Wolves of the Mountains

Talik retreated from his pack after a fire that destroyed the whole forest. He doesn't know if their are any left in his pack,but to him, it doesn't matter. He can't find them, he must find a new pack. No one has survived going through the Master cities, nor can they go beyond the Dark Valleys, his only choice of finding a pack is in the Mountains. Will he be able to find his pack? Or will he face Kriston, the cruel pack leader that roams the mountains becoming a loner.


4. Renk

        Crossing the black path wasn't easy. Every second, giant, shiny objects pass him. He tried to make himself look tough so they would stop and let them pass, but they ignored him. With some one the objects, small humans popped there heads out of the objects and yell with high pitched voices. They look at me as if they wanted me.

          How do you pass this thing? If I get hit, I think I am done for good. But I have to try. I set one paw into the hard floor. I look at it. I try not to pay any attention to the objects. I keep walking, feeling the wind from the objects passing by me. A disturbing sound caught my attention. It was coming from an object heading right towards me. "You idiot, stop. You'll hit me." I bark. I had no time to back away. I stood in front of the object's path. "No one gets in my way." I say, looking vicious. 

        I charge at the object as it charged towards me. It kept making that honking noise, it made me so angry. "Stop with th-" something hit me on the side. I whimper in pain. I try to look at what hit me, but the force was so powerful, I couldn't turn my neck. I landed back in the grass from the hard floor. 

        "You idiot. Just what do you think your doing?" A voice growled. Another wolf? I look back and I see a black dog with a white strike from his chin and down to his belly. His fur was long and his eyes were dark green he was much smaller then Talik, but he was tough enough to knock him down. 

         "What was that all about? I was trying to teach that thing honking at me a lesson." I say, disgusted by his actions. The dog sat down. "Did you think a thing that big could be taken down by you? Don't be stupid." He said, growling. I sat up. "What was I suppose to do? I had to cross some how, and that thing just got it my way." I said, making it clear to him.

          The dog sighs and looks down. I could see more white strikes coming down from his head. "You really stupid aren't you?" He then looks at me. "That truck could have killed you. If it weren't for me, you would have become roadkill." He said to me, blinking. Talik looks at him in disbelief. 

          The elders have told him that dogs of different kinds live in the Master Cities and survive as loners or as packs. Could he be one of them? "Do you live here?" He asks him. "Yeah, alone. I had a pack, but they all died of starvation and....hit by those cars." He said. Just like that, Talik began to like this dog. They both had lost there pack and are now alone, but he didn't loose his home like Talik did.

        "You said you were wanting to cross the street?" He said. Talik nods. "Well, I can't allow that. Your a wolf. Wild animals that enter the city are sent straight back out or are killed. I am protecting you. Go home, wolf." He said, getting up. Talik was discouraged. "Hey. I don't have a home, ok? Yes, it's unusual for a wolf to go walking here, but I lost my home by a fire. I have no where else to go." Talik said to him. He stopped walking, and turns to him.

         "You-lost your home by that fire?" He asked. Talik nods, hoping he believes him. The dog sighs. "Well, you came in the right place. But you might not last long here for two reasons. One, you might be chased out. Second, you might not feel at home here. It's much different." He says. Talik steps forward. "Please, help me. I never been here before." I begged him. Without him, Talik would be doomed if he didn't know the ways of the cities.

         The dog walks towards him and sits down in front of him. His eyes looked cheerful. "I'm Renk. What's your name?" He asks me. Yes, he is accepting me as his partner. I perk my ears up in relief. "I'm Talik."

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