Black Allure:The Beginning

When two different worlds connect, a mayhem starts... nothing is simple anymore.
Two girls... and one boy, curses that have to be broken,a duty to perform.
Promises are broken, trust is lost, new alliances are formed, old relations are betrayed, facades are broken and stories retold.
Drawn into a twisted web of lies, love is lost and love is found as buried truths resurface.
Lives are lost to save lives.
The only way to survive is to lose your sanity because everything has turned into a game of loss or gain.
Love is said to be the strongest power but after being lured into this, what will prevail-love or self-love?
Everyone is falling into the trap because no one can escape the Black Allure...


1. Chapter 1









Life changes its course when you least expect it to.

I had grown up thinking that I was the luckiest boy in Hemrica, why shouldn't have I? I had everything I wanted. Having been born second, I was spared the crown. My elder brother, Edfren, was made the crown prince. I was more than happy to escape the responsibilities that the title carried. Just like all the other Hemricans, I had powers and like all boys, I had a server.

 In Hemrica, young girls and boys are bonded to each other, making boy the master and girl the server. The girl is taken away from her family and all her memories of them are erased. After that she lives with the boy and his family. She does all the work and serves her master, until she is sixteen years old. On her sixteenth birthday, a life changing decision is made. The master can either leave the server free or get her permanently bonded to him.

 Permanent bonding is mentally and physically a very painful process and also, every server's biggest and most dreaded nightmare.

I have a very special connection with my server, she is one my best friends and, if you ignore our little bickering then we get along amazingly well. Her name is Anira and she is really beautiful.

Coming back to the point, I was very happy, I was a prince and all I ever did was have worries, no work, no responsibilities. So, I never believed in the concept that life is full of hardships. There was only one negative point in my younger sister, Inika.

Our mother died in childbirth, that day Hemrica got a new princess but it lost its queen. I was one and Edfren two year old at that time. Some time later, father remarried and we got a stepmother but we always thought of her as our own mother, because we don't really remember the latter.

 As we grew up, we learnt the reason behind our mother's death, ever since then, we hate Inika.

The next negative point in my life was last week, the day after my sixteenth birthday, when my father dropped the bombshell on me.

It changed my entire life...for the worst. I remember that day very well, it has been engraved into my mind...probably forever.

We were all seated in father's office. Edfren on my right and Inika on my left. Mother sat next to father, wearing a sympathetic expression. Nothing had been spoken yet but still there was a deafening tense silence in the room.

 I looked at Edfren and he looked at me, we were growing impatient. Father finally looked up from his file, a grim expression on his face.

"My children," he began, "I know it is going to be very hard for you to believe what I have to say. However, this is something that I could not have told you any earlier and I cannot delay it any more."

We just continued to blankly stare at him, what else could we do? Father suddenly seemed to speak a new language, a language whose even one word we failed to comprehend.

 "You do know how your birth mother died, right?" he asked. Edfren and I nodded as we looked over at Inika, who seemed to have sunk lower in her seat.

Father continued, "Before she died, we had some problems between us. I suspected her of conspiring against me with her brother, she knew it but never spoke to me about it. When she died, her brother, Marcgot, was furious. He too knew all about my suspicion and believed that I was the reason she died. He said I gave her too much tension and I had murdered his only family. He went around declaring to all Hemricans that their king was a murderer. There were revolts everywhere, people were confused and panicked. They were already upset with their queen's death and this only fueled their emotions. I had no other option but to have Marcgot arrested, but when he got arrested, he vowed to never let me be happy again and to ensure that h...he...c...cursed you three."

 I had my mouth open in shock, father must have definitely been joking. I god! There were so many questions, so many thoughts...why did we not know about all this earlier? and Cursed? like seriously?

"Father you are not serious-" Edfren started to say but father cut him short saying, "I understand your reaction kids but I am serious and now the time has come for you to know these truths and face them before they destroy us and our kingdom."

"I don't understand this, why did you hide it from us all along?" I cried.

