Wolves of the Mountains

Talik retreated from his pack after a fire that destroyed the whole forest. He doesn't know if their are any left in his pack,but to him, it doesn't matter. He can't find them, he must find a new pack. No one has survived going through the Master cities, nor can they go beyond the Dark Valleys, his only choice of finding a pack is in the Mountains. Will he be able to find his pack? Or will he face Kriston, the cruel pack leader that roams the mountains becoming a loner.


2. Memories of home

         Talik stopped at a nearby tree to take a break from running. The smoke was not as strong as it was just a few minutes ago. He looked at the burned down forest. It must be miles away. He had never seen it so small. Or maybe half the trees are burned down. The fire was still going. He couldn't bear but look at his home. It was no longer home. It was ashes. The place where he was born, where his pack lived, where he hunted, it was gone.

         Talik whimpered. Where were his pack mates? Were they buried in the ashes? Did they scatter? Our are they still ther, lost. No one could survive in there. The fire was still going. It was fading,but it was still going.

        The sun was going down. It was odd. The sky was at first dark, but it didn't rain. But what happend was a lightning struck. It struck and tall tree that caught on fire. It the. Spread throughout the forest. The pack tried its best to regroup, but the fire spread so fast. It did not rain, nor has it in weeks. He was just hunting when he saw the fire. Him and Morock fled to tell the pack. They soon knew and fled. 

         Now here he was, sitting under a small tree. Not knowing where to go. A loud, beating sound echoed through the air. The ground started to vibrate. Talik looked up. Three black things were flying across the sky toward the fire. The closet they got, the louder it got. Talik whimpered. It was the Masters. They were there to watch the fire burn the home. Each thing was carrying something that swung. It was dripping water. 

          "No, go. Get out." Talik barked, knowing that nothing would hear him. The things did not listen to him and kept going. The loud got more quiet when they went past him. What were they going to do?make the fire stronger, watch it or put it out? He knows water quenches fire, but the last time he saw Masters, they were sitting around a small fire, making singing noises and hanging things that smelled good over the fire. They just let it burn. 

           Talik got and continued to run. He could see open land in front of him, but farther on ahead of him, he could see hills. Big, white hills. The mountains. He went there once. He was an adventurous wolf when he was 16 moons old. He promised himself to go far from home to bring back prey when it was winter and when there was no food left. He brought back a rabbit and a fox, which he has trouble carrying back, but he saved some of his pack mates. 

           He remembered when he was a pup, he was the first of the litter to climb the large rocks that the pack was standing on before the tree fell on them. The large rocks was what the pack used to stand on to howl.  He decided to join them. Hg also remembered when he tried to mimick a cat and try to climb a tree. He just couldn't dig his claws though the bark and he wasn't strong enough. 

           His mother, Salia, taught him and Morock to hunt and swim. There were rivers and lakes there, so he needed to learn that. She also taught him how to fight. He still remembered his first fight with a fox. The one that he caught in the mountains. If he didn't know how to fight, the fox would,have brought him to his home instead.

          Talik stopped at a rock that sloped over dirt. The moon shone high, the Mountains were closer the they were before. He was glad of that, for that was where he was heading. He looked back to his old home, where it looked like just a black dot. "Good bye, home. I cannot come back." He said to it. He looked back to the moon and howled a long, sorrowful howl, representing his coming and old home.

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