but he’s a lot nicer than before, thank you for that by the way, but he’s not the man he’s pretending to be. I guess you’re familiar with Pansy and his affair with her?” He asked and Hermione nodded She frowned.
“I thought so. Well, did he tell you that he wouldn’t do it again?” he asked and again Hermione nodded. “Yes he did, and I thrust him. I really do.”
“Well, I’m not sure you should. At work I was going to drop by his office to thank him for a case he closed for me. When I was about to knock, I heard both his voice and another’s voice, a woman’s voice. I know I can’t be sure of anything, I just think you should now.” He smiled slightly. “Well, thank you for that. I don’t really care. There are a lot of women at the ministry and as I said. I thrust him on this.” She nodded, looking rather annoyed. “And now I don’t want to talk about it anymore, please.”
“I understand. I’m sorry, I just thought you wanted to know if anything was goin…-“. Hermione cut him off. “I didn’t ask!” she hissed. “Now please, if we could just talk about something else.” She sighed, calming a bit off. Ron’s face was red as a tomato. He nodded. “I’m really sorry, but actually… Can I tell you something?” Hermione nodded, looking rather suspicious. “I’ve been thinking about us a lot, you know. Our relationship and why it didn’t work out. I know you love Draco and I know you two are getting married and stuff, but still. I really miss you a lot. I think… I think I still love you.” Hermione frowned; she could feel her eyes watering. She couldn’t handle anymore. “I’m sorry, Ron. I really am, but you know I can’t say I love you too; because I really don’t. Not in the way you want me to at least. I love you as one of my best and eldest friends and… I miss you too, but again, not in the way you want me to. I miss you as a friend, I miss the old times. Things are so difficult right now. I’m sorry, but I think I have to go now.” She couldn’t be in the same room as him right now. She stood up, took her bag and jacket and left Ron with a confused look on his face. “Hermione?” Ron said, Hermione turning to look at him before leaving. “Give me a call sometime when you’re ready. Please?” without saying anything, Hermione gave a single nod and was gone. 


I've changed a LOT! I do not hope you guys are angry with me because of it, just thought it needed a lot of work at this time... I've changed the ending! There will be new updates on the story as soon as possible.

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