Good Girls are Bad Girls - 5SOS

Sarah-May. 18 year old British girl. Popular, loud, outgoing. With her wild ways, her parents can no longer cope with their crazy daughter. So she gets sent to the Reform School for Bad Girls. Will she change her ways and become a good girl? Read to find out what happens.


2. Boarding School

Sarah's POV


"Cindy, pass us the Vodka!" I asked with an out-stretched arm waiting for her to pass me the half full bottle. I smiled and licked my lips as I brought the bottle to my lips, taking a generous amount and hissing as the liquid ran down the back of my throat.


"Dude! You need to save some for us!" Carly groaned as I drank more of the awful liquid that burned as it hit the back of my dry throat. I handed her the bottle while she took her fair share of the drink. I'm a bit of a rebel in my own little world. I just live for the moment and do what I want. I always have and always will. I find myself a bit of a dear devil if I had to put it into words. I stood up off the floor in my bedroom and walked over to my bedside table. I pulled open the drawer and found my cigarettes and lighter. My parents knew about my drinking but not my smoking. If they found out, I think I'd be road kill! I shook my head and opened the new pack of cigarettes and took it between my lips, cupping my right hand around it while I lit the end of it, taking a deep breath in before exhaling the smoke through my mouth. I turned back around to see my friends staring at my intently. I knew none of them smoked and never would. I also knew they had no idea I smoked either. I laughed and sat back down on the floor, taking a sip on the red wine that Carly brought with her. I didn't realise that the door had slammed closed down stairs until it was too late. I heard two pairs of feet making their way up the stair case and my previously closed bedroom door was swung open revealing my very annoyed and pissed off parents. I couldn't move. I was glued to the spot in shock. As my entire world went silent, all I could put together was Carly and Cindy being forced to leave my house and my Dad physically pulling me out of my room. Once downstairs, I knew what was going on. This was the final straw that my parents had warned me about for months. I never thought they would really send me away to boarding school though.


"Sarah-May?" A man in a tux asked who was sat on my couch with four, if I may say so, very attractive boys sat on either side of him. I nodded my head in confusion as to who these people where.


"I'm Mr Washington, the headmaster of the Reform School for Bad Girls. I have been in contact with your parents here for some time and we have grown worried of your behaviour," he stopped to look at my parents then back to me. "At the school, we teach you how to become a good girl again. Etiquette is one of your lessons, as well as speech, classics and," he stopped and motioned to the boys sat beside him. "Classical music, which the only boys in the school perform to sooth all of you girls. They're music will help calm you so you can focus more on your school work and focus on bringing your old 'good girl' self out again." He said putting quotation marks around 'good girls'.


I stared blankly for a moment, unable to get my head around any of this happening to me. But then it happened. I snapped. "I AM NOT GOING TO BOARDING SCHOOL!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, storming back up the stairs to my room where I remembered this time to look the door. I took a deep breath in as I found my iPod and stuck it on its dock, going into my 'Rock Music' file and putting any random song on to play, increasing the volume all the way to maximum volume and flopped down on my bed as the tears I tried so hard to push back had made their escape.

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