Good Girls are Bad Girls - 5SOS

Sarah-May. 18 year old British girl. Popular, loud, outgoing. With her wild ways, her parents can no longer cope with their crazy daughter. So she gets sent to the Reform School for Bad Girls. Will she change her ways and become a good girl? Read to find out what happens.


3. New Girl

Michael's POV


"Should one of us go and calm her down-?" I asked looking at the boys and her parents.


"No, no. She needs to be taught a lesson. Needs to remember her place. I'll go talk to her. Her bags are in the back room ready." Mr Lawson said sternly. I nodded in understanding and looked back at the floor.


"Uh, Mr Washington?" Luke spoke quietly after a few minutes of almost quietness except for Sarah's screaming upstairs in protest.


"Yes, Luke?" Mr Washington turned his full attention to Luke almost immediately.


"Why did you bring us along here today? Why didn't we just do our normal routine of meeting the girl in your office?" Luke questioned. I think secretly, me, Ashton and Calum had all wanted to ask the same question but just never asked until Luke spoke up.


"I thought it would be a good idea if you boys could run her through our programme. Her parent's said she doesn't get along with other girls as easily as she does with some of her male friends. So I thought you boys would be the perfect students to help her settle in, be a friend if she needs one, and this way, she can also become her old self again in a quicker rate than other girls by staying with you boys more." We all nodded our heads in agreement, and once again, it feel into an awkward silence.


"She's getting changed and is on her way down now. But she said she has a few 'conditions' before she actually does agree to go." Mr Lawson said in a tired voice. I could tell he was sick of arguing with his daughter. I could tell by the look he and his wife shared that they just want their daughter back. The daughter that they knew lived deep down in the girl they now knew. I'm going to make sure they get they're old daughter back!


Sarah's POV


I walked down the stairs, my 'You Complete Mess' top on with a pair of skinny jeans and black All Stars trainers on. My black and blue hair covering my shoulders and cascading down my back. I had a black and white bandana on and a little make-up. I walked into the living room to come face to face with my possible new head teacher.


"Before you speak, I'm speaking!" He looked taken back by my sudden confident tone but nodded for me to continue. "One, I have my own room. I hate sharing and I never will share. I need my own space and I don't like other people around my stuff." I said crossing my arms over my chest.


"We can arrange that," Mr Washington said.


"Two, I get to keep my electronics." I said holding my phone and iPod up for him to see. He looked unsure at the boys but they all nodded and so did he.


"And three, I wear what I want."


"I don't know about that one..." Mr Washington trailed off.


"It'll be skinny jeans and a long sleeved top at all times, I promise." I tried compromising with him. He thought for a minute before he spoke up.


"Okay, you can do that too. But you won't be allowed to wear casual clothes in class," He said looking at the boys. "But these four will be your new teachers instead." I nodded in agreement.


"Looks like I'm the new girl then." I said with a sigh.

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