Jar of Memories

Ivy woke up in a hospital bed, not knowing a single thing about herself. People claiming to be her friends, Marlie, Benjamin, and Dylan told her that she, and they, are special somehow. Different from other people. As she found out about who she really is, she only has one way to learn about her past. A glass jar filled with memories written on slips of paper the four of them wrote throughout their lives. There is more to this forgotten life then there seems, and more to Dylan than he will tell her. But why did she really lose her memories? And why do some of her thoughts not even seem to be her own?


4. Chapter 4

    They drove out of the parking lot and onto a busy street, skyscrapers towering above them everywhere.

    "Woah," Ivy mumbled, "Where are we?"

    "New York City." Benjamin called from the front seat, pulling into the traffic, "This'll take awhile, why don't you read another note?" 

    Ivy opened one, written on lined notebook paper.

Age: 17 Month: June Memory: High School Graduation Written by: Ivy

Today we graduated high school. A normal high school, of course, for normal people. The upside was we could help each other out on tests by talking through our heads...anyways, graduation was fine. None of us got valedictorian, that went to some stuck up blonde whose going to MIT. I'd like to go to college, for the experience more than anything else, but that's not in the cards. We're going to work full-time now, more missions than before. We have to find everyone like us before people find out about us, and start to freak out. We just had dinner, all four of us, but Benjamin and Marlie left a bit early. Dylan started acting really weird, he kept on starting to ask me something, but then dismissing it and turning red.

    Ivy glanced at Dylan, who was just staring out the window. She re-read the note, and set it down on the seat in between Marlie and her. She decided she would talk to Dylan later.

    The next note was written messily, as if in a hurry.

Age: 16 Month: August Memory: Marlie+Bejamin??? Written by: Dylan

So Marlie and Benjamin started dating. Right now they're acting all sweet and awkward to each other, even though they've known each other for years...That seriously messes up the balance of our group. Next thing you know, I'll be forced to date Ivy. No thanks.

    Ivy compared this note to the last one. Apparently Dylan had a change of heart. Literally. She grabbed another note and unfolded it as quickly as possible. It was like reading a really good book, but about her own life.

Age: 18 Month: October Memory: Ivy in Hospital Written by: Benjamin

Ivy got into an accident, but we know it really wasn't one. She's going to be fine, if not suffer memory loss. Dylan won't leave the hospital. He thinks it's his fault. Who knows what'll happen when she wakes up...

    As she set that one down, the car pulled into another parking garage, belonging to a tall skyscraper made of dark glass you couldn't see through. A security guard checked Benjamin's information and let them in. 

    After parking, they unloaded and went to an elevator. They got off at the tenth floor and entered a conference room, where a man and a woman in suits sat waiting. 

    "Hello, Ivy. Do you remember where you are?" The man asked hopefully. 

    "Uh....no. Other than New York City." She shrugged and Dylan pulled out a chair for her. The four sat down. 

    "Well, we"ll try and explain as much as we can to you." The woman leaned towards her, in her chair, "Your friends must've told you about your abilities. We have several people like you here, but they all have one defining trait. Mind conversation is possible between all of you, but everyone has a little extra. Marlene can read minds. Benjamin can sense feelings. Dylan can convince people to do things they don't want to do. You, you can hold much more information in your brain than most people. Others would have freaked out by now, but you're extremely calm, and curious about your previous life. So we're to tell you everything you need to know." She smiled expectantly. 

    "Thank you but...I just really want to go to sleep. I've gotten enough info for one day." Ivy smiled weakly, and Marlie nodded.

    "We can take her to our apartment. It is getting a bit late." Marlie pulled Ivy out of her chair, and before the man and woman could protest, the four of them left the room and got back into the elevator. On the fifteenth floor, they unlocked and entered a spacious apartment. In front of them was a vast living room with a couch and a flat-screen TV,  and to their right was a small kitchen and dining table. To the left were four doors. 

     "Yours is the one closest to the window." Marlie told her, as Dylan went inside the door fourth closest to the window. Benjamin went into the third.

    Ivy opened the door to find a queen sized bed with green, purple, and brown striped bedding. A desk had an expensive looking laptop and some folders on it. There was a walk-in closet with some drawers and racks inside of it. A bathroom connected her room with the one next to it. 

    "Wow." Ivy thanked Marlie and sat down on the bed. She took off her shoes and socks, and without bothering to change or shower, curled up under the covers and fell fast asleep.

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