Jar of Memories

Ivy woke up in a hospital bed, not knowing a single thing about herself. People claiming to be her friends, Marlie, Benjamin, and Dylan told her that she, and they, are special somehow. Different from other people. As she found out about who she really is, she only has one way to learn about her past. A glass jar filled with memories written on slips of paper the four of them wrote throughout their lives. There is more to this forgotten life then there seems, and more to Dylan than he will tell her. But why did she really lose her memories? And why do some of her thoughts not even seem to be her own?


3. Chapter 3

    Age: 10 Month: September Memory: First meeting Dylan Written By: Marlie

    Today a new kid joined our little group. His name's Dylan. I'm glad we got a fourth, cause it's hard to pair up when there's three of you. Anyways, he doesn't talk much. I think his hair is too long. Ivy and him had a fight, he made fun of her for being so short. Ben was so excited to finally have another boy, he almost hugged Dylan. I thought he was okay, but a bit mean. He's probably just shy, he'll warm up to us.

    She set down the note and opened another one, trying not to think about it too much. She opened one written in sloppy kid handwriting.

Age: 8 Month: December Memory: Powers!!!! By Ivy

Today I used my powers! It was cool!!! I talked to Marlie and Benjamin in my head! They talked too!! Yay!!!! They could do it with each other before though.

    This time, Ivy stared at the writing. She had written it, when she was 8. And what was this about talked to Marlie and Benjamin...in her head? Ivy thought she might try it. She focused really hard on saying something, anything, to Marlie or Benjamin. She focused on their faces and sent the words, Hey, can you hear me?

    About a minute later, Marlie ran in, "I heard you."

    "What?" Ivy asked, although she already knew.

    "In my head. Although all I caught was, "Hey, can, me?" Marlie beamed at her.

    "Uh, yeah. I was reading these notes and I found one I wrote when I was eight. When I first used my "powers"." Ivy made quotation marks and Marlie giggled.

    "You know what? I'll bet you even get your memories back. We have to go, here, take these and go change in the bathroom. It's down the hall to the right." Marlie tossed her a bag and Ivy caught it, standing up and wobbling on her legs she probably hadn't used for a while. She walked barefoot to the bathroom and locked it, looking into the mirror. She had dark brown hair, nearly black, and dark blue eyes. Or as dark blue as blue eyes can get. She was short, and she guessed she was pretty, although it's hard to judge yourself. She was fairly thin, and had pale skin.

    Ivy changed into the clothes Marlie had given her. They were some black leggings and a grey T-shirt, with a white sweatshirt. The shoes were plain tennis-shoes. They all fit her perfectly, so they must've been hers. She stuffed the hospital gown in the bag and washed her face, then tried to fix her hair up a bit. It was a tangled mess. She unlocked the door and went back to the room, where Marlie handed her a smartphone.

    "This is yours. Everything is still on it. If you see anything weird, don't be alarmed just tell me." Marlie smiled but it didn't really reach her eyes.

    "Okay, thanks." Ivy followed her down halls, into an elevator, and then a parking garage.

    They reached a small black car, and got into the backseat. Benjamin was driving, and Dylan was in the passenger seat.

    Marlie set the jar on the floor, and screwed it open, handing Ivy another slip of paper. She opened it.

Age: 12 Month: May Memory: First used my powers! Written by: Dylan

Today I finally got through to Ivy. We even had a whole conversation, in our heads of course. After that I tried Benjamin and Marlie, but only got a few words. It was really cool. I basically just tried to say as many curse words as possible. Ivy rolled her eyes of course. She can be so lame sometimes.

    "Wow, Dylan." Ivy giggled, holding the note so he could see. She barely knew him, but she felt like she did.

    "What? Oh, give me that." Dylan snatched it away and read it, groaning outwardly, "I was twelve!" He said, to the others growing laughter.

    "Here, read another." Marlie handed her a note written on pink stationary with flowers around the edges.

Age: 16 Month: April Memory: Trip to D.C. Written by: Benjamin

We're on our way back from D.C. The trip was really cool, and we got to meet some people higher up in the government than us. We were talking about how the group of people like us is growing, and what to do about it. And how to handle the people who want to use us for evil. Anyways, I had to write on this paper because it was all we had in our carry-ons. Marlie gave it to me.

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