Draft day

a story about a nfl team that needs a great pick for the year so they can win big in the nfl


1. number 1 pick

Announcer This is the day everyone has been waiting for draft day

Announcer2 indeed it is this is going to be one of the best drafts ever

There is a big chance that the number one pick will be manny janzil

He is a QB out of Texas, he is also the leading touchdown passer with 205 touchdowns in collage out of Texas a&m

The dolphins have the number one pick this year do u think they will take him

Announcer 1 I don't think they will take him because they already have a great QB Ryan tanahill

Announcer 2 we have just revived news that the 5-11 team last year the Cleveland browns have traded up for the number one pick

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