Jar of Memories

Ivy woke up in a hospital bed, not knowing a single thing about herself. People claiming to be her friends, Marlie, Benjamin, and Dylan told her that she, and they, are special somehow. Different from other people. As she found out about who she really is, she only has one way to learn about her past. A glass jar filled with memories written on slips of paper the four of them wrote throughout their lives. There is more to this forgotten life then there seems, and more to Dylan than he will tell her. But why did she really lose her memories? And why do some of her thoughts not even seem to be her own?


1. Chapter 1

    When she woke up, she was alone. She was laying in a cot surrounded by medical equipment, in what looked like a hospital.

     Her thoughts were jumbled and uncertain at first, until she became sure of one thing. She didn't even know her own name.

    After sitting still for several minutes pondering this fact, the door opened and there stood two teenage figures. A girl and a boy. The girl was medium height with long dirty blond hair pulled into a messy ponytail. Her chocolate brown eyes widened and stared at the girl on the hospital bed. The boy was a bit taller than her, with ginger hair that was a bit curly and cut fairly short. He had hazel eyes.

    "Ivy?" The girl whispered, her eyes glistening with tears. She ran to the girl on the bed, hugging her and sobbing. The boy followed and soon they were all in a jumble on the tiny cot.

    "Uh...I'm sorry....do I know you?" The girl, presumably Ivy, tried to push them off but they stayed seated on the bed.

    "No, you, you don't. My name is Marlie. He's Benjamin. We know you don't remember anything, but we're your friends from before you got in an accident. You lost your memories. Your name is Ivy Parker. You're 18 years old." 

    "I was in an accident?" Ivy wrung her hands nervously. Benjamin and Marlie were staring at her intensely. 

    "Yeah, about a week ago. It's...complicated. Anyways, there are some things you need to know right away. You're special. All three of us are. We have, like, superpowers. We're kind of telepathic. We need to be protected. There are some people trying to use our powers for evil. They don't kill us, but they make sure we lose our memories so we work for them and don't remember the terrible stuff they've done to us." Everything Benjamin said made no sense to Ivy, so she just stared at him blankly. 

    There was a clattering in the hallway. A tall guy stood in the hallway, holding a tray of food. He locked eyes with Ivy for a second, before dropping the tray and sprinting away down the hall. 

    "Dylan..." Marlie jumped up and hurried out, in the direction the guy had gone. 

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