Inika was crying, what kind of a reaction was that?

I shook my head, this was getting out of control.

"If you just give me a chance then I can explain everything to you," father pleaded to us. We grudgingly nodded and father breathed a sigh of relief, even Inika had stopped crying.

"I could not tell you earlier because you were too young to understand all this. As for the curses, I immediately put my royal Decias and Decans to work, they found out that each of you were cursed differently-" but he was cut short by Edfren.

"Who are Decias and Decans?" Edfren voiced the question in all our minds. Father sighed, again.

"All Hemricans have powers, right?" father asked. We nodded and he continued, "Some Hemricans master in that field, they have much more powers than normal people. The females are called Decias and the males are called Decans. They have the ability to create new powers and they can do much more than we can imagine, they are the most experienced among all Hemricans. Infact, they even age really slowly. Our five years would account for their one year."

We were awed by this, why was I not born a decan? They sounded so powerful and majestic. "Wow," said Inika and it was the first time I agreed with her. I don't think I have ever met any Decias or Decans before.

"So, they found out about your curses," father took a deep breath before continuing, "Edfren cursed to die in his first battle."

Now that was funny, we never have any battles, whom would we battle against anyways? The entire world of Hemrica was under our rule so we had no opponents. Edfren looked relieved, I smiled at him and he grinned back.

"That is not a problem, we never have any battles," said Inika stating the obvious and making me roll my eyes. Father did not say anything, he just continued, "Arnel is cursed to have half of his powers in an earthling, the powers you have right now my child, are not your only powers, they are just half of them," he said looking directly at me.

My heart stopped beating.

"W-What!" I cried. That was so unfair, someone else had my powers and that someone was not even an Hemrican, but an earthling! I had powers just like everyone else and I never thought that I would have more of them, but now father was saying I did and I had an ocean of emotions going through me, I couldn't decide which one to show so, I showed none.

"And Inika is cursed to never find true love," said father. I looked over at her, she looked like she was about to start crying again.

I still had many questions jumping around in my head. It seems Edfren had more because even before I could ask anything, he put forth his question.

"Father, these curses sound stupid. Why do we have to care about them? It is not like we are going to ever have a battle, Arnel already has enough powers, he is not in need of any more and as for Inika I think she would anyways never find someone to love her," said Edfren.

That was right, I too thought all this was stupid and meaningless. Some old curses which are best forgotten, that is all they were.

"You do not speak of your sister in that way, young man. Apologize this instant," mother spoke for the first time. I couldn't help but chuckle as Edfren muttered a barely audible sorry. Inika looked really distraught and I guess Edfren's words stung her quite a bit. As for me, I couldn't care any less.

"I haven't finished speaking," father said in a commanding voice. We immediately paid attention to him.

When he was satisfied that we were listening, he said, "As you know, the dark powers have been keeping quiet for some time, they haven't caused any trouble in Hemrica for the past five months."

Just the thought of the dark powers made my blood boil.

The dark powers are also Hemricans but they use powers which are forbidden in our culture. They just cause destruction and spread sadness, maliciousness and every kind of negative feeling, everywhere. Their main goal is to completely destroy Hemrica and for them that means the death of every single hemrican.

They are always spreading negative feelings all around and they also lure hemricans into becoming one of them. Sadly, they have always been successful because we do not have the power to stop them.

They just act, we don't come to know how they cause all the trouble, how they come and how they go. This was also the reason that we never had any face-offs or battles yet...and we never will, because we are not powerful enough to defeat them. We are not cowards, but we have given up on the thought of ever fighting them, until of course there is a miracle by which we can defeat them.

That is why Edfren's curse sounded so useless.

  The dark powers have actually destroyed a small part of Hemrica. It was true that they hadn't done anything in the past five months, for reasons unknown to any of us.

Father went on, " It is not true that we do not have enough powers to defeat them, we do have just enough powers but they are not in our possession yet."

"But you said-" Inika could not complete her sentence because father raised his hand to stop her.

