Wolves of the Mountains

Talik retreated from his pack after a fire that destroyed the whole forest. He doesn't know if their are any left in his pack,but to him, it doesn't matter. He can't find them, he must find a new pack. No one has survived going through the Master cities, nor can they go beyond the Dark Valleys, his only choice of finding a pack is in the Mountains. Will he be able to find his pack? Or will he face Kriston, the cruel pack leader that roams the mountains becoming a loner.


1. Fire

           Smoke filled the air as Talik retreated to regroup with his pack. The smoke and heat burned his eyes when he saw the flames. The brightness blinded him. The noise was so terribly loud. He couldn't tell if the trees would fall right on top of him. He then caught the sight of Morok, his brother. "Morock! The pack his this way." Talik yelped, but his voice must have been trailed off by the cracklig sounds of the fire that Morock did not even run towards him. 

            Talik decided it was in use to follow his brother and ran back to the pack. They were regrouped on top of the rocks that stood higher then five wolves. "Glari, it's Morock, he-" his voice was interrupted by the sound of a loud, cracking snap. The cracking noise was beginning To repeate over and over. He looked to see the tree next to him tilting. "Leader. Look out." Talik howled as loud as he could, but it was too late. The tree was leaning lower and lower towards the pack. The pack saw it as soon as it landed in them.

            "Glari!" He shouted. He ran towards the fallen tree. He scanned the tree for survivors. All he could see was one paw that poked out. Blood was spilling. Now the scents were mixed between blood and smoke. It was no use, he had to get out of there, or else he would join his pack. "Glari, I am so sorry, I will miss you." He whined and ran from the tree. 

             The ground under his paws was hot and spiky. The flames were roaring loudly. He had to not only run from the fire, but run from the forest. He could see no chance of life left Here. His home his gone. Burned to ashes. 

             Talik ran and ran. He dodged falling branches and trees, he ran around flames and ran light footed to keep his paws as far off from the ground as he could. Then, he could see the sun more clear. "Yes, I am close." He said to himself. He starred ahead and saw green ahead, but no trees. Where were the trees? 

                Talik just realized that a branch had fallen just a few wolf lengths in front of him. He jumped over it and landed in soft, cool grass. It was green. There was less smoke. He ran farther until he could not see or smell smoke. 

               When that was possible he turned back. His forest, his home, was all black and covered in flames and smoke. The only thing he saw was a black wolf that ran across in front of the he burning forest. His pelt was in flames, he was yelping. His pace was slower, then he fell, not getting up. "Oh, Morock, no." Talik said. He couldn't go and help him. He turned around and ran from his once called home. 

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