Black Allure:The Beginning

When two different worlds connect, a mayhem starts... nothing is simple anymore.
Two girls... and one boy, curses that have to be broken,a duty to perform.
Promises are broken, trust is lost, new alliances are formed, old relations are betrayed, facades are broken and stories retold.
Drawn into a twisted web of lies, love is lost and love is found as buried truths resurface.
Lives are lost to save lives.
The only way to survive is to lose your sanity because everything has turned into a game of loss or gain.
Love is said to be the strongest power but after being lured into this, what will prevail-love or self-love?
Everyone is falling into the trap because no one can escape the Black Allure...


3. Chapter 3


Chapter 3

Arnel's pov :

Father was right. The dark powers have already made their first move on Sylvia.

 I don't know how to react after hearing all that from her mouth. All these things she's facing is because of me. She looks so messed up, so helpless and alone. But she is not alone, she's in this mess because of me and I'm not going to let her suffer by herself.

As she is staring at me with wide eyes, she has the expression of a deer caught by a hunter.

"A...Arnel, look this is nothing-" she started to say but I cut in.

"Can we go out?" I asked, I had no intention of gaining anyone's attention.

She looked at her two friends, they nodded. Nervously, she mumbled a barely audible yes.

Grabbing the notes from the table, she stuffed them in her pocket and made her way out of the cafeteria, I followed. We went out of the school and Sylvia asked me to follow her as she lead the way.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

 "Woods behind the school, as you can already see," she said shortly.

Okay, it's safe to say that she was irritated. We scraped through many conifers and finally arrived at a clearing. Sylvia sat down on an old rock and I leaned against the bark of a young tree. We just stayed like that, a few birds chirped and some leaves rustled.

"So, what was all that about? " I ask, breaking the silence.

 She looked up at me and shrugged, but did nothing to answer my question.

"Come on Sylvia, we have come here to talk. Your silence doesn't help," I said.

"What is there to talk about it? I have no idea as to what is wrong!" she cried.

This was not going anywhere. I took  a deep breath.

"Do you have any idea about any of this?" , I asked.

She was staring at me with an incredulous expression.

"Are you acting stupid with me or are you just plain dumb?" she asked.

Um...what was that now? I wasn't acting stupid, I was just trying to find out if she had any idea as to how this all started.

"No, I was-" I protested but she cut me short.

"Why am I even talking to you about all this? I don't even know you and, why are you bothering with my problems anyways?" she asked, suspicion clear in her voice.

That was not very easy, how do I explain to her? what can I explain?

"Hey I was just concerned about you, anyone would freak out if they hear someone say all that stuff. It does sound weird...very weird," I explained.

She relaxed a little and her eyes softened.

"I'm sorry, I am just so irritated and...and confused," she said.

"That's okay, you can talk to me if you want," I offered.

She gave me a tired smile and nodded. "Can I see the notes?" I asked, hoping she would say yes.

She did and took out the crumpled notes from her pocket, handing them over to me.

This was one thing which was nagging me. The dark powers never ever do anything to attract attention towards them.

When they attack, they do so behind our back. These were open threats, why would they even care about warning the person they want dead? I can't believe these notes were from dark powers. Keeping in mind their previous attacks, they don't even give a hint of their presence.

I was sure these notes were something totally different. This scared me even more because it meant that Sylvia had an unknown enemy.

"Stop staring at the notes, it won't change what is written in them," Sylvia chuckled.

"Your right, did you file a police complaint?" I asked.

"No, you already heard what other weird stuff is happening to me, this is not normal," she blankly stated.

"I guess you have a point but these notes-" I was saying, when Sylvia stumbled backwards against the bark of a tree, tightly clutching her head. She had her eyes closed in pain.

"Oh god, what's wrong? Sylvia? are you alright?" I was frantic.

Sylvia was groaning in pain, tightly clutching her head, her nose had started to bleed.

"Sylvia? What is happening to you?" I was totally panicking by then.

It looked like what she had described earlier, saying it had happened to her the previous day.

 Sylvia released her head and held onto my hand tightly. Her eyes opened slowly and she winced. I guess she was adjusting her thoughts because when she fully opened her eyes, she quickly released my hand.

"Are you okay?" I asked and this time she replied.

"It was just like yesterday, it came and went in the blink of an eye," she still sounded shaken.

