Black Allure:The Beginning

When two different worlds connect, a mayhem starts... nothing is simple anymore.
Two girls... and one boy, curses that have to be broken,a duty to perform.
Promises are broken, trust is lost, new alliances are formed, old relations are betrayed, facades are broken and stories retold.
Drawn into a twisted web of lies, love is lost and love is found as buried truths resurface.
Lives are lost to save lives.
The only way to survive is to lose your sanity because everything has turned into a game of loss or gain.
Love is said to be the strongest power but after being lured into this, what will prevail-love or self-love?
Everyone is falling into the trap because no one can escape the Black Allure...


4. Chapter 4

I dedicate this chapter to my other best friend, Ridaa, who finally decided that she will read my book.



Chapter 4


Earth is not very different from Hemrica. Infact, you can hardly tell the difference between Hemricans and Earthlings.

I was hardly ever allowed out of the palace so, all this was very new to me. Even though I felt self-conscious all the time, I was thoroughly enjoying this new freedom.

I had even gotten myself new friends, Amber was really sweet and so were her other two friends, Alison and Julia. It looked like they all were very popular at SHS. They were all cheerleaders and Amber was the captain of the squad.

They had asked me to join the squad but I declined. I thought they would abandon me after my refusal but I was wrong. They were really nice. It seemed like they did not mind at all.

I don't think that I would be able to do cheers in front of a large crowd, I would probably have a panic attack.

Right now, we were driving to Amber's house. Arnel said that he was going out with Sylvia so, I was on my own.



To say Amber's house was grand would be an understatement, it was a mansion. I had lived in the palace since I was five but I knew what ordinary houses looked like. Amber's house was not one of them.

We had to pass three security cameras to get to the front door. Even before Amber knocked, the door was opened by a butler. We went in, the house had a comely atmosphere.

"Hello sweeties," a warm voice echoed through the corridor, a middle aged woman with blonde hair came out from the side door.

"Hi Lola," Amber gave the woman a hug. Alison and Julia followed suite.

"And who do we have here?" asked the woman as she smiled at me.

"This is our new friend, Anira. Anira, this is my housekeeper, Lola," said Amber making the introductions.

"Hello sweety," greeted Lola and enveloped me into a hug.

"Why don't you girls watch a movie upstairs? I'll get some refreshments for you," Lola suggested as she let me go.

Everyone nodded and dragged me upstairs.






We were all huddled up together on a single couch, as we watched the horror movie making its way to the climax. It was dark in the room, we had closed all the curtains and Salcaro's non sunny weather made it seem like it was night. The atmosphere was perfect to watch a horror movie and so we did.

This was just like how in Hemrica, Arnel, Edfren, Eneca, Inika and I watched a movie except that it wasn't dark there unless it was night.

I felt a hand on my shoulder just as the man in the movie plunged a knife into the protagonist's heart. I screamed my lungs out.

Everyone screamed along with me.

"Hey, hey girls calm down! It's me and I'm not a murderer!" someone cried behind us.

The light was switched on and I saw that it was a boy, about Arnel's age.

"Why did you all scream?" he asked looking as though he had just survived a heart attack.

"We screamed because Anira screamed," said Alison.

"Why did you scream Anira?" asked Julia.

"Um...I felt someone's hand on my shoulder and it was the scariest scene going on so I freaked out," I said turning red. I was embarrassed.

"Oh, it was me, I thought you were Amber," the boy smirked.

He was smirking, seriously? had he no shame? he had scared me to death and he did not even have the courtesy to say a sorry? I was angry now.

"But it was not, it was me," I snapped.

"Whoa tigress, calm down. You both have the same hairstyle," he clarified.

"But Anira is a brunette and Amber is Blonde," said Alison.

"It was dark duh," the boy pointed out the obvious fact.

I chuckled, all my anger gone. What to say, I can't stay angry at anyone for long.

"Now who is going to pay my doctor's fee? I'm sure my ear drum is pretty damaged after hearing your screams," he asked and plopped down on the couch from which we had all just gotten up screaming.

"Shut up, Brice. What did you want anyways?" asked Amber.

"Oh nothing, Lola said you have a new friend over so, I wanted to see the poor girl who befriended the she devil" he smirked.

He was a jerk alright. Amber hit him playfully on the head.

"Won't you introduce me blondie?" Brice stood up and added, "Or better yet, I'll do it myself,"

He took a step towards me and I backed away. I was never comfortable around any guys other than Arnel and Edfren. Mainly because I hadn't come across many in my fifteen years.

I observed him for the first time. He was as good looking as Arnel. His green eyes looked like they were hiding a million things. His smirk clearly highlighted his attitude.

"Hi beautiful, I'm Brice," he said introducing himself.

"Hi, I'm Anira," I replied.

"What  a lovely name," he smiled.

"Enough Brice, stop it. You are making her uncomfortable," said Amber. She had probably sensed my discomfort.

Who was he anyways? Maybe Amber's brother.

"Alright then. Lola said dinner is ready," he informed us and disappeared out of the theatre room.




We were already eating when Brice joined us. He sat down next to me, I shifted nervously. He noticed it.

"Relax, I'm not going to eat you up," he said dryly.

I looked away.

"Brice is apparently my mother's best friend's son. His parents are abroad so he stays here," said Amber.

"Oh," was all that came out of my mouth.

"Are you surprised darling?" he asked me.

Did he take smirking classes or something? He seemed to do it so naturally, so perfectly.

"Why would I be surprised?" I asked him.

He shrugged. What a confusing personality.




It was raining heavily and it was late. I had to get home but Amber couldn't drive in this heavy downpour. She suggested a sleepover, Alison and Julia happily obliged but I wasn't sure, specially with Brice staying in the same house.

"Brice could drop you home, won't you dear?" Lola asked Brice.

My heart sank, no way. I was not going with him. I shook my head vigorously.

"Come on dear, Brice will promise to behave," Lola gave Brice a meaningful glare.

"Of course I will, Lola" he said innocently.

Amber groaned, "Yeah, we all know."

I had no choice but to say yes. After saying goodbyes, Brice and I drove towards my house.

Nothing could have helped my nervousness, how I wished to wipe that smirk off his face.




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"People are not necessarily how they seem to be Anira," said Brice. He seemed serious.

"So you can be a devil in disguise, huh?" I joked.

He smirked, "Maybe."






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