Wolves of the Mountains

Talik retreated from his pack after a fire that destroyed the whole forest. He doesn't know if their are any left in his pack,but to him, it doesn't matter. He can't find them, he must find a new pack. No one has survived going through the Master cities, nor can they go beyond the Dark Valleys, his only choice of finding a pack is in the Mountains. Will he be able to find his pack? Or will he face Kriston, the cruel pack leader that roams the mountains becoming a loner.


3. The journey begins

      Talik opens his eyes after his long night of sleeping. His paws hurt from all the running. He sat up and licked them, realizing they were bleeding a little. When he was done, he adjusted his senses for food. He hadn't eaten since the fire. Prey must be scared and hid. He couldn't smell anything. The air still smelled of smoke and dirt. 

      He got up and continued his path. He looked to his left and saw the Master Cities. He wondered, what would it be like there? Is it like what mother said about it being a dark and dangerous place? Or is it something the complete opposite. He was told be the elders that had gone through the cities that they had great food and tons of it. He said that they hunt animals like we do, but they do what is called "cooking" by heating up the meat, making it taste better then raw. 

      Talik wanted to know what this "cooked" meat tasted like, but they also said that if you tried to beg for food, or not even do anything at all, the humans would still drive you away. He didn't want to face that, but he didn't want to starve either. 

       He looks to his right and sees even more mountains. Should he go to the mountains? Not only had he been there once, but he knew what was there. Wolf packs even dangerous then his own. He faced them before, he dare not face them again. The only advantage of the mountains was that there was a lot of rivers and food. There was only a little amount of humans that life there, but they shouldn't be considered a threat.

        Talik made his decision. He wanted to go to the Master Cities. He didn't care if they drove him out, there is no way they can kill him. He does not want to hunt for food. Maybe some one will accept him. Maybe there are least some nice humans there. He wanted to try the cooked meat. It all sounded so good, he just realized his mouth was drooling. 

        Talik barked in acknowledgment and headed towards the direction of the Master Cities. His new home.

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