"But obviously the pain did not vanish in a jiffy," I joked. She smiled ruefully.

"Can I ask you something?" she asked softly.

For a moment, I remembered Anira. She always asked me that question before asking another one.

"Yeah,sure," I answered surprised.

"Why do you care about me? Why did you even bother with finding out what is going on with me?" she asked, but this time her voice had no suspicion.

"Maybe because you are the only friend I've made in this school yet?" I suggested. She shook her head.

"My friends say I'm a terrible liar but you are worser," she said,"This is not just some friendly concern, your eyes clearly reflect that you care about me."

I did not know what to say to that...because it was true. I did not care for her just for the sake of my powers but for some other unknown reason too, maybe I pitied her?

"Listen Sylvia, I admit I care about you but do not ask me why because honestly, even I don't know. When I heard what you were saying earlier, I couldn't help myself, I felt like I could kind of relate to you, like I have a connection with you," I said.

There I let it all out, it was true just not the entire truth.

 She stared at me with shock, her chocolate brown eyes full of tears. She gave out such warm and friendly vibes. She was a brunette like Anira but they both couldn't look any more different from each other. But they both were their own ways.

Why was she crying?

"Did I offend you? I am so sorry, I did not-" I stopped short because she embraced me in a tight hug. I was speechless, what happened to her all of a sudden?

She started to cry, her every sob was full of misery and pity for herself. I felt her body shaking as she let it all out. I let her cry away all her subdued emotions which she had experienced in the past days.

 After a few moments, she relaxed. She drew away and sat back. She dared not raise her eyes, I just stayed still, not doing anything to make her uncomfortable.

"I'm sorry...I am so sorry," she kept on muttering, I couldn't bear to see her like that. As it is, I felt like killing myself for doing this to her.

I cupped her face in my hands and raised it so that our eyes met. "Hey, it's alright. Everything is fine, I don't mind at all," I said, trying to calm her down, "Just tell me what is bothering you and I know it's not the notes or these other things," I pleaded.

"You know, my conscience tells me not to trust you but I feel like I can, I feel connected to you. I just met you today, I did not even know you existed until today and yet I feel like I know you. I'm comfortable around you that is why I told you as much as I did today, I never even told my parents yet. When I cried on your shoulder, I felt relaxed like your there for me. But this is not true, is it? I'm just being paranoid, aren't I?" she said, all in one breath.

I knew the answer. Just because we share my powers, we are connected both mentally and emotionally. Of course she would feel like that. But I couldn't tell her this. Why am I in this position?

"Sylvia, I understand. You know what, let's just ignore all this. Every good friendship begins with trust and I guess we have already established that between us, even if it was in weird circumstances. Let this be the start of a good, trusted friendship between us, Okay?" I asked.

"So, I didn't sound dramatic to you? I'm so embarrassed. Despite saying the truth I sounded like I was reading from a script!" she said nervously.

I laughed, "You are funny."

 She laughed along, her laughter lifted my deflated spirits. My heart felt much lighter.

"You have a deal Mr.Necrozet, I accept," she said making me smile.

"I'm glad we met, I don't know what I would have done if I was alone today," she sighed.

You never will be from now on, I thought.

"I'm not going to leave you alone anytime soon," I replied in a scary voice.

"Idiot," she said laughing, then added, "Do you want to go somewhere else, to celebrate our new found friendship?"

"Sure," I answered and decided to tell Anira, she must be worried about me.

"Anira? Anira can you hear me?" I asked in my mind.

"Of course yes, where are you? I was so worried!" she cried.

"I am so sorry, I was with Sylvia and I'm going out with her now, you catch a ride home with someone, okay?" I said.

"But-" she started to protest but I cut her short, "No buts Anira, remember that you have to survive on your own."

"Okay, bye," she sounded nervous and I felt sad for her but it was for her own good. She needed exposure.

"Bye, take care," I said.

Telepathy is one of the best things of this master-server bond. We can communicate so easily without anyone else knowing.

"Come on then, lets go!" cried Sylvia dragging me away with her. I grinned and let myself be dragged, it felt good to not be in charge for once.







Next chapter preview:

He was as good looking as Arnel. His green eyes looked as if they were hiding a million things. His smirk clearly highlighted his attitude.

"Hi beautiful, I'm Brice," he said introducing himself.

"Hi, I'm Anira," I replied.




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