Jar of Memories

Ivy woke up in a hospital bed, not knowing a single thing about herself. People claiming to be her friends, Marlie, Benjamin, and Dylan told her that she, and they, are special somehow. Different from other people. As she found out about who she really is, she only has one way to learn about her past. A glass jar filled with memories written on slips of paper the four of them wrote throughout their lives. There is more to this forgotten life then there seems, and more to Dylan than he will tell her. But why did she really lose her memories? And why do some of her thoughts not even seem to be her own?


2. Chapter 2

    "Dylan, wait!" Marlie shouted, knocking into a nurse as she tried to catch up with him, "Sorry!"
Dylan hit a dead end and she stopped short, grabbing his arm so he wouldn't leave, "You need to talk to her." Marlie pleaded.

    "No. She doesn't remember me, there's no point in reminding her of all that crap." Dylan sighed.

    "I know you want to talk to her. Your chances with her won't be any better if she doesn't know. Even if you do get back together, someone will tell her. It had better be you." Marlie let go of him, "It's your choice."

    "Stay out of my head! Why does she have to know everything? If I could forget all of the bad stuff too, I would." Dylan shrugged.

    "Now that's her choice. We need to get the jar." Marlie suggested, as they turned around and walked back.

    "I can go get it. I have it in my car." Dylan said, and left. Marlie sighed and joined Ivy and Benjamin. Ivy was just shaking her head at whatever he said, and tears leaked out of her eyes.

    "Ivy, please calm down." Benjamin tried to hug her, but she jerked away.

    "Dylan's getting the jar." Marlie told him, and he nodded.

    "Who's Dylan?" Ivy asked, wiping her cheeks with the backs of her hands.

    "Your....uh.....friend." Marlie told her.

    "Something tells me there's more to the story." Ivy raised a dark eyebrow, and Marlie nodded.

    "Yeah, but he can tell you that."

    Marlie and Benjamin spent the next ten minutes trying to explain Ivy's "special abilities". She nodded, pretending to understand, but really she just wanted them to stop talking. This was too much information to take in at once.

    Dylan came in soon after that, carrying a large glass jar, stuffed with folded up slips of paper labeled in varying colors of ink. Ivy watched him set in on the table next to her bed. He had longish dark brown hair and green eyes. He didn't look right at Ivy, just avoided eye contact.

    "What's that?" Ivy asked, feeling stupid for not knowing. Everything about this seemed fairly familiar, she had definitely seen the jar before, and she had met these people. But she knew nothing specific.

    "Its full of memories. We've been writing them and putting them in since we were little, just in case this happened to one of us." Marlie explained, screwing open the lid.

    "Do you want to read them alone, or should we stay here?" Benjamin asked.

    "Can we just go....home? I'll read them later. I just want to shower, and put on proper clothes, and...yeah." Ivy shrugged.

    "Home? I guess so. We just gotta make some arrangments." Marlie left, and Benjamin followed. Dylan left a minute later. While she waited for them, Ivy took a paper out of the jar and unfolded it.

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