Jar of Memories

Ivy woke up in a hospital bed, not knowing a single thing about herself. People claiming to be her friends, Marlie, Benjamin, and Dylan told her that she, and they, are special somehow. Different from other people. As she found out about who she really is, she only has one way to learn about her past. A glass jar filled with memories written on slips of paper the four of them wrote throughout their lives. There is more to this forgotten life then there seems, and more to Dylan than he will tell her. But why did she really lose her memories? And why do some of her thoughts not even seem to be her own?


5. Chapter 5

    As Marlie sat on her bed, trying to pay attention to a TV show, she heard Benjamin and Dylan talking in Ben's room. She muted the TV and knocked on Ben's door. 

    "Come in!" He called. He and Dylan were sitting on the rug, not paying any attention to the basketball game on low volume. 

    "What's up?" She asked.

    "Other than the fact that our best friend doesn't remember who we are, nothing much." Ben said sarcastically. 

    "I mean, what are you talking about." Marlie rolled her eyes. 

    "What we should and should not tell Ivy." Ben told her, as she sat down next to him, grabbing his hand and nuzzling against him. 

    "Can you not." Dylan snapped.


    "Show any form of public affection. Ever. It's weird." 

    "Says the guy who used his new telepathic abilities to curse." Marlie rolled her eyes again.

    "I was twelve!"

    "Mmmm, hmmm."

    "Guys, come on. We need to figure this out. Knowing her brain capacity, I'm guessing the memories weren't lost completely, just pushed aside to be filled with propaganda from OAMA." Ben shrugged, but then went pale. OAMA stood for Organization Against Mutant Americans. It had been working against them for decades, and whenever they did this to someone they would somehow be able to transfer new thoughts and ideas into their brains and use that to make them rebel against the OFMP, or Organization for Mutant Protection. Mutant wasn't exactly the best word, but what word is? 

    "Oh no." Ben jumped up, and started towards the door. 

     She hasn't done anything crazy yet, but she might soon. We need to keep an eye on her. Ben shouted in their minds as he ran to Ivy's room. He opened the door as quietly as possible, and found her bed empty. They heard the sound of the door to the apartment shutting, and sprinted in that direction. 

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