"I know I had told you something else, but that was because you did not know of the curses then. Now you know and the truth is that if all three of you combine your powers then you can easily defeat the dark powers. They will be gone for good and Hemricans can live in peace." he said excitedly.

"That is just great!" I cried.

"We can defeat them, what are we waiting for?" asked Edfren.

Sighing as usual, father explained, "For that we need all your powers...all."

The realization hit me and I carefully voiced my fear, "You mean I need to get my powers back from that earthling, don't you?"

He sadly nodded his head, "You have to and, fast. Because the dark powers have already figured this all out and they are behind that earthling. If they succeed in killing that person then all your powers will die with her. If that happens, then our only chance of defeating them will go. You have to protect her, until you get your powers back. The dark powers take threats very seriously and they have already made their first move on her."

I was dumbfounded. It was a girl? My mouth had gone dry and I could only manage a feeble "How?"

"You are going to go on earth, protect her, get close to her, get her to trust you and then reclaim your powers. How will you get closer to her? do not ask me, it is upto you to figure out. You will be staying with Barbara, your birth mother's closest friend, she will tell you all about this earthling."

Have you ever expected hundred in any exam paper and then got zero on it? If yes, then that is exactly how shocked I was. All this was just too much for me to take in. I was going on earth!

Earth is a parallel world to Hemrica.

"How exactly will I get my powers from her?" I asked, even though I kind of already knew the answer.

"She will die," said mother. I looked at her, she seemed like she was unsure of all this and yet she was saying it like it was so easy.

She continued, "The way she should be sacrificed is only known by a Decia or Decan, neither of whom are in Hemrica anymore. You will find them on earth, I feel it would be quite difficult because you cannot differentiate earthlings and Hemricans. Finding them will require all your strength and dedication, I hope you will put in your hundred percent."

"Why are Decias and Decans not in Hemrica anymore?" asked Inika.

"Well, they are there but they are too young to know all this, they are still learning. When your real mother died, they were quite upset and within a year they all left." said mother.

"So, Arnel not only has to lure that girl into a trap but also find one of them to sacrifice her?" asked Edfren incredulously.

Mother and father both nodded.

"Why can't we just ask Marcgot? He definitely won't say, but some torture would do the trick." suggested Edfren.

"Marcgot committed suicide in the prison, the day he was arrested," father replied.

So, my uncle was not only a lunatic, who cursed his own nephews and niece, but also, a coward. Great.

"Decias and Decans are also the ones who do the bonding spell and the permanent bonding spell" said mother.

I looked at Edfren, he was permanently bonded to his server, Eneca.

 "Didn't you know that your permanent bonding spell was done by one of them?" I asked surprised.

He looked sheepish, "I did not pay any attention, I was concerned about Eneca."


Mother continued, "You need one to do your permanent bonding spell so, you anyways have to find one, Arnel. The one who did Edfren's was the last experienced Decia alive in Hemrica but she died last month."

"I am going to let Anira free," I said with determination.

Father sighed (as usual) and said, "We will see that on that day. As for now, get ready, you are going to leave tomorrow morning."

 Having said and explained everything, he got up to leave.

"I am not doing any of this," I stated.

Father stopped dead in his tracks.

"What? Why?" Mother was shocked.

"Because, I am not so heartless. I can't get her to trust me only to betray her, I cannot protect her just so I could kill her later myself and lastly, this is so not fair on her!"  I shouted standing up.

My outburst shocked everyone. Father took a step towards me, his face red. To say he was furious would be an understatement.

"Listen young man, as the prince of Hemrica, it is your duty to protect it from the dark powers and if you fail to perform it, then when Hemrica is completely destroyed there will be no one but you to blame. So, get ready and leave tomorrow morning. We don't have much time. Is that clear?" father shouted.

I had never seen him so angry and if what he said was true then I will do as I have been instructed.


This was just the beginning of everything.

Hence, here I am, on earth with Anira. We are joining Sylvia's school tomorrow, the purpose is to get closer to her. I am going to make her fall in love with me and know what.





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